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  1. Hit F1 Type Debuff buffNearDeathTrauma lol removes it I die alot to
  2. is there no longer mining veins for coal in alpha 17?
  3. What are the ways to go into the wasteland area and survive the radiation?
  4. What are the requirements to unlock all the craftsmanship perks I'm lvl 13 and all mine are still greyed out
  5. Is there a reason craftsmanship perks are grey out out? If so how do I unlock them
  6. so once you completely clear the POI they will not respawn?
  7. is there a way to stop zombies from spawning inside a POI i put down land claim and sleeping bag and there still spawning inside
  8. will you not see the latest experimental option under the beta tab until its released?
  9. If your in creative mode it want use your paint the amount stays the same
  10. Did the autowall blocks get removed I just updated for alpaha 16 and noticed there no longer there
  11. Alpaha 16 Once the update releases will the current version of Valmod work with it or will we have to wait for a update to the mod. And how long before maybe we get the updated mod?
  12. Bugs/question Wondering why doesn't sledgehammer count as a blunt weapon in your mod or is there a way to make it can the blunt weapon perk for same increase and such. Also what is the garbage disposal for lol have yet to figure it out
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