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  1. Right so YTs that are big but know nothing about your game. Not the smaller YTers that have little experience but no following yet. So why not just bombard the larger YTer communities with incentives to stream your game rather then trying to get your current followers, champions, believers to help you on here. I guess this is just a post to allow those blessed few to apply. What makes the Twitch partner better then the Youtube partner. What the difference there for you? because not every one gets to partner I have seen many friends stop YT all together before reaching 1000 subs.
  2. Yeah The melee system still needs tuning up had to change some things. No I wanted to remove xp. The player still gets it but its just in the form of learning skills rather then buying them. There is a lot more to add to the progression system but life is kicking my butt atm. Working on it while I can. But there are specific items and POIs I still need to add for the whole plan to work like my vision. If you update you will start getting a level automatically every day. That is mostly to just make the gamestage move up. That should be one of the Science Skills going up. That effects the chance you get notes from the experiments. the more science you have the higher the chance you observer the right thing. I have updated the notes for there to be more. This is one of the reasons I went with an experimental build. This way I can get some feed back on the whole system. I want it to be interesting and not punishing. So I also want to lower the crafting resources so its cheaper for players to get all of them made. there are some that are really expensive. So a lot of the things I want to do to help the player is have the player loot research labs and clinics to get gene mods or other types of mods that help the player become more BA. Just working on it as I can. But I hope to have a much better more fleshed out system in a19. Gutting the TFP progression I knew would be a lot of work and it was. It will be one of the first things I do in a19. So keep updating and you should see new things in the last few weeks of a18
  3. Steam name: Adreden https://steamcommunity.com/id/adredengaming Hours played: 2227 as Adreden 2484 on my other account Started on Alpha: 11 or 12 Discord name: Adreden#7902 Native language: English Operating system : Windows 10 Community Involvement: Modder/creator Overhaul Mod - A Dred End https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/18833-a-dred-end-a18-overhual-mod Modlets covering blocks, weapons, vehicles, zombie textures, altering block materials https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/16328-adredens-modlets/ The point is that I can look into issues in both the XML and the DLL and try to pass on what I think is happening. YouTube: On the other side of things I have a YouTube channel and have create over 1,430 videos about 90% of them are about 7 days to die. I Have created many tutorials on vehicles, mods, prefabs, workbenches and have many series of lets plays. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqLPun-CyKXlpDbH-mHmhGQ/ I also have a degree in computer science so tracking down bugs in code is something I have had to learn.
  4. So I have an update for the quests ... they work -minus a little localization trouble, I'll sort that out. BUT they reset the player... So I am sorry if this will break your game but it should make it better for people to learn the specifics of the mod.
  5. OK pushed a bug fix for the number of hours it takes to metabolize things like red tea and mega crush. It is working on my machine and I hope it works out there for anyone trying this mod. The wooden clubs ... the easy fix didn't work so Ill be looking at that in more detail asap.
  6. No need to be forgiven your helping me know what needs fixing. Things I missed with my play style or playthrough. I think I have ideas on how to fix the duration for the things just testing stuff
  7. ok this is one of those things that I know would pop up I had to rebuild the buffs when I was doing the progression because they are so coupled. Ill take another look. through all that. SO its NOT intended just some thing That I have to fix Are there are other ones then debuff from painkiller and super crush. Ill get on it asap thanks for letting me know
  8. Yeah and more to do still but now that progression is done a lot more of the basics can be filled in and stitched together.
  9. Yeah If I get time I have a few stories I would like to play out . The controlled faction and the stuff with the cloning facility are the main stories I have stuff started for. The plan for now is to just do a lot of polish and flesh out the controlled. There are a lot of cool things coming out soon from Xyth and Sphereii regarding characters and talking to them. I am hoping to do more of that asap but likely in a19. So in short yes to both, just have to get time or help to get it done
  10. Donations: Paypal Donations to keep things moving For Alpha 18.4 Experimental Early Release. This 7 Days to Die Mod is a work in progress towards a more logical, scientific, deeper, scary and adapting version of the base game. The goal of this mod is to expand on the base game to allow the player adapt to a changing, dynamic world. Through the use of research you will unlock new techniques, items, blocks, powers and knowledge. NOTE: This is a work in progress. I have a very long list of thing to implement and I am adding them as I have time and knowledge of how to make them. At the moment the game is in an early testing state to see how the systems I have built work so far. I will be altering this to be an DMT mod eventually. There will also be changes to the progression system, skills and quests all which could break save games. I will endeavor to only release world or character breaking updates as more major updates so that one knows and will not break their games. On the 7 days to die mod launcher. Visit The Repository for more detailed information! https://gitlab.com/adredengaming/a-dred-end-a18-mod Questions Concerns Comments I have a discord: Here There has also been information on my YouTube Channel: Here Features: New Progression system so don't think of this much like vanilla. The more YOU do the more you get rewarded. NOT the more zombies you kill the better you now how to make a gyrocopter. Learn by crafting. I have added a little something so that the player can get better at crafting things. This is the most experimental part of the mod and needs tuning and constructive feedback. Learn by doing. The more you do something the better you will get at it. No need to spend your point(You wont get any ) Learn SCIENCE! by doing. The more you try to research thing the better you will get at that kind of research. So It should get easier to get more science done. [to do] Keep adding in more Bio modifications the player can use to upgrade themselves. Both items and the the skills More Localization for the files More Icons as time permits Research system: Through the use of research you will unlock new techniques, items, blocks, powers and knowledge. NOTE: This is a work in progress. I have a very long list of things to implement, and I am adding them as I get time to make them. Create a research desk and start crafting experiments. These will get you research notes and the notes will allow you to create schematics for the things you need to build. NOTE: I need to tune this feature. the number for each item are very arbitrary and not tuned to fit each schematic. Some recipes are in the advanced research desk - like the Molotov on a stick Planned: Find items in the world are new and will allow you unlock new ideas and schematics that can lead to new abilities, blocks and items. Reduced gameyness: There are some things in the game that feel like they are only in there to make certain reward cycles work. I aim to reduce this to give the game a greater feeling of immersion. Pick up the lights in POIS Find bicycles in peoples garages An Ending: Not 100 % Implemented in alpha 18 : One quest that should be an end condition of the game. Go out and destroy the infected cloning facility. It wont stop all the zombies of the world but it will (eventually) greatly reduce the number in your county. ATM you need to have the provided map installed to find the facility. Deep in the wastelands is the cloning facility. Still working on polishing this feature, I also need a little bit of DMT magic to finish this. New Weapons: Many Planned The mod was going to be a melee mod and thus has new weapons and there are many planned in updates. Thagomizer a new club based on the tail of a stegosaurus. Should be a one shot on easy zombies with a hard swing. Spears - There is a stick that can be sharpened and there is also an Iron spear that is craftable to give even more range and damage. Removed the vanilla spears as they would be pretty heavy and worse to craft then a flat piece of steel War pick, War axe and War hammer Most tools also have a version where there is a handle that can be altered with different tool or weapon mods to make various combinations Melee signs: It should be the case that all sings in the game can be weapons. All you need to do is break them free from there bonds and start smashing Brazmocks archery mod is in there for testing purposes. Mining laser is creative mod only Zombie Changes: I giveth and taketh Better Eyesight - Better hide at night Reduced melee range - The zombies Headshots - Zombies have soft heads so best to kill them with a head shot. body shots - Why do they need organs, so you can smack them, put holes in them break them to a point. The torso is tough Increased spawning numbers - There will be more zombies. Random getter up - The zombies will take 1 second to 10 seconds to get back up. No hurt sound, no death sound - don't forget, Double tap. Corpses - For special items you will use to adapt to the world This mod also includes zombies from the creature pack and so there are new zombies Lots of new zombies. There is a new faction of zombie called the controlled that some one is controlling. Often times they are seen with helmets and other armour and some have weapons grafted to them. They also have a few special building, with more to come. Noise makers: These are little distractors that can be thrown to attract zombies (Currently not working in a18) Lights: Most of the lights in the game have been added to craft New top tier Block Zombzyme block is a very resilient block created from various household chemicals and the arm bones of zombies. It will take some research and experimentation to figure out how to do this SPIKES from alpha 16.4 I have brought back the ability to craft the spikes from alpha 16. I have also expanded it with the ability to craft quicker crappier versions of the spikes too. Just incase you are in a pinch for time. New Large Doors (Thanks Dbat) Some large castle doors and portcullises Quadra V-Tech is in the game too. Likely for now mostly a creative menu Other Modders I would like to thank are: DBat, Ironblade, Brazmock/Azmo, GuppyCurr, Khaine, Keledon, Haidr Gna, Sphereii, Stopmy NZ, Xyth, Darkstar Dragon, DanCap0, DeathtoDust, Mumphy, Manux. Really most of the modders on the guppy server
  11. adreden

    Adreden's Modlets

    It should be fine from what I have seen. but it wont update for recipes players already know. I maybe able to make a buff that checks that on start up, but I don't think I could get that in a18, based on the time lines for other modding I am working on.
  12. adreden

    Adreden's Modlets

    Schematic Tracker Modlet This modlet lets you see what Schematics you have read through the progression screen. Download and drag and drop to the Mods folder. [video=youtube_share;VXvN82bzGak]
  13. Hey MM, Just curious about the implications of a hovering drone. So if there is a hovering drone are there hover cars, hover sleds. Thinking more in terms of world building here. Is this a tech that is a military item and thus rare. If not rare tech why not more evidence of this tech in the world. I do get that its a new feature and thus may not have had its ramifications in the world building atm. Is it a simple brushless motor tech driven multi-prop or some other tech. You have said many time already that we have hovering drones and robotics is very advanced. That is indeed true. The engines just have an influence on the world. I guess it could be a new tech that came out a month before Z day, that would reduce the influence. Any thoughts/comments? Cheers
  14. adreden

    Adreden's Modlets

    Santa and his elves are not immune to the infection and have overrun the world. Create a Mods folder. You will have to download it from gitlab. https://gitlab.com/adredengaming/adreden_modlets Then drag and drop the xmas zombies mod into it. [video=youtube_share;CFf2ODxKAxw]
  15. adreden

    Adreden's Modlets

    Quadra V-Tech from Cyberpunk 2077 in 7 Days to die. This is a single vehicle modlet. The car is set up to be fast, powerful and a lot of traction. It is often a lot of fun but its not an off road vehicle. Whether this is one of your favorite things from Cyberpunk 2077 or you just like fast cars, this is a nice car for 7 Days to Die. At the moment there are no crafting recipes for this car but it is planned. **NOTE: The Quadra for now is in the entity menu only. I have to sort it out as to why its not in the creative menu. [video=youtube_share;E1qJNdGb-DQ]
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