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  1. I somehow entered a gamepad controller mode and I cannot figure out how to turn this off. Can anyone help?
  2. Has anyone else run into the giant green pig? I don't even know what to make of that....if you see it, run away.
  3. So as I've discovered - Don't be anywhere near the wasteland biomes at night. Really dig the weapons mod system. I did notice that the helmet drinking water filter mod only fits in leg armor I believe?
  4. Nevermind, I was using the old shortcut I had created on my desktop. I just made a new shortcut of the .exe after patching and everything is good.
  5. Sub, Did the splash screen (pause screen) get updated to reflect the version number? Mine did not, but perhaps I didn't install it properly?
  6. Ah it worked after all. Thanks Liam and Subquake.
  7. I have this problem, but this did not fix the problem for me? Can anyone help?
  8. I have been away from 7D2D for a few months now, and came back to the forums to see if anything fresh was around...boy was I pleasantly surprised! Having a blast with this already, thanks Subquake! I cannot imagine the time required to pull this off, thank you for your efforts!
  9. Check out the new SMX mod, 72 slots! Games4Kickz has a couple videos showing it off.
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