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  1. I feel like the issue is more about the ease and abundance of Fuel in the game. This reduces any meaningful choices a player might have when deciding where to spend their fuel. Make fuel more scarce or difficult to obtain increases the competition for it's uses. My suggestion on a possible fix: Make it so that you can only craft Gas Can at a special crafting station that can't be player crafted but only found in the wild. This promotes more exploration (there by distance to the crafting station matters for fuel cost), gives non-motorized tools more incentive to be used for smaller projects, and potentially gives a player an additional strategic place to defend. And it couldn't technically be a new type of POI (like a Tier 5 Oil Refinery thing).
  2. Why do we even need farm blocks/farm land? I mean we already plant tree saplings where ever. If it's balancing then that's more in the design of the system then the coding of the mechanic. Although I guess we wouldn't have the renewable plants anymore, but I guess that would just be replaced by planting new plants like we do with trees. Is replanting that big of an annoyance that the devs need to restrict growing plants to specific block?
  3. Wait... They rolled out changes to the community UX without consulting the front line workers of said UX? LIKE WTF?!?!?!?! I may not agree with the moderators all the time, but I mean it's their literal job in managing these forums. Don't make it hard for them. (Because they might take it out on all of us, and no one likes that... although maybe Roland because he might be secretly a sadist )
  4. Not going to lie, I really don't like the new UI of the forums, sidebar included.
  5. I feel like the issue with the Death Penalty/Reward isn't that makes Critical Ailments pointless and their remedies redundant... but rather the ailments are too long, so players do find trading the minimal XP penalty (and the teleport can be a boon or flaw) for a cure-all a profitable trade. Now, one could just retain the ailments after death and just deny the trade, but then death becomes rather annoying (and if you can't recover or get multiple status effects before death... because crit-chains appear to be a thing it might playing unenjoyable) which could lead to them just not playing the game. It has be a careful balance. Instead they could make the trade more unfavorable towards death (either reduce annoyance of ailments or increase the death penalty), or they could go Rogue-Like and make dying a feature, and instead having survival be sort of a challenge mode. By the way... how you die could also be used to determine a respawn penalty (ie. die by thirst or hunger... stamina penalty, die by fall damage... stealth/movement penalty, combat damage... reduced damage, etc.)
  6. I know this derailed into a scenic discussion about the scarcity of steel, but I would like to point out that steel tools aren't super needed. We had a whole discussion about tool progression in another thread, and really while Steel is better than Iron, the actual end tier is mechanical tools. So really you should be able to plan out how much steel you need for real essential items (Motorcycle, Weapons, Mods, and Mechanical Tools) and just prioritize as you go. And really you can live with a Minibike... it's even more fuel efficient than the Motorcycle.
  7. On the topic of inventory space devoted to 'healing/survival'... generally I keep a slot for a hydration beverage (Red Tea/GR Tea/Pure Water/Water), food (whatever can even be Snowberries), Painkillers, Honey (emergency food/antibiotic), and Cloth/Duct Tape/Wood. So 4 slots and another 3 for general supplies. On average I tend to only have 2 to 2 1/2 rows of empty space for looting. This means I end up using vehicle storage and drop chests for POI looting more often, but I consider that part of the challenge.
  8. Seriously... people don't know about overchoice (I know it as choice paralysis)? Yes, too many options is an actual studied thing. In addition to the psycho phenomenon, every additional option/feature adds to development time, QA time & complexity, and generally just makes the game feel bloated and unfocused.
  9. For the last few alpha's I've only been playing MP with a small group of friends. We often just end up on 50min Days and either 16/18 Hour days, with few other changes to Zombie speeds and amounts. I don't know the reasoning for the others, but I like 50min days for both in-game pacing and real world pacing (ie. 6 Hours = 1 week in one game session). So usually we end either just before a Bloodmoon or just after it, depending on how we feeling about doing it. I don't know if I could even do 90min or 120min days, since the progression would feel so slow.
  10. Currently the loot system as I'm aware, has shifted to away from 'looter' as a specialized class and more of 'everyone should loot'. This from how loot level is determined by the highest GS within a party, and is applied to the entire party. Yes, Lucker Looter skill and magazines affect personal looting, but overall this means that on average everyone in the party loots the same. In your scenario, it wouldn't be an issue unless one party member wasn't looting at all (which is like saying they're not killing zombies, or crafting anything, or harvesting blocks). So a party would roughly have the same stone tool level, and if a player had skilled into Lucky Looter then he would be handing down their old tools until they reached Q6 tools (at which point either each player would have to loot for themselves, upgrade to Iron tier, or be content with Q5 stuff). I see can players suddenly getting a bunch of Stone Shovels because they don't keep them in their inventory (and thus be annoying to find unneeded duplicates). But as long as most players look at the mechanics, it would feel normal. You get a item you need when you need it and in a reasonable amount of time, and don't get an over abundance of items that you don't want. To be honest, most games have this as a way to help a struggling player and only players that look to exploit game mechanics really abuse it.
  11. I know the conversation is shifting towards altering the probability values in the loot tables, but may I offer a suggestion. Perhaps, add a player inventory check to see whether a player has a stone tool of an equal or lower quality, and if not remove the corresponding entry in the derived tables? (Or at least reduce the probability?) This way players that need the tool find it (and at higher quality), and those that would just scrap it are saved the .5secs it takes to do the action.
  12. No. But I do like the foundations and direction it is going though. I just have issues with minor aspects with it.
  13. TL/DR: I'm drunk... ish. Not drunk enough to English. But not sober enough to not comment. My first achievement is from 2016. I say this because apparently how long one has being playing matters. (Aside: It does... And it doesn't. Old customers fit into a nice convenient metric bucket for Marketing majors to determine how much of a sucker... I mean dedicated supporter you are). I also have 886 hours in the game... I guess isn't as hardcore as my Payday 2 hours, but frankly... I've experienced players with 3k hours in a game that make go.... Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh? I voted the second option. Annnnnnd.... I echo some of the sentiment posted here in the forums. I dislike the Stone Tools in higher tier loot containers... regardless of quality. (Mostly because tier level is more important for Mods, and finding useful mods at a early game state is rare. Althougth... I guess you could balance this out with an inventory check and make drops relative and useful to person 'searching' the loot box.) I also dislike... the current tool variety, and progression. Stone tools become practically useless after discovering Iron Tools, but this isn't Civilization... you can't just easily upgrade your units to the new technology level. As mentioned before... I'm a Payday 2 veteran... and that game has a HUGE variety of weapons and weapon customization (AND... it still get requests for more). Most of the weapons in Payday 2 are essentially the same, because unlike real life where Marketing and Profit are the goal... in games FUN is the goal so systems have to be balanced (Real Life doesn't give a F about fairness or balance). I also have concerns about the skill system. But this topic isn't about that. It's about 'Progression'. And that's tied to 'Pacing'. And whenever Fun Pimps decides to hire a Narrative Designer to build a story with this chaotic mess of a system... they will have to a good serious discussion about this. Which why it's good that they've been having discussion with the community for past few years (it means that they're not going into that discussion ignorant... they know what doesn't work). But... I have faith in Fun Pimps. Game development isn't easy. Hell, most professional stuff isn't easy... Youtube only shows when it goes right under perfect circumstances. And while I feel like FP has made mistakes... they've also learned from them in ways you the player may not have realized. Every Alpha is snapshot into their Mind's Eye of what they want 7DtD to be, and like everything organic it changes as new things come into focus. So I understand if an Alpha isn't to my appeal... things change and they can't appeal to everyone (although that's the goal, or at least as many as possible). I guess this is the real TL/DR. I like the zone specific game stage modifiers. I feel like zones should also have minimum and maximum, so that your level designer(s) have a greater control of the pacing of the game, and allow the player agency on how fast they want to progress... but that's just me. I feel like there should be more dynamic loot tables, based not just on game state, but on a number of factors (like how close to death a player is, critical effects, thematic zoning, Trader progression level, what level of technology the tools/weapon are, etc.) BUUUUUuuuttt..... I understand how much more work this is... balancing loot tables can be fairly involved. I dislike the trend towards a loot shooter like Borderlands, where the incentive is constantly kill/loot/grind for the next best loot and discard the current. I feel like primitive Tier 1 tools/weapons should always be relevant even as a disposable emergency tools/weapons. I am opinion that looting should be sustainable for the nomad/scavenger lifestyle but ultimately be a system to support the crafter playstyle. And that you can't truly separate the two. So looting is important early game to get above the progression curve, but ultimately becomes a necessity to maintain at the end game. I dislike the idea of Legandary Items because it ultimately adds in a tier that makes all other progress and work redundant, making a slots-style RNG to win the best strategy. And yes... I know slots styled RNG is popular and profitable... Vegas has easily proved that. I dislike the trend to MOAR weapons, without real consideration on how the weapons are actively different. People especially players need to separate 'REALITY' from how game systems are developed and balanced. From a mechanic perspective there is very little separating the different firearms (other than base stats). Really... we have 'Projectile Firearms' like bows and grenades, 'Raycast Semiautomatics.' like rifles and pistols, 'Raycast Full-Automatics' for SMGs and MGs, and Shotguns (Multi-Raycast Firearms). Personally, I feel like simpler is better... so really 7DtD should have 2 tiers of weapons: Primitive/Consumable/Disposable and Progessive/Static. The Primitive level is determined by a Player skill level as a base quality, and the Progressive level is determined by the 'Learned by Doing' mechanic. This way a player can focus maintaining a weapon playstyle, but have a easy fall back in case of breakage. Early tools don't become redundant because they now have use as a fallback emergency. I dislike the current skill breakdown between attributes. But mostly I blame Pen&Paper RPGs for this, and our conditioning that things need to be tied to base statistics. I DO like skill and magazine perk system though, and feel like this is a good approach to a balanced progression between looting (magazines) and self-learning (skills/experience). I think an ideal setup would be that combat-related skills are governed by a 'Learn by Doing' and all others by 'XP blanket/Socialized Learning'. This way actions that a player are actively doing that make sense grow, and actions that are more long term and are under burst conditions are not disadvantaged. All this matters... because it's about "Player Progression". ... I dislike a lot things, I'm realizing. And yet. ... I'm not really that unhappy with the current state of things. <Insert Comedic Dancing Routine of Zombie Cops and Boars> Anways.... There are things that I dislike in the current Alpha, but not enough that I'm willing play with mods or not play at all. (I've never played with mods, but I'm not against them. I just want to see what the developer's vision is all.) I do want a End Game though... whether that comes from a Narrative or just a Minecraft, "Look we made an dimension called 'the End' where you fight a boss and it ends." Hopefully, MadMole will have written some down that he is happy with and we can all share in it.
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