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  1. I feel like the issue is more about the ease and abundance of Fuel in the game. This reduces any meaningful choices a player might have when deciding where to spend their fuel. Make fuel more scarce or difficult to obtain increases the competition for it's uses. My suggestion on a possible fix: Make it so that you can only craft Gas Can at a special crafting station that can't be player crafted but only found in the wild. This promotes more exploration (there by distance to the crafting station matters for fuel cost), gives non-motorized tools more incentive to be used for smaller projects,
  2. Why do we even need farm blocks/farm land? I mean we already plant tree saplings where ever. If it's balancing then that's more in the design of the system then the coding of the mechanic. Although I guess we wouldn't have the renewable plants anymore, but I guess that would just be replaced by planting new plants like we do with trees. Is replanting that big of an annoyance that the devs need to restrict growing plants to specific block?
  3. Wait... They rolled out changes to the community UX without consulting the front line workers of said UX? LIKE WTF?!?!?!?! I may not agree with the moderators all the time, but I mean it's their literal job in managing these forums. Don't make it hard for them. (Because they might take it out on all of us, and no one likes that... although maybe Roland because he might be secretly a sadist )
  4. Not going to lie, I really don't like the new UI of the forums, sidebar included.
  5. I feel like the issue with the Death Penalty/Reward isn't that makes Critical Ailments pointless and their remedies redundant... but rather the ailments are too long, so players do find trading the minimal XP penalty (and the teleport can be a boon or flaw) for a cure-all a profitable trade. Now, one could just retain the ailments after death and just deny the trade, but then death becomes rather annoying (and if you can't recover or get multiple status effects before death... because crit-chains appear to be a thing it might playing unenjoyable) which could lead to them just not playing the g
  6. I know this derailed into a scenic discussion about the scarcity of steel, but I would like to point out that steel tools aren't super needed. We had a whole discussion about tool progression in another thread, and really while Steel is better than Iron, the actual end tier is mechanical tools. So really you should be able to plan out how much steel you need for real essential items (Motorcycle, Weapons, Mods, and Mechanical Tools) and just prioritize as you go. And really you can live with a Minibike... it's even more fuel efficient than the Motorcycle.
  7. On the topic of inventory space devoted to 'healing/survival'... generally I keep a slot for a hydration beverage (Red Tea/GR Tea/Pure Water/Water), food (whatever can even be Snowberries), Painkillers, Honey (emergency food/antibiotic), and Cloth/Duct Tape/Wood. So 4 slots and another 3 for general supplies. On average I tend to only have 2 to 2 1/2 rows of empty space for looting. This means I end up using vehicle storage and drop chests for POI looting more often, but I consider that part of the challenge.
  8. The problem is that statement is 'progression should be balanced without skills' and the only way you can do that is by not having skills affect progression. I do get what you're trying to say but it doesn't work that way. You made a choice not skilling into harvesting and that has an effect. That's your choice. T2 tools (and probably weapons too) are better if you skill into them especially for the roles that play in (for tools harvesting time). That's how the game is balanced because the devs with the data looked at, and figured out that was best for the overall whole system.
  9. So you believe tools should be balanced differently than the other systems and not have skills affecting them (because you can't balance them independently).
  10. Kalen here is the thing... if we do a comparison to the combat ecosystem and say just the AR tree of weapons. The important factors in a weapon is magazine size/reload speed, time to kill/shots to kill, and durability. Durability is the least important since repair kits are easily available. Shots to kill on the other hand ends up being the most important since ammo is a scarce resource at first, and DPS is needed late game just to deal with horde sizes and scaled health. Magazine size and reload speed are a factor in DPS and combat session length, and often determine whether you
  11. Why... should it be? Skills and perks are part of the progression path.
  12. Kalen... it is superior. It's only not superior if you don't skill into a couple of skills, hence specialization. It's only not superior if you choose a different path (aka player choice). Mechanically it's the same as asking for a single harvest tool to be good regardless what it's meant for. Just because you didn't craft a different tool. The harvesting mini-game has different progression paths, how you choose to go through is up to you. If you want the optimal path then you have to choose to go that way. If you prefer combat to harvesting then that's your choice.
  13. ... So you're saying that my Iron Axe should be better than my Stone Shovel for digging dirt? Because it's a higher a tier tool?
  14. This might be a weird request.... but what if doing a POI quest (and not a challenge quest) it temporarily disabled wandering hordes for the players inside. Yes, I could see some one trying to exploit this, but then they would be giving up both the quest reward, and mobility (they can't leave the POI). Sort of make it a soft instanced area.
  15. So you really can't compare weapons to tools, since they are separate functions. While mining and crafting are a major component of the game... they aren't essential. Combat on the other hand is. You need to kill zombies to survive, so naturally it has a different progression curve. Can the T2 weapons aren't that much of an upgrade. I prefer the AK to the M16, and 9mm to the Revolver. I haven't done a deep analysis into combat ecosystem, so I really can't say what role the T2 weapons fall into (usually early weapons are easy to get, and then progress into specialties to accommodate various pla
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