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  1. I am a big tunnel girl, and underground base. with a second base on stilts for hoard night. There is no way I would be done all that by day 7 and would not use a steel pickaxe that early the stamina drain is insane with steel tool items until you maxed out your perks which I never finish by 7 days. thats awesome you can, and very envious your obviously skilled in this game. I have 2600 hours in game time I am somewhat slower than most . Thanks for all your info, (knew it all since i enjoy researching my favorite games reading others POV) and your insight will in deed help others and its now in
  2. i was reading after my first post and every post that someone had a different opinion of Roland would go off on how their point does not matter or not a valid point. So bad that I raged stopped reading and had to give a Really Roland. And for me messing up the english language I so apoligize for my ignorance and mental and physical problems that make speaking, talking, writing, thinking extremely difficult and offended some.
  3. Also SP are not asking to be given an open roadmap for skills, so I wish MP would stop assuming everything about how we are feeling, The game is not fun in SP for me now. Period. Alpha after Alpha great features, great concept but improving MP took alittle away from SP every alpha. There is just too much restriction on SP. Playing with the Hubby sure its fun we divy up jobs and still don't get all the perks. ( Have lots of room for skill improvements if I had skill points.) But after sleepers and the better hoards and other awesome features. SP became almost impossible, travelling areas to ge
  4. REALLY ROLAND!?!, Why is everyone elses opinion wrong and only yours matters. I've read one after another of you telling people why there opinion is wrong and no one else can't have a valid point. And for me not being a computer kind of person to go in and fix xmail or programs or whatever has nothing to do with people using cd-rom omg maybe they like using discs. I don't!!! but their opinion is valid for whatever reason they use it. The whole reason I keep shut and usually only read is because i've been verbally attached almost every post i've ever made just because I have a different view o
  5. i really wish i could do that but i'm not computer friendly at all. I can turn them on and play a game, use mods that are steamshop. I have to get the kids to put in other mods that have to go places in specific files if not steamshop. I am looking forward to the new alpha and I'm perfectly fine with waiting till its done. I even don't mind waiting to make up my mind on how the changes to see the outcome on SP. I was just giving my opinion from the last alphas where I watched me go from playing 20-30 hours a week on my own to no time on my own and thought I should speak up, Because I care abo
  6. ok i totally see your side as well. But being in the now small precent that play SP or CO-OP with hubby to I think maybe just allowing more skill points maximums to open it up more in SP. As 2 people we often split skills making it more enjoyable. I have over 2600 hours into the game so its not like I haven't enjoyed this game throughly. because I do and its still my favourite. With that said I can honestly say I no longer play SP I find it just to much of an issue, bases all over the place. Started shutting off zombies for days at a time because nothing was getting accomplished. crappy qualit
  7. Just downloaded stavation, find a great place that has a underground base through the well. Finally break through 8000 steel door with my 25 strength axe, killed what I thought was sleepers to find out I just killed my Scientist and 2 other guys that where supposed to help my colony. face palm, wish I read that there was colonies. oh well restart
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