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    Un muchacho joven espaٌol que se caso con una colombiana. Amante delos animales , los juegos y el moding. Recreador medieval e informatico.
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  1. oh, f.u.c.k.i.n.g true!! you are all right... and the model of food are all the same parcel, and drinks true, i dont know it's only on experimental or final version :S
  2. Madmole, snif snif, Roland, snif snif --cry like a baby--- Anyone tell me it's a joke, o later improvement...or just only for experimental ALL the ♥♥♥♥ing food its "parcel" now???!! the stew, the corn...all, even the cornmeal... but what happend? you already have the model in last builds?? what happens? it's a bug? or for early relay? please tell me in estable will be fine please T_T it's destroys my inmersive experience T_T Drinks are "water", even coffe it's transparent.... please anyone tell me something, i will have nightmares tonights. oh, thanks a lot for the new deco blocks, t
  3. Thanks you, i love the comunity enjoy my jokes too!! woojoo - - - Updated - - - Hopefully yes, and that he saw my hitler video too, it would be an honor hehehehe
  4. well well my friends, i have made a HITLER VIDEO, for fun, i share with the comunity for enjoy and have fun, maybe we'll forget the bad news for a few moments It's only a joke, but i get mad for a few minutes when i read the news from Roland XD and i think, let's transmutate this It's in English, sorry if there are any bad translation, any question of any expresion, i'm open to it jejeje https://www.captiongenerator.com/1088382/ComiHitler-gets-mad-when-know-about-7dtd-delay
  5. WTF ...video not available ... what happend?
  6. Is there any similar app for windows? i want to do this too!!1 i use notepad++
  7. i think i use bad examples XDDD you are right, i was thinking in a stone axe, for frame, forniture crafting,tools...and needle, scissors and thread for clothes (1 item slot). First i think what do you say, "based on the tools aperson is carrying on them (without consuming the tools)" but i dont know how to do, and i think it's easier put a 3 slot grid (like campfire) and put in there the tools... thanks !
  8. Good afternoon people. I've been thinking these days ... and as I see that you talk about everything a little (sometimes silly things sometimes serious things) jejejeje I dare to ask a question: Does anyone know if it is possible via XML to place the need for a tool on the crafting of the backpack just like some recipes need the pot at the campfire? I have thought for my mod, that some recipes require tools to make them in the backpack, such as clothes, or wood frames, and other more complex in the work table, I do not like the idea of ​​for example, manufacture an axe in the hand, withou
  9. jajaja yes Xd she said i change that but i will not change, it's more exciting, i can change motorbike and jeep storage for her, and she accepted XD she is bad driver but with the new driving system, we will see... thanks - - - Updated - - - O.O how can i change the macbook pro video card?
  10. First, thanks you very much for your answer We play mostly via lan, 2 players, 3 if my brother connects. She dont care the quality, she loves loot houses XD go far away when i stay at home XD crafting and cleanning the house jajajaj then she cries me when the zombies are around she and she is alone.... so, for her gameplay, i think she can run it well. The pc it's a Macbook pro, so it has SDD HD. We put shadows off, quarter side textures, no reflexions, low-medium trees, 7 draw distance, 40% detail world, no extra effects (blur,etc)...well not the best, but it's the only way to enjoy playing
  11. Thanks Roland, you are our hero, tonight we sleep as happier as a couple of kittiens near a fireplace. "run runrun" noise miau ∑:-3
  12. Ey ey ey ey...it's comming...but i have a question, @Roland, will all these graphical improvements mean its harder to run on lower spec'd computers? My wife runs at low in 2 core 2.8hz, 4gb RAM, 1Gb VRAM... Will she can run the a17 in her computer?? we dont care if the quality if "cooked ♥♥♥♥" we only want to play XD like crazies...is the any hope?
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