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  1. I was just curious, but do you all have any plans for a VR version of 7 Days to Die? *If so, how would you go about doing it? *If not, why exactly?
  2. When it comes to hardware, is Play Station 5's hardware strong enough to have more larger scale multiplayer if it were to get a version of 7 Days To Die?
  3. My friend and I play from steam, but I would like to add them to the friend list to make it easier to join worlds. But how do I do that?
  4. As title say, How to build for Melee in Alpha 18 Survivalist? I am a console player, been playing the PC version for a little bit here and there. Putting more focus into it. But I notice Survivalist mode as way harder than on PS4 version of Survivalist. But one other thing I notice about playing A18 is that the skill trees are kind of more complicated and all over the place. Hard to level up skills now since everything requires skill points instead of the old craft and use skill development. Clubs seem too weak to be effective. I been using Spear and Sludgehammer combo. But
  5. Well I play on PS4 and just log on to other people map and build random bases in different areas for them to discover in their adventure.
  6. What keywords creates lots of underground bunkers and cities
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