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  1. Is it possible/how do we push custom videos through a dedicated server without sending the video file to each player? I've gotten custom videos to play but I was only able to do it through the client theaterscreens/resources folder rather than the server folder.
  2. What am I doing wrong when I add new movies to the Theaterscreens/resources folder? I've tried: naming to video03 reencoding to mp4 adjusting resolution to be 480x320 in order to match the other video file resolutions renamed the new video to video02 Even when I rename the original video02.mp4 to a .bak extension it still plays it after restarting the server. Frankly, I'm out of ideas. edit: again nevermind I'll check in with the modlet folks
  3. Is there a guide to electrical wiring in Ravenhearst somewhere? I've tried placing a Theater screen but can't wire to it at all in order to get it to work. edit: nevermind after just mashing the wiring button it finally did something. It works now.
  4. Mine stone. IDK yet if veins exist I haven't found any.
  5. Did you use the hoe on the dirt to till it first?
  6. We're having a frustratingly fun time with the mod. It's definitely a rollercoaster of emotion with the difficulty. Two things: 1) The quest owning the night, I've tried completing it three times and can't. The Night Wights keep despawning before i can kill them to get credit and the quest has to be abandoned. To make it worse I can't admin spawn the mob in to finish it either they simply won't spawn even though the console says it did. 2)We're all having issues with how many zombies are spawning during the day hordes. There are so many that appear our frames drop from 60-80s to 10-20s and it's borderline unplayable. This doesn't appear to be controlled by the server's xml of limiting max zombie spawns. Where can I find the settings for this to adjust the daytime spawns and limit how many spawn in? Thanks!
  7. First time setting up a Ravenhearst dedicated server. I've done fresh installs of both the client and servers. I've used the mod launcher to download the latest copy of Ravenhearst for the a17.4 client. I've also used the link provided on page one to download the most recent server files. The server is loading and I can access the command console, it's being listed on the server list just fine. Problem is when I try to connect I hang on the "starting game" screen even though I hear myself load in and hear the nature noises as if it loaded. Not sure where to go from here? I've attached the output log incase that helps but I only see one error and it's been saying that the level0 file is corrupt for a while now and I've tried removing it with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. [ATTACH]28877[/ATTACH] edit: Nevermind. I restarted my PC and now nothing works, the server won't even load. I'll have to start over from scratch. Why is it so ridiculous to get an overhaul modded server going? output_log_dedi__2019-08-06__12-20-20.txt
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