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  1. Yes, as mentioned i did 3 separate seeds (BelleS1119, BelleS1113, XN1952) and all very similar. Green square in the middle. I did a fourth with just random numbers, thinking maybe it is because i was using letters and numbers and it looked very similar to the image i shared. I apologize for not sniping each image. But I promise, on my rig these are the results. Just seeing if anyone else has experienced this.
  2. Ahhh i see. well that is cool then, we got our different biom traders. I can respect that. But this is exp, so hopefully in the future the bioms are broken up a tiny bit more.... .... Kiddos are asleep and now i can finally play. Thank you for your time. Happy gaming all!
  3. See my post above. but i ran 3 separate seeds in the RWG in game viewer and got this practically every time. So yes, large forest:
  4. Oh no... Well, yeah, i guess i am okay with it as it is simple to know the map (even if you dont peak at the in-game generator). But very unnatural!
  5. (posted to the A19 bug forum as well) So i am coming back to the game after a year. I deleted all the stuffs in the launcher as someone mentioned. I just wanted to see a few Seeds first while the kiddos were up... I loaded 3 seeds in the in game generator to see what they looked like. BelleS1119, BelleS1113 and XN1952. BelleS1119 had green forest all in the center and all 4 sides of the map a different biom (similar to the picture below) BelleS1113 ran this one just to see if it was a fluke, very similar but the side bioms were broken up a bit XN1952 ran this just to be much
  6. PERFECT! Installed and works lovely. Much appreciated!
  7. I'm an idiot. Totally missed that. Thanks! I clicked on the dropbox link and it gives a 404 error stating it doesnt exist.
  8. Awesome mod. Started playing the game again last night after watching G4Kicks on youtube. One question, how do I get the expanded inventory like G4K has? Any suggestions would be great? Thank you
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