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  1. Yes, as mentioned i did 3 separate seeds (BelleS1119, BelleS1113, XN1952) and all very similar. Green square in the middle. I did a fourth with just random numbers, thinking maybe it is because i was using letters and numbers and it looked very similar to the image i shared. I apologize for not sniping each image. But I promise, on my rig these are the results. Just seeing if anyone else has experienced this.
  2. Ahhh i see. well that is cool then, we got our different biom traders. I can respect that. But this is exp, so hopefully in the future the bioms are broken up a tiny bit more.... .... Kiddos are asleep and now i can finally play. Thank you for your time. Happy gaming all!
  3. See my post above. but i ran 3 separate seeds in the RWG in game viewer and got this practically every time. So yes, large forest:
  4. Oh no... Well, yeah, i guess i am okay with it as it is simple to know the map (even if you dont peak at the in-game generator). But very unnatural!
  5. (posted to the A19 bug forum as well) So i am coming back to the game after a year. I deleted all the stuffs in the launcher as someone mentioned. I just wanted to see a few Seeds first while the kiddos were up... I loaded 3 seeds in the in game generator to see what they looked like. BelleS1119, BelleS1113 and XN1952. BelleS1119 had green forest all in the center and all 4 sides of the map a different biom (similar to the picture below) BelleS1113 ran this one just to see if it was a fluke, very similar but the side bioms were broken up a bit XN1952 ran this just to be much different and it was nearly the same as the first. image below. Am I doing something wrong.. or is this a experimental thing... Just curious
  6. PERFECT! Installed and works lovely. Much appreciated!
  7. I'm an idiot. Totally missed that. Thanks! I clicked on the dropbox link and it gives a 404 error stating it doesnt exist.
  8. Awesome mod. Started playing the game again last night after watching G4Kicks on youtube. One question, how do I get the expanded inventory like G4K has? Any suggestions would be great? Thank you
  9. That's what I keep hearing Oz. I'll probably check it out when I get home here shortly. Last few minutes of work.
  10. Totally agree. I mean I played the end of A15. And after the first 7 days... I wanted MORE night time to do stuff. But I was just curious on other players approach to the first week. It seems to be the slowest curve for obvious reasons. Again thank you all for the tips. - - - Updated - - - Interesting... Good to know! Thank you - - - Updated - - - I don't have friends. but that sounds like a hilarious evening!
  11. Damn, didn't expect this much of a response... Thank you all for the excellent insight. I'll be venturing out more often now for sure to test the waters of nighttime! Didn't expect MM or Roland to get in this either. Thanks for reading my post guys. Happy hunting!
  12. As you can see I'm not a forum poster. I try to read as much here as possible. But busy life. I watch youtuber's and streamers but they cut out the night time stuff. WTF do you do at night now? I used to spam craft, which i'm glad they got rid of (kinda). Let me be more specific, during the first FEW crucial days what do you do? For example (Night 1): I'm in a secluded house in desert, just outside of a huge city in a snow biom. As a noobie i do not want to settle in the snow biom; however, nighttime is approaching and i'm on 120min days, which means a LONG A$$ night time with nothing to do... Should i just watch netflix on the other monitor and wait for daybreak? What is there to do in the mean time without attracting z's... Just curious. Once I'm settled somewhere I know night time is the right time for mining to pass the time. But at the beginning stages where your not settled, what do you do at night? Hope that all made sense, I'm not a poster lol And yes i'm a noob. Thanks for reading and please poke fun if need be
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