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  1. This has probably already been asked. I am having trouble installing. I am following instructions to a T and still getting the "Could not fully initialize Steam" error after installing...and happens on vanilla install afterwards as well. I am running both Steam and the copy of 7DTD darkness install as administrator. Any Ideas?
  2. Thats a good idea....but what it comes to is basic instincts...if they have the basic need to eat...then why not tool usage?
  3. Nice....but im talking about zombies though...like the new janitor zed...have him carry a broom or shovel...and then increase drop chance
  4. The devs need to implement a weapon system for the zeds...if zeds are carrying weapons....they need to adjust the damage ratio....also if the zeds are carrying weapons...there needs to be an increased chance for them to drop that weapon....that would be an interesting change to the game....just an idea.
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