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  1. I got the same issue as well. I installed the SDX that was said to be required. I tried it as the only modlet and it didn't work as well.
  2. Hold down R as if you were selecting a different ammo then select one you have 0 of, and that will unload the current ammo.
  3. In the builder level 3 quest it makes a mention of a builders forge perk, but I do not see it or any mention of one in the recipe list. Is it still in the mod?
  4. Found a humorous bug after equipping the repeating crossbow and using food in the toolbelt
  5. Breaking down a research desk with a wrench yields forged iron and mechanical parts, where it takes nails and wood to craft.
  6. I always have bad luck finding wrenches. I ended up buying a 594ql at the trader on day 8 since I haven’t found one in the wild.
  7. The new inv window overlaps the crafting station window. At least for the blacksmithing and advanced forge stations, didn't check the other ones.
  8. When leveling up blunt weapons I saw that I unlocked “Burning Club” when I search for it it doesn’t come up.
  9. Just had laugh when taking apart a couch and found a remote. It's little things like this that make me love the mod more! Edit: Also found that a Purple Hood cannot be scrapped.
  10. Oh, I thought it was locked behind the tailor station. If that’s not the case then that would be on me
  11. The animal hide bellow recipie is still in the game? If not then removing the leather scrapping from clothes makes it more difficult to craft the first forge as it is needed for the bellows.
  12. The first aid bug I think is in vanilla as well, to work around it put the item in your toolbelt first then use the item. For the custom boxes, when you open it up there should be a box that opens up on the right side of the screen with an option to change the text on the box.
  13. Not sure if it is a bug, but I noticed that there was no skill exp gain on cooking while using the advanced campfire. If it is intended, what would the best way be to level the skill up, without using skill points that is.
  14. Do I need to do something different to get the updated log files? Everything should be up to date as I use to mod launcher.
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