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  1. No real towns or cities So i love the prefabs in this pack but every seed i load there are no cities or real towns. Just these 4x4 micro cities and minitowns. To confirm this i got my friend who has vanilla to punch his seeds into the editor and there are easily 4-5 times the real towns and cities that my seeds have. To clarify, i classify a real town or city that is more than 4 or 5 lots, rectangles, blocks whatever you want to call them in size. A vanilla town is is easily more than 10 of those in area. How do i fix this to where i am getting as many cities and towns and at the same size as the ones in vanilla?
  2. No real towns or cities So i love the prefabs and they are great but a problem im running into is every seed i load has like only 3 or 4 real towns like the way vanilla used to be. No big cities other than the central hub one. Is there a way to fix this? I compared in the editor to my friends seeds which is full vanilla and he gets way more full towns and cities, not these 4 block tiny towns and micro cities that are all over the map for my editor. Also how would i change this on my server i'm running currently? Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!
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