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  1. It should be possible to have any biome in the center of the map, quoted from B173 notes: "Biome generation now allows biomes other than pine forest to be in center" I've been trying random seeds for a bit now hoping to find a winter centric map, but all my generations so far have been forest predominant. It'd be cool if any other biome were discovered central other than forest and the seeds along with map size were shared. I'll edit should I find any myself.
  2. Honestly, a pandemic and precautions to keep it from spreading are a bit different than this small thing in a video game. From what it sounds like, many or most will use a higher brightness because it's 'meta'. Similar to how some will use max FoV in shooters as it grants a wider area of view so you can spot targets before they can spot you, given some circumstances. Personally, I keep my FoV on a setting which makes the game feel most natural (65-75) globally. Maxing out that FoV slider, while it might provide advantage will tatter gameplay for me, I imagine this situation is similar with OP
  3. Did this happen only after b169? I've been having some strange texture issues as well. I bet a 'verify integrity of game files' would help
  4. Does it look like this even up close? I believe all the brown is supposed to be dead/bare branches when comparing to my game. Yours just looks extremely dense.
  5. Huh? It's totally fine for the mods to do whatever, it'd still be your choice whether to join that server or not. But you're assuming in this argument that it's already a thing. So, you can't control the way your friends play. You can't control how the mods or even if the mods can keep brightness locked to a certain value on your server. What does this leave?
  6. It sounds like your only option at this point is to adjust your brightness to whatever suits your situation. The fact that the option there is pretty great. Now I'm not saying it wouldn't be nice if everybody could get what they want, but it's just not possible if something one sided is forced on everybody. If your playstyle is so important, would *not* following your friends around during the night not be in your best interest?
  7. Play how you want and let others do the same. I can imagine a flashlight mod for your helm or weapon would be the simplest solution without the devs or server managers forcing something on everybody for the sake of the few.
  8. It was said that the effects are basically placeholder for now. Their main focus on the functionality of the drone before its visual effects. Don't quote me though, the end product could end up even more flashy lol, who knows?
  9. Steam name: Teal https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198028646549/ Hours played: 1,100 Started on Alpha: 15 Discord name: Garin#5057 Native language: English
  10. Yeah, toggle options would be good for these. People will likely mod them out anyhow. Why make us wait for the option?
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