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  1. I cranked up the difficulty and died, can you make the game easier?
  2. Is boni the plural form of b0ner?? Any English profs here?
  3. I totally get what you are saying and ive never considered myself the min/maxer type. I guess if the bonuses are too good it may affect non min/maxer types as well by being too good to pass up. There are min/maxers that will do ANYTHING to be more efficient, but on the opposite end of the spectrum there are gameplay mechanics that encourage tedius micromanagement because they are too good to pass up. Im NOT saying this is how it will play out, its just a thought on a possible downside. If jumping in place was was boring and tedius but healed you — would you accuse p
  4. @madmoleSo the downside I am seeing of this new clothing/armor thing is that my brain will want to always switch sets depending on my activity. I'm gonna go chop trees.. gotta find my lumberjack clothes and put those on. I'm going to mine for a while.. Gotta go find my mining outfit and put that one. etc etc etc. Im going to want to constantly switch outfits depending on what I am doing.. its micromanagement that is not fun, but would help your play.. a lot.
  5. Im Jealous I didn't think of this first
  6. If they are changed to helper trees would that mess up the Biome placement in normal RWG? Just trying to understand the downside, seems like a win/win if they are changed?
  7. I like it, and we can have every gun just shoot “ammo” for simplification. and we can just have “food” for simplification.
  8. Alright good to know its there, ill look for console errors after i get home from the strip club
  9. There was an amazing Mall in this Pack.. not sure the name, but it had all kinds of stores in it. I generated a bunch of maps and haven't seen it, has it been removed?
  10. When will A20 be released? Sorry, someone had to....
  11. What prefab list do u select in Nitrogen. I renamed the CP46 list to prefablist.txt and chose Vanilla. That works, right?
  12. Wait.. if i can download the pack without discord thats fine... I didn't realize I could... at least i think i can, will give it a try. Edit: Yes got it on one drive, sorry about confusion.. i should have kept reading before clicking on discord link
  13. Where do you find the files in discord ? Is this error preventing me from seeing them?
  14. Faatal mentioned some performance improvements for 19.2. I believe, so it sounds like 19.2 is cumming.
  15. Make it happen or you are getting naked pics of me. Unless of course you WANT the pics... then I will NOT send them unless its ready !!
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