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  1. Usually when some people complain that something is OP and some people complain its useless — it means its balanced. Not sure what it means when one person argues with himself about it.
  2. Probably all kinds of cool stuff. For example. Nerf the already slow default speed and make a mod to get it back to normal again. Nerf the armor and make a mod to get it back to normal Nerf the headlights and make a mod to get them back to normal.
  3. Huh? For me A16 ran like a champ, 17 was horrid, A18 was was almost on par with A16, but A19 took a step backwards. A19 is not bad, just not as good as A16 or A18 as far as performance goes, for my PC anyway.
  4. Where is the English translation of this? So far i got: Optimized, PC, and FPS.
  5. I think sub biomes will be where the bohemeth lives, if you catch my drift.
  6. Awesome, what is the main goal of the the new loot/progression change? boobies
  7. If you were trying to sell someone A20 over A19, what do you think will be the defining feature? boobs
  8. Then the bicycle should be the fastest since it has no storage . I know, I know --- I'm am a pain -- my wife tells me that all the time.
  9. Just curious, just because its faster why is that not balanced? Its a higher tier in INT to build it (and more expensive to build i think?). Shouldn't that mean its better?
  10. at that point might as well just not use traders.. their initial stock is a drop in the bucket of stuff you need. Ive tried this, it makes it, interesting.
  11. What a great game -- haven't been hooked like this in a while --- probably since I started 7D2D
  12. Hey Faatal. Any performance improvements that stem from “Working directly with Unity Devs”?
  13. I think I missed the best conversation on here since A19 Developer Diary. In before its terminated.
  14. I get several months of work done in a week. Just sayin’
  15. Probably started with them hearing a target of “Spring” from a dev or dev stream. Trust me on this one - NOT gonna happen.
  16. Lets all unionize and only post in this thread — Stick it to the man!
  17. Will A20 feature a rear naked choke or any other MMA moves? —- or will A20 ramp up nudity? i like drinking both water and milk directly from the source.
  18. I sit behind a computer and do other things
  19. Seriously, no one here realizes this is a “how do I play a hacked copy for free” thread?
  20. Hello there, my name is SnowDog, pleased to meet you.
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