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  1. - - - Updated - - - Thanks Magoli, great work.
  2. Looks like the "Jailhouse" may be spawning with its back to the road.
  3. Hey Magoli, I love this pack. Is the RGWMIXER.xml basically vanilla with extra prefabs or did you edit it at all?
  4. Id love to build some prefabs but its just so clunky and non intuitive, i dont wanna waste brain cells dealing with it. I dont have many to spare
  5. Hey Magoli, are u still planning on updating the compopack for A17 when it arrives? Do you suspect it to be a ton of work like going to A15 to A16?
  6. How hard is it get the pack to work with the default random generator?..I kind of like the cities in vanilla..
  7. Thats great news! How many more prefabs will be in newer version compared to the current version?
  8. That is correct. That is what i was trying to ask
  9. Hey Magoli. I hear they are updating some/many of the houses and giving them a dungeon crawl feel. Is it possible & how would you feel about moving all the old ones from A16 over to A17 compo pack in addition to having the new A17 versions. I think the variation would be nice.
  10. How bad will A17 mess up the pack? any guesses?
  11. I was told that new prefabs would show up in unvisited areas if I loaded the compo-pack after I was already playing a game though.. wouldn't that require a new mixer?
  12. Hey Tin, if I replace your mixer with the newer one, in a game I already started (in addition to adding the Mags prefab pack) do you forsee any issue? I know you said adding the prefabs should be okay, but what about other mixer changes?
  13. wow u guys are awesome. When a an updated pack comes out the mixer should not need tweaking right?
  14. Great news! Hey Tin do u have a mixer abailable for download that includes the prefabs from the pack?
  15. Does this work for peer to peer games as well? With no dedicated server. Only host needs them?
  16. Dont clients need to download the prefab files manually?
  17. I don't think I'm seeing sleepers in the new prefabs. Anyone else having that issue?
  18. with Sleepers and distant POIs ?
  19. Amazing work Magoli. Since A16 stable is out I was just wondering if u have an update on when your next version will be released. I may not start a new game yet if the compo pack is coming soon
  20. Very much looking forward to using this along with A16 stable release
  21. Very nice!!!!! I'm not trying to rush you but how long will it take to get all this done?
  22. great news Mag, always good hearing from you! I hope someone can explain to you how to add the sleepers!. I wish I knew how
  23. Magoli we miss you, where are you
  24. I love hearing about this progress. You guys are awesome.
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