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  1. Finally, someone appreciates me. Thanks, I love you A/S/L ?
  2. I dont think I ever recieved an official welcome. 😕
  3. I though the back tank on toilets were urinals?
  4. I think you created an alternate account Matt115 so you can post ideas without anyone knowing its you
  5. You wouldnt catch me dead using their services... /applause
  6. Oh I love him also. But -- neglecting me on the forums.. I don't care. I really hope he has major involvement in A20 though.
  7. Whats worse is the silence from Madmole. Not that I personally care if he interacts here much or not but I believe the last time he was detached from an Alpha was 17 and we saw how that turned out. I'm hoping that the new baby (what ever the new game is) is not making him neglect the older sibling that still needs TLC
  8. I love me some naughty nuns
  9. A few alphas ago i was in my 20s. Im 42 now.
  10. “Happy endings” would be a better name for a massage parlor tho.
  11. U guys never cease to give me an erection. Haven't even tried Kinggen yet but looking forward to it.
  12. Exposing is not worth it. Ive gotten in trouble and yelled at multiple times.
  13. I can expose something for you, if u are interested.
  14. Haven't you learned that you upset peoples ego and epeen when you suggest turning down the difficulty?
  15. @Roland please bring back the turd reaction!
  16. Unless you are trying to trick me, 2.500 is the same as 2.5 , @Roland we need your help!
  17. What is the the consensus on a new and improved forum turd reaction?
  18. Awesome, 3 months sooner sounds great!
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