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  1. No, I think Roland convinced the developers with his HP bar in the forum. It was such an unmitigated success. You can only fix a bug. Weather is more like a balancing issue and balancing is a continuous process that eventually will be declared finished after someone decides it is good enough. If Gazz likes to torment you he probably has declared A16.4 weather to be good enough already. Companies on the stock market plan ahead 3 months. Everyone else plans ahead for years. "Nearly done" means it is done somewhere in 2019 most likely
  2. I think the UI should be built into the world. Your hitpoints should be displayed on the front of higashi tower. Stand on the correct spot and you will see it top left. It even is customizable, turn 30 degrees and it is top right. Your hunger stat should be called out by Freitag, your faithful servant, every 10 seconds. He should also tell you where your silver tableware is if asked nicely. The time should be displayed on a craftable cobblestone block. Build your base the right way and you'll always know the time
  3. Actually forgot about them, but there's a reason for that: If the computer is used for everything (mail, browsing, writing, design...) people often adjust for good readability first instead of looking for the best setting for games. Well, at least that is what I do. So I prefer to change settings in the individual games instead. Exactly. So what are we arguing over? Well, shades of gray (definitely not a movie reference pun) are often used to check how well a monitor shows the range between black and white. "gray *scale*" is probably wrong in this context, sorry, english is not my first language. Oooohh, first posturing like Ronaldo and then self-adulation like Sledge Hammer. You definitely aren't out to make friends here.
  4. Another fun fact: Some graphic settings don't influence game play in any measurable way, some do. gamma is such a case. It is there to adapt to different graphics cards/monitors but also (rather unintenionally) can influence game play. Setting gamma so that you can see everything at night is probably not the intended way, setting gamma so you don't have the impression you are playing with sunglasses is intended.
  5. Beware, a feature that would make us think . IMHO it is an advantage to have the option to play intelligently. So you never heard of computer screens being different in how they show gray scales?
  6. A horde that doesn't cross your way is a horde that might as well not exist. A horde outside your sensory range is a non-horde. You are the center of that universe, really There are easier measures to remove some of the disadvantages. For example spawn them farther away and your chances to spot them will rise. Or make their appearance more random but make them deadlier instead.
  7. Well, there is earth, water, air, fire, and aether. I'm a bit uncertain if the splash of earth on water is an explosion, otherwise it must be fire.
  8. I think attributes are confirmed. So you've got strength, agility... and these will give you bonuses on your skills. I would call this very overhauly
  9. That sounds promising. This is something I really expect to have to solve with a mod, I really can't imagine how all the cues won't spoil the fun of exploring the POIs.
  10. I think yes, but since a part of it is "under the hood" and another part is "just" changed, you might not get that impression after a first playthrough. I expect that the greater impact will be felt if you afterwards play some mods. They will be able to differ much more from vanilla (i.e. OVERHAUL instead of overhaul ) through new capabilities available to the modder.
  11. A problem with leaving the old POI's in the game might be the contrast between them and the dungeons. I expect the old ones to get at least a make-over if they aren't replaced at all. Having many obstacles as helper objects will surely help greatly any balancing IF dungeon POIs are felt as too extreme. We won't really know until we have played them for a while. And surely a bit of nostalgia will cloud our judgement, so expect some home sickness:distrust:
  12. On this forum not knowing about mods is not a good excuse. But on the other hand mod support really needs that override directory to make mod install and deinstall something a novice computer user can handle, and/or to make automatic install scripts packed with every mod an option. Yes, there are more pve players here in the forum as well as totally. But the exact percentages could still differ hugely. We wouldn't notice if the quantities were 4:1 on this forum but only 3:1 on the whole. And the general negative view on this forum to PvP makes such players probably feel unwelcome here tilting the scale. If this is true, PvP features will get less support on this forum than if we asked the average player. An example where the difference might also be skewed is the level of mod support wanted (simply because non-forum players know a lot less about mods). Or features for random gen because the average player will actually play navezgane. My friends and me did their first ~5 runs in Navezgane until we knew all the places. More casual players might never start a random gen world and for them navezgane has much more importance. Servers are not run by TFP (the developer of the game), they are operated mostly by players renting such servers and either playing privately with friends on them or opening them up to anyone who wants to join. When A17 experimental gets released (probably somewhere in summer) you surely will see servers updated to a17 a few hours later, but if you can't bear lots of bugs you should wait a few updates or until it is declared stable. Not sure what you mean by "updated support for multiplayer"?
  13. My post you were answering to already had expanded the topic. Also you expanded the topic with "Those who filter out anything which isn't straight up praise, so that the developers aren't exposed to that sort of heresy?". But you are right, maybe we should stick to the very narrow topic of "Why not here but there?" And one answer could be simply that we also have no right to demand that everything is posted here or posted here first. This is the internet (I assume that everyone reading this knows the internet is supposed to be interlinked a lot instead of copying information to all places). It would be sufficient if Roland or someone else posted a link to the location (and behold that happened already). You also don't need an account at twitter to see the tweet and the pictures. So, the pictures are readily available to everyone able to klick a link, everyone reading the developer blog has been informed (even if it was a few minutes later). What is the rub? The rub might be, you feel left out, you feel you are entitled to get the news first, fresh and on this site. You are the important ones, the inner circle, the elite, you need to be taken to the side and informed (by the owner of the company please!, not some low-level informer) in a low whisper: "You heard it here first". Is there any other explanation not involving entitlement ? (I hope I didn't overdo the sarcastic bits. I know you can take it and are able to hit back likewise)
  14. This blog was never a pure blog. Otherwise the appointed forum-guards, especially Roland, would have to delete everything except developer comments and maybe posts that directly refer to those comments. Surely not what you want, is it? From time to time developers actually post here, but the frequency of their posting or of MMs videos is neither set somewhere nor some customary right we have. You posit yourself as a rebel when you critique that frequency, but by having no right to it you and everyone else is just a petitioner. A petitioner to my knowledge has to ask nicely or shouldn't be surprised at not getting what he wants. Making a ♥♥♥♥storm because you are not getting what you have no right for is more like an extortion attempt. I see no heroic deed in that. If people should succeed by constant nagging to make MM eventually give out another video, this is analoguous to a child you placate because it cries for 20 minutes, not because that child is right. Meanwhile other people are nerved or even cringe at all the nagging posts. I never heard you giving a rational argument why TFP is bound to give out information at a frequency that satisfies you. Did I miss that?
  15. Be happy it isn't facebook. The forum already has a community manager to keep us up-to-date and developers posting highly confidential inside information. Sure, it could be better, but also it could be worse. And to put it bluntly, each time MM posts here many act like dogs in heat, then after digesting the info is not about exactly the feature they wanted but just a new POI or a tree texture they act like pitbull terriers on the hunt. And at the moment he would be blasted with questions about A17 release date and demands for a new video. So why bother?
  16. One disadvantage of floats in 7d2d: On linux the RWG generates similar but not identical worlds to windows, I assume because of rounding in the random generator.
  17. Ok, but traders are already surrounded by walls behind doors you can close, so the premise of the poster I was answering to seems to be something else. Make sure no one is inside the compound, make sure the compound door and the door to the room are closed (so you hear the doors opening) and the trader should be relatively safe to talk to.
  18. I just listed a variety of options to show that PvP-players can do lots of things depending on their circumstances and tastes. There is no reason to imagine they'd be helpless suddenly faced with a dialog that makes them immobile. The idea about walling off was more about a fast small wood block directly around the player to gain seconds to react before a sniper tries to take you out, similar to a wood frame wall to help against dog surprise attacks. There is no "claiming" involved. Also, what would a PvP environment be without "watering holes" to lure out and find other players who otherwise hide in their underground bunkers
  19. What's the difference to accessing the inventar? PVP crowd will surround quest givers with blocks. Or tunnel to the quest giver. Or don't do quests at all, quests are PvE.
  20. Bandit: "Give me all your stuff or I ...BRAINS!... kill you"
  21. Here a picture of the black aka dark biome: Notice the ravens up left and the coal deposit (both should be commonly found in this biome)
  22. You have the unique chance to write your own eulogy now. Hurry, end of month isn't far off and your demise almost guaranteed. - - - Updated - - - They already do that. They call it the modding section.
  23. Has a zombie (or PC) really weight or is walking over a block just a trigger to recalculate structural integrity of that block? Is a recalculation done at all?
  24. Debugging [Di:b^g-ing] 1. Being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer (text on a t-shirt someone showed in the factorio forum)
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