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  1. 26 minutes ago, thomsi said:

    Any idea when VR support will be added. This game is screaming out for it.


    As far as I know after gold (aka after release of version 1.0)


  2. 6 minutes ago, Dodge said:

    If the only issue is being able to bypass the POI to go directly to the loot, there's plenty of ways to avoid that: loot in random locations inside the POI, loot that needs a key or some access code that you find in the POI itself which again the key or code could be in a random location so you HAVE to explore all the POI, cant think about anything else on the top of my head but theres plenty of other solutions.


    Yes, but all of them need further features to be developed which takes time and prevents other features from going into the game. Actually random loot locations and key cards were suggested a few times already independent of being useful for this case. All of them sound like moderately easy to implement but the devil is in the details. And that is only one issue I immediately thought of. The questions at this late stage is will this one special POI really make such a big difference that it warrants the effort? When a somewhat different method that is more in line with the rest of the game is actually being developed and soon in the game.


    6 minutes ago, Dodge said:


    I agree that having end gear right at the beginning kills the fun, that's why it shouldnt be possible but not because of artificial lvl loot gating but because the place where you find that loot is too dangerous and you wouldnt be able to get there.


    Which would be the case as well if that POI had a big bonus to gamestage.


    6 minutes ago, Dodge said:


    So realistically you couldnt get end game gear at lvl 1 but the loot would be there and you could imagine an extremly skilled player still trying his luck and it would be a great experience and maybe with some gear and investing in the right attributes, someone insane at the game could clear that POI and get the loot, but that's only one POI that he would have cleared, let's say he gets an assault rifle, what's good is it going to be if he doesnt have bullets to go with it, and for bullets you need the recipe, the forge, the mining tools, the chemistry station etc.


    Or the ammo loot in this poi plus what you can buy from the trader with the rest of the stuff you loot in there. Which you could invest in the next larger "special" POI to get your M60 and another heap of ammo. Great way for speed runners. Great way to be bored fast for experienced players. Great way for the rest of the game (especially the horde nights) to be just a nuisance to this player. Great way for the player to be bored whenever he sees a normal gun loot crate for a few in-game weeks until the normal crates "updated" to his gun level.


    I don't say there are not advantages to this, but balance can go easily out the window when you give players opportunities to jump over part of the progression.


    6 minutes ago, Dodge said:


    So you would still have to visit and clear all these other POI's to really have interesting loot and being able to make higher level stuff.


    The way i see it, it's challenge Vs grind.


    With the current system you grind levels and then magically get good loot in some random box in an easy to clear POI, instead of taking on a challenging POI and if you are able to make it you get rewarded for it.


    The trader reward for higher tier quests is higher. At least in my MP game I don't see players farm lvl1 POIs extensively and avoid higher tier pois.


    Now minmaxers are a different breed, they will always have problems in games like this and whether they hunt for XP (as of now) or exploit the challenge POIs (as they might do in A20?).


    As I said I'm not against challenge POIs/biomes/areas and I'm happy that features comes to A20/A21. I just think the way TFP implemented it might be the better way for this game, better for their development time, better for their balance and better for their RWG. But naturally this is still an unknown until we actually can play with the finished feature.


    6 minutes ago, Dodge said:



    "balancing it and making it work in the context of this game would amount to more years of development for a questionable gain"


    True, maybe there could be a mix of gamestage and POI based loot.


    Some POI's would have a fixed minimum difficulty and would give a guaranteed loot, like the recipe for the auger in some huge mine filled with high level zombies, keys to find and loot in random location, dungeon type stuff. Demon zombies and lava? :D


    We all can dream about the 7D2D year 2040 edition 😁. I suspect there will never be "guaranteed" loot. I'm fine with a chance at better loot for more risk. I liked the concept of the wasteland central city of old and I think something similar will surface again in 7D2D.


  3. 22 hours ago, cistehovado said:


    mostly thanks to Beelzybub 


    Issue was dedicated server was downloaded through SteamCMD and executed via batch file. Together with Beelzy, I tried to create server through client on another machine and it worked. So network outside was ok. I tried several extreme things including changing router. Then I was thinking what was different between my server and my gaming pc. - A steam client.

    So I created new account on Steam, installed it on Server, downloaded the 7DtD dedicated server via Steam client, started it - and it finally worked!

    I tried to disable client - Server was unreachable again.


    So solution was to install Steam client and keep it running then the server works.


    I also pasted complete log as you requested, at Thursday at 09:31 PM (edited), the rest of logs were no different.


    I see that post and it is empty. I thought you had edited the post and somehow erased the log. But I see now that it was one of the Tester who did it, probably because you simply posted the whole log in this thread instead of using pastebin.


    The forum is not able to handle giant logfiles. That is why I said to use pastebin, This is also explained in one of the pinned threads in this forum section that tells you to read it before you post anything


  4. If you are right and this is in issue you want TFP to work on then you need to read the pinned threads in this forum section and follow the advice in there, specifically the one about posting of your logfiles (of server and client). Without that TFP is looking at the photo of a black box hundreds or thousands of miles away and you expect them to determine the cause.



  5. 50 minutes ago, Dodge said:

    Loot progression is very uninteresting, basically boils down to grinding levels = better loot.


    The same crates in different POI's will give the same loot just because "your level is not high enough"


    So there's no point in clearing a really dangerous POI filled with zombies when another much easier POI will have the same crates and same loot.


    The new A20 will change that a little with multiplier but not really.


    It would be really nice if the loot was tied to POI's and not level, you find a highly secured military base, filled with highest level zombies, special infecteds, maze like underground structure with access key cards to collect, you know the loot will be amazing because it's an advanced military base, you could try to clear it even at lvl 1 but it would be impossible, so the loot is organically gated by how hard the POI is and not determined artificially by your level.


    Current system works and is ok just kinda boring.


    The difficulty of a POI in 7D2D can always be circumvented by going through some walls, adding some ladders, and exploiting zombie AI . Once you made the loot inside too compelling to miss, people will just use these techniques to get the good stuff and consequently feel underwhelmed the rest of the game and complain about the game being too easy.


    Your idea works and is ok just kinda boring afterwards 😉  It does not take into account that the game is played again and again while carefully designed dungeons that have breakable walls have weaknesses that can be exploited with knowledge. First time through it works, on repeated playthroughs it fails to work.

    Sure, there are methods to combat that, use unbreakable walls for example. But that makes the game artificially violate its principles of having a fully changeable world and such a poi could be used by players as basis for indestructible horde bases.


    The simple fact is that the game has an equipment scale where your fun is hurt if you get better stuff too early. You may want to have a tactical assault rifle on day 1 but it is not good for your enjoyment of the game if you actually have it. Another fact is that the game is based on a gamestage concept as opposed to fixed difficulty levels and having different POIs adhere to one or the other in the same game opens up a can of balancing worms.


    Now the dependence of this game on gamestage is not the holy grail. It is a solution with many advantages AND disadvantages. But the same can be said about your idea and implementing it now, balancing it and making it work in the context of this game would amount to more years of development for a questionable gain.




  6. 1 hour ago, hotpoon said:

    Oh c'mon, It took like 30 seconds, and was fun. :)


    Lets say it is a mixed feeling. Like eating cake is surely fun but eating too much of overly sweet cake makes you wish you didn't succumb to your cravings. I was happy it was gone also because I valued looting in POIs (the exploring/adventuring part of the game) and this felt just like being Pavlov's Dog and TFP continually ringing a bell that instead should have been ringing when I see a POI in the distance.


    I would even liken that mini-game (and after horde nights it was a complete mini-game) to cookie clicker games in some ways. There are people who actually want lots of brainless activity in a loop in their games and can even play it to the exclusion of everything else. I like games to provide challenges and decisions and not dull my senses with loot I get by clicking on hundreds of icons lying around. There are enough repetitive "farming" activities in the game, I don't need another one so basic that it sometimes felt like cheap manipulation


    When playing "The Outer Worlds" I get a similar feeling, there is so much loot thrown about piecemeal that I got frustrated. Fun game, but pulled down by this mis-feature.


    1 hour ago, hotpoon said:

    I've since found a mod that removes the yellow bags that the zombies poop out, and instead makes them all lootable, with specific loot (like bandages on the nurses etc), just like how it used to be...and honestly I think it increased the fun factor in the game by 75%. 


    Good for you. This game is moddable to provide people with the ability to tune it to their play style. I play the usual overhauls of 7D2D and some of them have turned zombie loot up, some only moderately, some even full to A16 standards. So I can compare as well and thank you, but no thank you, some of those overly sweet cakes are too much for me.



  7. 4 hours ago, jeromeN7 said:

    Perhaps there could be an argument that shotgun messiah was shipping out antique blunderbusses, but no way that's the only thing they were distributing to gun stores. I don't see how it makes any more sense for them to be shipping out makeshift pipe weapons... At least in many RPG's the loot you find in crates and other locations actually makes plenty of sense while also being balanced.


    The shipping crates, yes. Some TFP dev made them probably without much thought whether they would really make sense when random lot is put into them. There is no reality in which these crates where shipped out to almost all of the houses and stood there unopened. Whatever you try to rationalize, they don't make much sense.


    So no, these boxes are not sealed containers fresh from shotgun messiah. If you need a rationalization, think of them as used boxes locked with duct tape.


    4 hours ago, jeromeN7 said:

    I think the loot in Alpah 17 and 18 was a little bit too good, but in 19 it doesn't even make sense.


    "little bit" is an understatement from my point of view.

    10 hours ago, Matt115 said:


    Geez i hate this : "just do it". honestly if everything can be added by using mods TFP can just change status of 7dtd into gold. Bandits? are in mods. Water? can be change in mods . EVERYTHING CAN BE ADD in mods. Geez and honestly i think maybe only 10% of 7dtd community know how to make mods and maybe only 0,001%  of PC player can do mods, 

    Well in some RPG you can sometimes rly good items early and you can do crazy things in this games-  in dark souls , pokemons or even bordlelands-  Like in bordelands you can kill a WARRIOR using specific type of shotgun rly fast - so you can drop this shotgun on 20 lvl and it will this boss faster that 30 lvl boss in fallout new vegas first bolt action rifle can be op in specifc build. In dead island and dying light you can find guns rly fast. So i think things should be connected with POI - Military guns in military base, shotguns smg, pistol- police station or  gun shops , doublebarell shotgun and hunting rifle - hunting cabins ,shops some houses. junk guns - devasted survivors camps


    Your logic would be better if you had actually listed real RPGs.

  8. 3 hours ago, Renathras said:

    Yeah, I'm a really visual person.  I've long held that I can play old games and games with bad graphics as long as they are consistent in what they're trying to portray (and have good gameplay and story).  So when I see the steel knuckles, I think "This thing can harvest animals because of the knives on the knuckles".  Then when I see the stone spear, I'm like "This thing should harvest animals really really well" because (for anyone who knows about skinning or preparing animal meats) spears like the stone spear tip were used by ancient civilizations for exactly this purpose.  Longish, flat, and jagged edged blades.  It's also why the stone axe makes sense in this purpose.  You could do it with a fireman axe, but it would be more difficult since the weight is off and the hand motion you're going for are relatively short, quick, straight rubbing strokes, whereas a fireman axe is weighted for breaking through walls and doors and such to get at trapped people to save them.

    I'm not sure "balance trumps reason" is always a good policy, though.  Not to mention nothing is perfectly balanced anyway.  :)  I mean, we could argue that the HUNTING KNIFE should be the best animal harvesting weapon in the game, meaning even players using machetes would need to carry a hunting knife on their person for maximum efficiency when hunting.  Indeed, the machete's shape and weight would actually make it a poor skinning tool because the length.  With the spear, you could hold it just below the head and make your strokes, while with the machete, you're doing so with a much shorter lever arm and a much longer cutting edge, which would make it less useful for that, I'd think.  Not to mention, as a person that likes the hunting knife's attack animation better (for some reason, it's WAY easier for me to get headshots with, even though it's a narrow collision box, because it's straight down the middle of my screen unlike the machete), I honestly wouldn't mind this all that much...

    Same with axes.  When my eyes see that steel axe, I would THINK that would be the most damaging weapon in the game.  Think about getting hit with any of the game's weapons and the only one that comes close to the raw damage the steel axe would do would be the steel sledgehammer.  The steel axe has the steel sledgehammer's weight (or close to it), with not one but THREE cutting edges at slightly different insets added to it.  This should cause TREMENDOUS physical damage to anything it hits, first from the blunt force of weight, which would be similar to the steel sledgehammer's, but then from the slash, since no amount of zombie flesh is going to stop that much momentum with a bladed edge until it cuts its way out the other side of whatever limb or area it hits.  And considering that war axes were a more commonly used weapon than warhammers, complete with warriors training in their use specifically for combat, I think that's all the reason we need to see it deserves its own skill line.  :) Hammers and wrenches less so, they just make good makeshift clubs.  Though I think I'd rather get dinged in the head with a baseball bat than a pipe wrench, personally...

    I do wish we had more Swiss army knives.  Swiss army knives are fun in games, but developers avoid them like the plague.  Trading versatility for a bit of power. 

    And yeah, "group friendly" skill as in "things you can do for the group".  Every now and then I'll play a world with up to 4 friends (VERY rarely 5), and we tend to run into the problem that one or two people in the group feel kind of worthless to the group if we each choose a single skill line to go down.  And the person that picks Intellect is the most valuable to the group, but tends to feel like they have no good combat capability because batons and turrets aren't really like most of the other weapon systems in the game.

    But, as I said, I'm not sure the solution other than maybe moving medicine to Fortitude and gardening to Agility or something...


    We don't have problems like this in our MP group. Everyone is valuable when he brings home new schematics or books for other players (we usually allot book series to specific players so a player has first pick on "his" books). Or weapons/armor/mods that someone else needs.


    The INT player can be invaluable on horde night if his turrets are used well. But thats beside the point. The game has a diversity in its classes that in my opinion helps replayability. Going into INT feels different than going into agility, whether in SP or in MP.


    3 hours ago, Renathras said:


    Granted, I don't expect any changes (though the spear with harvesting would be a cool one...!), just these are things I've noticed over time playing with the game's visuals don't match up to what my brain expectations of them are.  Or, to put it another way, where the visuals are kind of telling a different story, which kind of misleads the player as to what they should do.  As you say, if the spear was just a pointy stick, it obviously wouldn't be an issue because a simple point isn't a great flesh/meat harvesting shape.

    EDIT:  Don't get me wrong, I still absolutely love this game.  Just little things here and there I'd change.

    Another is the loot system.  I know a lot of people hated the old system, but it's weird to me that so few zombies can be looted, Oblivion/Skyrim style (especially ones that are clearly wearing/carrying usable game items, like the Lumberjack boots and jeans or the Cop pistols).  While some of this can be handwaved as "the ones they were wearing were too torn up/destroyed to be useful", at least for the guns, you'd think there'd be some parts to salvage.  And the big yellow backpack drop is just...weird...vs the old way.  Though I get it's because in Alpha 15 or whenever that change was made the bodies would decompose, causing people to lose loot if they weren't able to quickly gather it all during horde nights.


    The old way was horrible in my opinion: After a horde night looting all the bags took ages.

    And a lot of players farmed zombies for that loot (they turned on lots of camp fires and forges to get screamers). Especially the latter was the reason the zombie loots bags got removed AFAIK.  

    That people would lose loot was never a reason. On the contrary, the decomposition was short to lure reckless players to jump down and try to loot during the horde night. 😉



    3 hours ago, Renathras said:


    I'm also really excited to see the power restoration mission.  The idea of objective based missions that would be a realistic thing someone would be doing in a zombie apocalypse sounds neat to me.  Something other than "kill all zombies" or "get this random package we stashed in this random place".  Makes me excited on what the future of missions might be...



  9. 6 hours ago, RBN said:

    I am inclined to think is vulkan too. the native version have more fps selecting vulkan render. Unfortunately sometimes i get texture errors (pink sky or ground) and random crashes using it.


    Don't you have wrong textures and crashes with a19?

    I used to run it that way in a18 but with a19 is very inconsistent. Sometime seems to going well and crash without apparent reaseon and others times load with the sky or the ground pink or all the screen black and only the UI element render


    I have no wrong textures and also no crashes. I assume it is because I have an RX580. That GPU series is just the right age. Not too young to still have bugs in the GPU drivers and not too old for this game.


  10. 9 minutes ago, theFlu said:

    Excellent, not only because you seem to have landed on the same page I were, but because your testing sounds pretty comprehensive. For instance I haven't tried shooting "past" blocks, just at selected spots on a solid wall - basically the same test, but aiming past it could've had an unexpected effect.


    And yeah, the pointer/aim is pretty dead center most of the time when testing - it moves a lot more when the player is moving. The crosshairs should reflect that by closing in if that's the case, but I'm just guessing that they haven't honed the system to that level yet. As in, haven't decided how random the aim should be etc.


    Could be worth a bug report, I'd assume it's a known issue though; you can't really not see it if you're testing it at all, should come up in dev testing already.


    Ah right, in the know issues I found this: "Laser sight dot doesn't move properly". The error message is slightly misleading as the targetting is broken even without laser sight but I assume a dev will instantly see the connection with general targetting while looking at the code.


  11. 7 hours ago, cistehovado said:

    I did a last try:

    - removed every 3rd party software in windows 10 (completely clean)

    - disabled all windows protection (antivirus and firewall, application check etc)

    - downloaded dedicated server from the scratch, (did not change anything in config - leaving default build)

    - connected the machine directly to internet (bypassing router), machine got internet IP

    - I tested the connectivity (using browser and ping)

    - started the dedicated server, last 5 logs lines here:

    2021-09-24T23:03:13 34.532 INF [Steamworks.NET] GameServer.Init successful
    2021-09-24T23:03:13 34.534 INF [Steamworks.NET] Making server public
    2021-09-24T23:03:40 61.245 INF [DECO] written 77258, in 11ms
    2021-09-24T23:03:40 61.247 INF [DECO] write thread 2ms
    2021-09-24T23:03:43 64.556 ERR [Steamworks.NET] GameServer.LogOn timed out


    And server is still unreachable (Waiting for steam authentication)

    I don't know really what to do more, this is like madness.


    Server specs:

    Asrock Deskmini H470, Intel i7 11700, 16GB DDR4 SO-DIM (kingston), nvme hdd Blue WD 240GB



    The message about steam authentication seems to point more into the direction of steam not being able to connect, i.e. it may not be about port 26900 but ports 26901-26905.


    But you still didn't post a complete log (actually a log from server and client would be needed in such a case), foiling the best chance for someone here to get the right idea and largely wasting our time searching half-blind in the darkness. I'm out.




  12. 11 minutes ago, friendlyx3 said:

    I just feel like the native version should always perform better when you have the recommended hardware. This is not unlike most games I've looked at on Proton. It seems like the wine version always runs better and yeah it probably is vulkan.

    I appreciate your input though, I'm gonna go ahead and install 7dtd on my mint cinnamon and have it ready for update so I can test a little when alpha 20 releases. I do use a Nvidia Gpu, and a Razer mouse(no Hotkey software) so I'm still convinced on just using native windows for gaming for now 😕


    Did you test the native version with vulkan as well? I don't know the state of Nvidias vulkan support, but I play with vulkan on Linux with an AMD card and while I can't say anything about the relative performance I can say that vulkan can be used natively too, you don't necessarily need wine for that.


  13. On 9/8/2021 at 2:17 PM, theFlu said:

    Go ahead and file that bug report then. :) It's a little while ago, but I did tests with it early on.. set up a 2x2 wall, aimed at the cross between them, and destroyed one of the blocks based on the dot. Didn't hit the three other blocks once. I think it also worked with the crossbow, the bolts that remain landed exactly on the dot.


    EDIT add: A good use for the dot is to land sneak attacks.. it shows the distance to target with its size, so you can be relatively sure you're not aiming at a door frame or some such nonsense .. :)


    @theFlu I tested the crosshairs with and without laser dot right now.


    I used an AK47 without laser sight and shot >150 bullets at a wood block. I made it so the center of the crosshair was NOT on the block, but a large part of the crosshair area was on the block. I.e. if the target area was random inside the crosshair it should have hit the block at least about 1/3rd of the time. Actual result: I hit the block just once in over 150 tries and that might have been a mistake because of moving the mouse slighty.


    Three possible explanations:

    1) The crosshair randomizing does not work on inanimate blocks, just on zombies

    2) The crosshair randomizing does not work at all

    3)  randomizing works with a steep probability curve from the center outward so that you still hit a small center circle in 99% of cases.


    The next test could invalidate explanation 2. I tried zombies from the zombie spawner, (note to others who want to test that, '*' on the numblock turns off zombie AI). I filled an area with Arlenes in a distance of ~20-25 blocks and tried to shoot at the arlenes in a straight line through that mass. The crosshair was big enough so that less than one third of the crosshair area was filled with the arlene.   


    And I actually got a miss from time to time, but that was about 1 in 10. In fact I could shoot a perfect line through that mass of zombies when I expected to kill a lot of bystander zombies if the shots were really random inside the whole crosshair area


    Next I used the Ak with laser sight at a much smaller distance (because, as we all know, laser sight at long distance doesn't work) and I saw what you meant. The laser dot moved around but stayed largely in the center area most of the time and almost never reached the edges. It seemed consistent with what I saw in the previous experiment to make the small center area much more probable to be hit. 


    So I think you are right, accuracy is simulated with a swaying pointer, but that it is somewhat shy of using the whole crosshair area and largely stays in the center. Except for headshots you can practically ignore the miss chance even at a distance and even headshots will hit most of the time except at really long range. With or without laser sight.


    Next I redid the experiment with laser sight on the inanimate wood block and actually had a hard time seeing the laser dot at all when pointing slightly away from the block. The experiment was difficult because hitting the button when the dot moved onto the block is difficult when the dot is scarcely ever on the block and then very fast away again.


    So explanation 1 above is very probably wrong as well. There is some randomness due to the simulated sway but the dot is so seldom outside the "inner circle" that accuracy can be ignored. Actually I feel that worthy of a bug report.





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  14. 7 hours ago, Renathras said:

    I like spears, but I'd like them more if I could do knife things with them.  The machete and steel knuckles let me save an inventory slot as they double as animal harvesting tools.  Oddly, neither spears nor axes do this, even though both have blades and spears should arguably make a better harvesting tool for game than anything other than the hunting knife itself.  It's still odd to me that they don't (I don't think...?) work that way.


    They are less efficient than a knife, but they do work. The only thing surprising is that the spear is practically on the same level as the club and worse than the axe, but if you assume that the spear isn't like it is depicted but just like a cone with a sharp tip then it might make more sense. Someone might make a bug report and say the spear should be better than the club at this. But the answer could very well be that for balancing reasons it works this way and balance trumps realism.


    7 hours ago, Renathras said:

    Then again, I also liked when I could use the fireman axe and the pipe wrench as a weapon, ala Half-Life.  Anyone who's ever held a pipe wrench knows taking a blow from one of those to the head would not be a fun day.  It's odd to me that those are considered harvesting tools and not weapons with their own weapon skill lines.  Though I guess they're scattered across the harvesting lines.  Especially the steal axe, as that thing looks like some kind of Viking battleaxe of myth.


    Again balance I would suspect. The axes would simply be overpowered if they doubled as an efficient weapon. So they still are quite good weapons but never reach the level of a perked "weapon" weapon. They also are not full harvesting tools, I just tested it and they are somewhere inbetween spears and knifes in terms of animal harvest. At least the stone axe has to be relatively good at harvesting because it is the @%$#ty "swiss army knife" of the lvl1 character.


    7 hours ago, Renathras said:

    I am curious if there's ever going to be a pass of skills.  Right now, Intellect has the bulk of the skills, meaning if you're playing a game with friends and trying to focus, whoever has Int has to spread their skills across medicine, workbench stuff, and vehicle stuff.  Meanwhile, cooking is under Strength and gardening under Fortitude.  Perception and Agility seem to have no "group friendly" skills like that.  I'm not sure what the solution is, but I feel like unloading some of Intellect's craftlines onto other skills would be nice.  Granted, solo players would hate this because it means they can't just go all-in on Intellect to triple-dip.  But...solo players are also eventually going to get all skills anyway, and it seems like there should be SOME solution that makes things better for everyone...


    Ah, you mean "group friendly" skill spread, at first I was confused about this paragraph. The solution is to accept that the INT player is the best support class of multiplayer games whereas all except agility have at least one group support skill. Even perception: Animal tracker is a support skill unless he uses all that meat for grilled meat instead of giving it to the cook. Salvage is a support skill since the wrenched materials are needed by the whole group. The only non-support class is agility.


    I don't see anything wrong with this setup. Especially since even single players can get by with specializing in any attribute (not only INT) and putting a few single points in perks of other trees. You don't need the vehicle perk at 5 to thrive in 7D2D, almost anything can be got just by looting and buying.


    7 hours ago, Renathras said:

    Anyway, those are just my two cents.  Reading all of this has me excited for A20 when it hits!  I especially like that me and my two friends will all be able to cram into a 4x4 now.  If only we could slap an M60 on it and make it into a makeshift Warthog.......  ;) Even better if we could stick a seat on either side of the Gyro for 3 person flying fun.


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  15. 6 minutes ago, Matt115 said:

    Well not only this - jokes , some activities even "posters" or slogans. I will tell how sometimes law is stupid- in my country few years ago you coudn't cut down tree on your ground without permission. Logical. 

    But if thiefs cutted this tree - you must pay a fee. why? because cutting tree need permission. I know this sound stupid  but it was true.

    So strange things can happens.


    I never heard of this, but it might be easy to explain: If a land owner wanted a tree cut on their ground they just cut the tree and told everyone it was a thief. So that that excuse doesn't work anymore the government probably made it law that the land owner has to prove it really was a thief, otherwise he has to pay. That is just pragmatic if most trees are really cut by land owners than thiefs





  16. 2 hours ago, Matt115 said:

    Even hm "almost naked body " can be banned : dead or alive , hunting grounds,  mgs V (Quiet ) and more games. And in some game devs are forced to change clothes of characters for example .


    We know nudity can lead to bans or changes. There is nothing strange or random about this.


    But there is no nudity in this POI, the POI is not naked, the zombies are not naked.


    2 hours ago, Matt115 said:

    Banning world of concept it just stupid idea becauce well this is sometimes need to use - you know if governament want to get support they will for example fight with weed. But first people need to know what weed is.

    But my point is :

    I doesn't write stip club is wrong. I wrote this could be banned is some countries. And zombie teens are controversial too and could be banned in some contries but still they add stip but not zombie teens. 

    In some older games devs was forced to even cut "dirty" jokes. So law works strange. it doesn't even need to nudity. Even sex doll can be reason why game can be banned ( one of mw games because there is a sex doll)


    A sex doll has a strong likeness to a nude person. Still much more than a sign on a house.




  17. 28 minutes ago, Matt115 said:

    hah i think about endgame activities as "things to do  unlocked after : killed a boss, unlocked zone, finded unique item etc". Collect books you can do in every moment in theory and this is not locked by something- in terraria to you need to kill wall of flesh to unlock hardmode- after that you have new enemies, bosses weapons etc. Ofc 7dtd is not fantasy game as terraria but it can be done ( in theory) something similiar- in every map you can find stadium with gigantic zombie boss- you need to have good weapons a lot of ammo etc. after you kill this boss few thing are going to happen - spawning of new zombie types, sprawning of soldiers ( better version of bandits), you get a chance to find legendary weapon or tool etc


    Well "endgame" is a very hazy concept, everyone has his own definition what that constitutes.


    The (very small) difference to book collection at the start of the game is that you collect books for the advantages they bring. Collecting books to be complete in everything means looking for all the spear books even though you use no spear and have no points in perception. Some people are even addicted completionists, luckily I'm not.




  18. 8 minutes ago, Despair said:

    Concerning the objectification of women. I'll probably tell you a secret, but all women working in strip clubs, escort girls and the rest of the similar industry go there at will. No one can force women to do this (this is prohibited by law) and, accordingly, such locations in games are not something depressing.


    Sorry, but that is naive. Sure there are probably a lot of generally above the board strip clubs and a lot of women doing this just as a job, but there are also a lot of clubs with strong connections to organized crime and with that comes slave trade and forced prostitution. 


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  19. 26 minutes ago, Nimeni said:

    I don t know if it was asked before:

    Did the pathing on z's got reworked/improved?  Now the z's are to smart in a stupid way,  we can tell them were to go ( one way bridge/ditch)  and just shoot at them with an M60, etc...

    (IMHO) This is an important ingredient in the tower defense part of the game. You should be able to goad them through your traps, you should be able to concentrate your fire on them through careful planning of your base.


    The M60 is great, but uses a lot of expensive ammo. At the moment we easily get enough ammo in vanilla to just mow down the zombies on horde night, but think about what you would do if you needed to conserve ammo.


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  20. 9 minutes ago, Gamida said:

    I can't explain it but I found the look of wet blocks very pleasing. I would almost sit there and watch them dry. The blocks drying randomly calmed me down. Yes I am weird that way lol.


    It never calmed me but it was actually fun hunting for the dried spots to upgrade them further (once in a while)

  21. 18 hours ago, Matt115 said:

    this change of "rules" - like coh3   total war,dow2 retribution  etc. Just more advanced change of difficulty 

    But this is not endgame - terraria have rly good endgame, some ff. 

    For me 7dtd went from horror into  RUST or ARK


    Always trying to change the topic. But I will not bite 😉


    I usually have three endgame activities: Branch out into far away towns, collect all the books and build stuff that may or may not be usefull but has some interesting property. For exampke a long time ago I built a ramp to find out the max height for jumping with a minibike without getting damage (or getting killed? Can't remember).

  22. 5 hours ago, POCKET951 said:

    whats wrong with the block upgrade changes?


    It got easier to upgrade  them, and they are overall sturdier. The only downside is you get 816 EXp going from wood to steel as opposed to 1056. 
    the block upgrades give exactly as much exp as they did before, but the concrete>reinforced concrete step is gone, as well as the EXP that came with it


    I don't think many here think about the XP, at all.


    A few reasons I can think of:

    1) Simplifying the block upgrade makes the game less complex and complexity is good in some cases. For example you have a lot more choices to save building materials in exchange for less sturdiness. Someone could say "This wall can be just concrete. These 5 blocks should be reinforced though".

    2) Removing the drying phase removes a tactical element that can come into play sometimes shortly before a horde night: Do I upgrade these blocks now and risk them not being dry when it counts?

    3) There might be the fear that the textures could vanish with the blocks that have it, at least for building.

    4) Immersion. The drying phase, reinforcing concrete with rebars, it looks like things you do in real life



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