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  1. 24 minutes ago, seagas said:

    I 100% agree with this, I use to use on an SMG, but in most cases, it's not a one shot kill. With the Marksman snd Sniper rifles, most, if not all Zeds, are a one shot kill with a head shot. I use stealth play pretty much all the time, and I can tell you, if there are no close zombies near you or target when you fire the the rifles with the suppressor attached, they will not hear it. As I enter an area, I work near targets first and move out from, there, if there is a cluster near each other, I save that for last as they probably will hear the shot near them.

    According to TFP sounds always emanate from the player not the impact location.


  2. What happens if you try to connect to internal and external address port 443 per browser or curl on the command line? You should be able to use traceroute as well to find out if some connection is not possible and whether it stops at the router or your local server



  3. Most of those warnings and Errors are from unity or dotnet, i.e. libraries used by the game. I can see similar messages on linux. Read your logfiles regularily and you will know what to ignore and what should make you suspicious once you have a problem in the game.


  4. Earlier this year the company I rented my server from switched to new servers. This was the time when driving on fast bikes (for example in mods) went from stuttery performance to almost smooth sailing. As others here have showed it isn't the size of the RAM, neither on server nor (in our case) on the client.


    My theory of it is that:

    1) I know from Fataal that the game operates on an internal clock of 20 updates per second and that it isn't good for the game if it can not provide at least those 20 updates per second.

    2) Obviously it isn't world data that is streamed to the clients (as that is local already) and if everyone is driving it also isn't changes to the world. But it is highly likely that the update cycle is synchronized by the server and that it therefore is not good if the server gets below 20 updates per second

    3) In the logfile of the server there is a regular log entry that has information about memory usage AND a number called FPS which is probably the servers updates per second. On my old server this was just above 20 when nothing serious happened and often went below 20, on blood moon for example. On my new server it was above 30 and never really went below ~28 even on blood moons. 


    Now this is just a theory. But check those lines on your server. If it often dips below 20 FPS, in one way or another your system may not be fast enough as a server.


    I don't remember if the old server had hard disks or SSDs for storage, LW will, in his "polite" way, correct me that that can't be a factor, but that could have been another difference between old and new server. But I'm pretty sure you have everything on SSD on your refurbished system so it can't be a factor in your case anyway, right?




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  5. 9 hours ago, Crater Creator said:


    Well then I'm genuinely confused.  Those spikes are on the ground, at waist height, rather than in the ground.  That means they're in the way for AI pathing purposes, and the zombies would prefer to go around.  This comes up often enough that I made my avatar to help spread awareness about it.  So as soon as one spike breaks, there will be a way in where they only have to go through 7 spikes instead of 8.  And it's my understanding that they will ALL switch to that easier path once created.  Maybe a few do something random just for randomness's sake, but the A* pathfinding algorithm that they're all using recognizes the lower weight path within seconds of it opening up.  In the long run, they should work their way in having only destroyed 8 spikes, plus whatever they destroy incidentally.


    Again, that's how I understand the current AI.  I'm not disputing your results, but they conflict with my understanding.

    Explanation could be that there is no path to him. When you stand on a big block of concrete they probably all go into destroy mode.


  6. 8 hours ago, Jim2029 said:

    I play on PvP servers are its more realistic as in the sense if this was to really happen. In the real world, there would be looting and killing of other people.

    Some PvP server people love to KOS (Kill On Sight). Other server not.... just depends on the player base. If going PvP, get a few people online to play with. That way you have a group once you all meet up on the server.

    We don't really know what would happen. People move closer together against a common enemy (the zombies). There is safety in numbers.


    Movies like the Romero movies transport a message and the story has to serve that message. They don't and can't predict the future.


  7. 3 hours ago, MechanicalLens said:

    Has anybody tried placing a bicycle in their base and used a design to mass kill the vultures that spawn so that the player could then harvest them? 🤔

    Boring. I built a short round race track (partly through a house, partly with turrets and electric wire and partly underground). Didn't test it on horde night yet, but it probably will be "one of those interesting times" your enemies wish you to live in.


  8. 2 minutes ago, xXx said:

    Well you certainly can't hide from bloomoon that's for sure. I remember back in an alpha version in 2013 or 14? I'm unsure I madea treehouse and got a bloodmoon warning. So I put my fire out and crouched on that treehouse. For 10 minutes zombies swarmed everywhere, they were running through the forest where I resided. I didn't dare to even take a breath and I was holding it back. But as they come they gone. They ran under the treehouse into a certain direction, like a real horde would do. That was one of my scariest 7D2D experience ever. I wish there would be an option to hide completely if you stay put in the darkness.

    That was how I experienced my very first night in this game. I was holed up in a wood shack in total darkness and a few zombies were outside. But those were the days of innocence 😉. I'm actually surprised it was in the game once, when I started in A15 I don't think this was possible.


    With the current design of the game I don't really see how it could work and not make the AGI player simply overpowered. He could built a small horde base and basically stealth kill zombies in the hundreds. It might work if smg, magnum and desert vulture were removed to balance it out.





  9. 10 hours ago, Scyris said:

    90 min days, making it out of cobblestone/cement works too for early hordes. only real damage will be the bars.

    Sometimes, but they are more just to delay than anything critical only time they get hit really is if a cop reallllly screws his aim lol. I finish most horde nights with the poles intact, but disabled from their self damage for shocking thing.

    Honestly though vanilla horde nights are kinda a joke you don't need much to win them. The only real threat to bases ever is demolishers, the rest honestly won't do much in a well built base.


    The mod I play has radiated zombies coming at you on the day 7 horde on 90 min days on nomad, and if its not radiated its feral minimum. Day 14  or the 21 horde I had a few demolishers come in the waves. They aren't that hard to handle just don't use turrets and have good aim, or detonate them away from base if u can.


    For the first 2 vanilla hordes I don't even build a base, I just find a poi where its at least cobble stone, and block off 3 of the 4 blocks of the entrance, which has the zombies focus on the one with the empty space, and I just melee the zombies to death while repairing that single block thats seperating me from them. I've never gotten super far in vanilla though, because quite frankly the game bores me by day 7 or 14, there just is not enough to do in the game thats actually intersting. I've experienced high lv vanilla horde nights thru the mod I play, as its day 14 horde is like a day 70-100+ horde in vanilla. Once your established in vanilla there is literally nothing else to keep playing for. Compared to darkness falls, where there is 2 weapon tiers (Titanium and sci-fi) above the normal and a whole titanium tier for blocks and armor etc, Plus the stat system was tossed in the trash where it belongs and he has a class system with each class having special recipes, and they have a mastery too which u can loot, buy off a special trader, or do enough quests to gain 30 trader reputation then he'll offer to sell it to you. Gives endgame goals, something vanilla sorely lacks.


    I'm just getting tired of TFP removing choice from the player, every alpha takes something away and add's nothing back, First was digging zombies, then the vultures and swimming zombies, and in A20 they are going to screw with vehicle offroading (was supposed to be in a19 but was pushed back to A20+), removing yet more choice from the player.


    So you listed multiple zombie abilities added and called it removing choice. You complain about vanilla being too easy and at the same time complain about the easiest cop outs of horde night made difficult or impossible. You could ask DFs KhaineGB sometime if he would have allowed easy horde night evasion in his mod if TFP hadn't closed that hole already.


    You complain about vanilla as if it is vanillas job to keep experienced players occupied indefinitely, while most players by now know that thats the job of mods. Vanilla is the entry level. 

  10. Speaking theoretically as I didn't test if it works at all, but here it goes:


    The stuff starting with '<' are nodes, like '<property ' for example. They are adressed in xpath with "/property/" wheras attributes are adressed with "@category_key".


    You want to do changes to quest, not to the property with the attribute category_key.




    "<set xpath="/quests/quest/property[@category_key='challenge']"


    says to make changes to the property, not the quest, but you don't want that.




    "<set xpath="/quests/quest[/property/@category_key='challenge']" 


    says to make changes to quest, where a property with category_key challenge exists. At least how I understand XPATH.


    So: Test it, my knowledge in xpath is incomplete and rusty and may not even  be correct. Try to do an easy append first to just test if you really got all quests with the right property selected.

    Then in a next step add the "and" condition and see if it still works as expected and you now only got quests with both conditions true.

    Finally try to really change the exact property you wanted to change (You probably have to add the "property" that you removed before the condition to after the condition).


    This may be what Mr.Devolver was trying to say, that you have to develop complex lines step by step.


    PS: When asking questions you might also post the xml you want to change so people don't need to look up the xml.



  11. Not a dev, but AFAIK if no probability is specified it is assumed to be "1.0". And all probabilities are summed up and each item drops depending on its fraction of the sum. I.e. if all probabilites sum up to 15 and your item has prob 1.5, then it would drop in 1/10th of all cases, i.e. with a probability of 10%.


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  12. 2 hours ago, Tantalus11 said:

    In that case, you seem to love living on the risky side. There's so much that can mess up your savegames, from hardware failure, anitvirus tool going havoc, up to a system crash just whille writing in the files, the list is nearly endless. Having a backup (and verify its correct) is the first, second and third rule I did teach my clients whe I was IT-supporter.

    And by the way, i know some other games where backing up saves was highly recommended, KSP for example even made it a matra.




    The backup question is, like any "insurance" a question how often a loss of any sort happens, how serious it is for you and how much it costs you to insure yourself against it. For a typical player and most games the maximum damage is low (unlike the case of a company loosing all its financial files for example). Also the chance of loss is relatively low when you have multiple saves and unlike 20 years ago harddisks seldom fail.

    On the other hand the "insurance cost" is also small, with a backup program, usb-stick and a few minutes of work everyone should be able to automate this.


    7D2D is in EA, which is a big big sign: Don't expect it to work flawlessly.


    Apart from that there is a risk factor players don't know about: The game needs to update its savegame continually as most actions change the world. Hit a block with an axe and it has to be recorded in your savegame. Loot a box and it has to be recorded. So writing to the save game does not happen once every dozen minutes or more, it happens all the time, multiplying the chance for a crash of the game or PC to damage it.


    TFP did not invest much into save game redundancy, a few files have a .bak file that can be restored if the original file is damaged, but that only helps sometimes. Redundancy would likely cost performance and that is a scarce commoditiy. But on the other hand the game has console commands to easily lift a character back to level 61 and get back everything lost in a matter of minutes. A lost base you built for x hours would be a real loss, a reset to level 1 is not.




  13. 13 minutes ago, khzmusik said:

    Honestly, I'd be perfectly happy with "infinite" water that didn't decrease when you e.g. dipped a glass jar in it. As long as it looks at least somewhat realistic.


    Also, I'd be absolutely ecstatic if it were possible to have waterfalls in the game (POI placed would be good, but even better would be random gen waterfalls). That's probably asking too much though.

    I dream of the following scenario:


    The map is split by a mountain range. On one side is a big lake on a higher elevation, you start on the other half. Through some event or quest in mid game a dam breaks and slowly (over say 2 weeks) the half you are in is flooded with water.

    In the 2 weeks you have to find a place on the other side emerging out of the water to build your new base in and transfer your most precious stuff to it. While all the usual stuff like horde nights happens in between and your old base slowly sinks.


  14. 6 hours ago, Boidster said:

    We can always hope, but I think that would be difficult, computationally, unless we want the infinite water trick that Minecraft has. Minecraft only has two water types, source block and flowing block (with a 'direction' tag on the flowing blocks). It doesn't really redistribute the remaining water when you remove a block (from a pond let's say), it just calculates whether there ought to be a flowing block where you took the water or whether it should create a new source block (the infinite water trick). A single source block will power a waterfall forever; it never drains out. And you can't take water from a flowing block (to fill a bucket).


    Trying to calculate 120 glass jars' worth of water out of a lake and then redistributing the water in the entire lake would be...a challenge, even if the entire lake was contained in loaded chunks. If they greatly simplify it by having, say, only 10 possible water levels in a block, the visual of seeing the pond drop down visibly after X jars/buckets have been removed would result in much wailing and gnashing of teeth in these forums.


    I'm no expert so grain of salt and all that, but I think of how computationally expensive it is to calculate SI (i.e. lag you see when a medium or large building is collapsing) and then think about a 4,000 block lake of water and needing to compute new water levels when the player takes a stack of murky water jars from it. Or builds a trench leading out of it in an attempt to drain it into a moat around his base. Maybe they'll find a neat shortcut for all of that which works well.

    All true. But remember how in previous alphas the SI calculations of collapsing buildings brought your FPS down to single digits and nowadays got much much better? My theory is that it was eventually put into its own thread because it is a task that can run perfectly parallel to everything else. The same (imagined?) treatment could help with water:


    Have a low-priority thread running that distributes all water that has an air block below or more than the level of water in the surrounding blocks. If the difference of one block is less than would be needed to increment the surrounding blocks each by the minimum step it simply is removed (it evaporates) and not distributed anymore.


    That way a lake will always level itself out. Drop a few bottles of murky water into it and it will make a small ripple and everything is level again after 3 seconds.

    Drop one block full of water into it and it will make lots of ripples outward until it eventually vanishes and the water level will return to its previous height everywhere. Drop enough water to increase the water level by one step and it will actually increase water level a step (in practice you'll need to be careful about the order of updates to the blocks to achieve this)


    On a powerful server that low-priority thread would have a core for itself. And on small and slow CPUs it would only get the leftover CPU cycles.



  15. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/11268-guide-how-to-download-almost-every-past-steam-version-of-7-days-to-die-from-steam/


    After reading about the method in that thread don't forget to read the last few messages in that thread too. Someone claims that it is no longer possible the way it is described because of changes to steam and you need a special program for it. It still would be nice if someone first tries the old method and posts hard evidence of it working or not. Then maybe also post if and how it works with the special program if there is anything non-trivial about it.


  16. 20 minutes ago, iamnuff said:

    Bit slow to reply to this one, but I find Melee turrets completely inadequate for any purpose. 


    If you build your base to have one entry through a narrow corridor, it could push people back, but it attacks so slowly that you'd probably be better off with multiple layers of ablative iron bars. The melee turret feels really cool to use (and can send other players flying, even with friendly fire off) bu it attacks too slowly, only hits one target at a time and doesn't do meaningful damage. 

    It can't hold off a whole horde, and it can't kill individual zombies. 


    It can knock a zombie down over and over, but unless you're fighting a single really powerful zombie, that's not really very useful compared to the ability to just kill it, which even a fireaxe can do better. 


    I like the idea of a 'shove trap' that throws people into spikes or spinning blades, but this one just doesn't have the range. Both on the attack itself, or on how far it throws enemies. 

    I have used the melee turret with expectional results in horde nights. Just have a narrow ledge that ends on a door (or even a concrete block) to your melee or shooting room and have that guarded by the turret and below a deep pit. with a steep exit path.


    The zombies might get a few hits on the door or blocks (repair them from time to time), but since the access is narrow as well, they can't growd there. And the turret throws off zombies one by one. The low damage of the turret is augmented by the fall damage. Lastly you are there as a further damage provider and the deep pit can also be setup with traps.


    Even worse on a MP server where say 4 people each have a turret (all unperked) standing along that high ledge and most zombies don't even reach the door.


  17. 17 minutes ago, Danidas said:

    Its armor plus all buffs to equal your true rating that is capped at 90% total to ensure that no matter what your going to take at a min 10% of all incoming damage. Which also means that anything beyond that 90% is wasted as it is a hard cap. So in your case most of the perk points that you put into Pain Tolerance are wasted a long with the benefits from the suit and fire helmet. Since your only getting the benefit of tier 2 Pain Tolerance with how much armor rating your getting from your armor. That is with out the suit and fire helmet but with them then you no longer need a single point in Pain Tolerance to hit the cap.



    Just looked into xml and at least the perk paintolerance does not add to armor but to a value called HealthLoss. While Armor adds to a value called PhysicalDamageResist. That fits my theory better than yours.


    Also if you perk into PainTolerance, do you see your total Armor value increase or not? As far as I know it does not. Which also seems to indicate that Paintolerance isn't simply added to armor



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