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  1. 5 hours ago, Solomon said:

    Honestly i want more weapons not just shooters, weapon grade axes, swords, more variants of knifes, maces, hell i would accept an exo-suit too seeing how we can just fabricate these auto-turrets soo easily.


    I generally want a lot of things improved what are all key parts of this game:

    1. Basebuilding what needs much more blocks and trap mechanisms
    2. Weapons because one of the main focus is fighting the dead
    3. Fixing stealth because its stupid that we have perks what are utterly useless on the horde nights
    4. Adding more zombie variants
    5. Ai variation (i believe the mix of the old AI and new AI would be perfect)

    These i all believe are core parts of the game, basebuilding feels great when you have the sandbox expanded for it. Weapons are best when they come in variations (i love the stun baton but why its alone). Perks are best when they all have clear functions what work every time.


    I also would love them to listen more because i still remember how many games like Firefall (RIP) died because the devs thought better than their players. Surely not everything needs to be listened to but their possiblities can be expanded like for example remember how i said i would love to have all these decorative blocks to be craftable/takeable? Why not make it a server option like tick this in and your game now gets a lot of stuff you can craft and another can set in who gets to decide if you can craft these or not.



    Im using a stackmod. It makes this last stage of the game much better.

    The games development cycle is on its last leg. Sure, that last leg will take another 1-2 years but some of the things you listed will probably be delegated to the next version or an expansion because there is only time for bandits, the story and a handful of other stuff that can be done in the sidelines.


    So basebuilding and weapons are nearly finished, there will be pipe weapons and maybe another melee weapon for INT. Fixing stealth for hordenight might be possible, a few boss zombies seem to be in the pipeline and I don't think the AI will change much.


    You want them to listen more. Sure, how about they listen to me 😉.  I want (in that order) legendary weapons, the AI largely unchanged and the event system that was talked about. The community is not speaking with a single voice and there are often opposite voices coming from there. And it doesn't mean you have some majority behind you if a few people in a thread have the same opinion as you, threads tend to collect like-minded people.


    A thing about options. Developers don't like to add options and definitely not early in development. Because they have to support all possible combination of options which can get complicated sometimes. They want to add them as late as possible if at all. Sure it is somewhat late now in alpha but there still are features in development. I'm talking about beta late. So you can wait until the real beta polishing starts and a few options are added or you can play immediately with all deco blocks by using a mod. Just saying, you are fighting an uphill battle.







  2. 26 minutes ago, Solomon said:

    I dont know that specific bug or many bugs, i just talked from a general point of view. We can always say that devs have different priorities and such but every time some modder fixes an issue people are going to think that the devs dont understand their own game or just doesnt prioritize as how they should.


    I mean sure yeah its the devs doing most of the work but when you are loading in mods to finally get the gameplay you want you start to question why the devs have not yet done X and you cannot avoid this issue because what they see and what the devs see are 2 different things.



    Currently im in favor for drastically increasing the sandbox capatibilities of a player and adding in content to the days between horde nights, if that means we gonna lose 20% of the playerbase due to sudden ram/vram usage increase and others then perhaps its time to optimize the game.


    As you said "to get the gameplay YOU want". There is the answer to why they haven't done X if you accept that they want different things than you. That is obviously true with the decor items and your idea of drastically increasing the sandbox capabilities. TFP themselves seem to think they are about right where they are and all the factions (pvp-players, shooter-players, builders, sandbox-players, survivalists) here in the forum try to tug them in their direction. Maybe you should be glad they don't listen to such requests because maybe the shooter fraction is bigger than the sandbox fraction, who knows?


    Don't get me wrong, it is definitely possible that some modder finds a better solution for a particular problem or bug than TFP. This is nothing earth-shattering, developers and modders come from the same pool of people that are interested and sometimes competent in games development. Some of them were even hired by TFP. Gazz for example was initially a 7D2D modder I think, also madmole himself started as modder for bethesda games. But so what, TFP can't go around and sift the mods for solutions to their problems, because they have different problems and ideas and different constraints.


    It is the exception that a mod provides a solution, mods are usually changing a thing TFP wants to a thing TFP does not want. Bigger backpack mods anyone? 😉




  3. In the games install directory where you should see the file "serverconfig.xml" and the dir "7DasyToDieServer_Data", create another directory called "Mods"


    Put any mods inside this directory.


    Start the server. Then read the latest 7DaysToDieServer_Data/output.log... logfile and check that it says it has loaded the mods.


    That is the general method. If frag have changed that (which is unlikely as there is no config option to change that location) in any way they should have told you that when renting the server

  4. 34 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

    Speaking of "cheesy", will the spider zombie's hitbox or attack pattern be adjusted or whatever so that they don't attack a block and have most of their body stuck inside it? :) Perhaps they could simply stand back on all fours and swing at it with one of their arms. Trust me, having to deal with a spider zombie with its head and most of its torso embedded in a solid block is a little annoying, I'm not going to lie.

    Normal zombie against concrete: Claw, claw, claw ...

    Spider zombie against concrete: Claw, claw, bite, claw ....


  5. 48 minutes ago, Vedui said:

    I might be the odd man out, but I actually like the slower progression. I do think it needs some further updates to make it feel smoother.


    1) More weapon parts. I end up day 7, and the only weapon I have I bought from trader. I can make a Q2 shotgun, Q2 stun baton, but I have no parts for either.

    2) More steel. Right now a lot of crafted weapons/armor require steel, which is locked behind very rare finds (and rare wrenching specific items). Crucible is way further down the line. So by the time I find weapon/armor parts, I got the perks, but I don't have steel.


    Doing 1+2 would help allow for a smoother progression, so while you might not find weapons or better armour around, you can start crafting it so YOU're the one behind the progression, as opposed to as what I do now, just run trader quests, get money, and buy the damned weapons from trader joel ;)

    One of the materials I see very frequently at the trader is steel. You probably can't get enough to craft everything you want but anything you prioritize


  6. 12 hours ago, SenpaiThatIngnoresYou said:

    Honest answer: drugs and candy. I see a lot of youtubers ignore the health bar. HA! scrubs that deserve their painful debuff death! the health bar is the spinach of the game! did a dubuff lower your health? Not only does the health bar cut the healing time in half, it also gives a buff to the health and speeds up the healing. combine that with fortibites, painkillers, and beer and you are good to go in a bad situation. The moment you have those debuffs hitting you is the moment you need to pop all those items. It's why i take the 4x4 to the big pois, i have it kitted out with those items for when i get walloped like that. Three health bars turn a 30 minute broken leg into a 15 minute broken leg. That feature alone NOT something to ignore. 

    You sure about those numbers?

  7. 1 hour ago, kebab39 said:

     Well, it seems, it is already happening, heh. At this point 7 days needs any kind of competition to stimulate it for change. As long there is no other voxel zombie game available, devs will pretty much do whatever and call it a day.


    Great. More choice is always good.


    Like any other new game the first steps are the easiest. With all the assets available from asset stores of a graphics engine you can make a 0.1 relatively fast. But the more the game grows the development time for new features grows and grows.


    Lets see where this project is in 2 years. And whether you still agree with the features the developers of that game decide to implement. Wana make a bet that this won't be a real competitor in 2 years? Maybe in 4 years there is a small chance if it still exists.


    By the way, is that a voxel game as well, with voxel ground?


  8. 54 minutes ago, Solomon said:


    I know that, i just wanted to point out just how stupid this argument can be. Also lets not act like modders are a group of people working together to create more content, they are most of the time 1 person creating stuff in their free time, someone fixing a year old bug because he was bored casts a bad shadow on the devs whose actual job is to deal with the said bug.


    If TFP releases a new zombie type and later deletes it because it uses too much memory then a modder comes re-enables that zombie and fixes the memory leaks in it that means the developer was not competent enough to fix a problem.


    Looking up the 7DtD nexus i see tons of mods doing absolutely nothing except enabling you to pick up/create vanilla decor blocks and such what are not craftable by the player, in my eyes this is an oversight what could have been fixed since ages but the devs just dont care about it (for whatever reason).



    Ignorance is bliss. If you don't see the 300 other bugs in the game which might be more important to TFP than this one then yes, it cast a bad light on the devs. The developers have different priorities than any one player has.


    And TFP has more constraints than a modder. As RipClaw said, turning on features that have the potential to wreck FPS is okay for a modder, it can not be ok for TFP.  Decor blocks are not an oversight, it was specifically explained by madmole that they did not add deco blocks for various reasons and that they think it is enough that you can get them via creative menue. Ergo it isn't a bug or oversight that needs fixing, it is a deliberate decision that you just don't agree with.


    I have played mods where zombies were re-enabled. It was evident that the zombies had problems, for example the behemoths that were so big that they couldn't path well and either got stuck or even phased into closed spaces like your melee cache. But I didn't care and appreciate the effort of the modders. But I could clearly see that the behemoth was not fit for vanilla.


  9. The bigger problem with weapons ATM is that weapon crafting has a big WTF: You might have the parts to craft a quality 3 gun but since you perked the weapon higher you can only craft a quality 5 gun. The second lesser problem is that since you perk into your main weapon faster than you progress up the tiers means that once you got the tier3 schematic in a balanced game you will only ever craft quality 5. Because at that time you are almost guaranteed to have 4 points in the weapon.


    This can be solved in a lot of different ways:


    1) The user can set the quality to be crafted in the UI


    2) The game crafts only the quality determined by the lower of perk and materials in the inventory.



    3) The player finds weapon schematics a bit more frequently and the quality to craft is determined by the number of schematics learned for that weapon. So the player can choose quality by collecting schematics instead of reading them immediately.


    4) The workbench has tools slots like the forge. But you put a stackable item (for example repair kits, weapon parts, ... ) into it and the number represents the quality.


    I like solution 3 as it balances crafting better than just a single schematic (even though weapon parts fulfill the same function already).




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  10. 1 hour ago, kebab39 said:

    They also treat us like @%$*#! when we are seeking new things to implement, so wouldn't be surprised the moment new voxel game comes up, all modders run there (I sure would help to program/ 3d model if competent competition arised):


    An even better idea: All modders should just program the next new voxel game themselves. After all they are the only competent staff around here, right? 😆

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  11. 1 hour ago, Solomon said:

    You two missed a line in my main post:


    Essentially the game checks all of your inventories and storage spaces to generate the gamestage so you cant just strip yourself to get easy to kill zombies.


    The moment you actually own proper equipment the game scales that because why would you not use it?


    The only way to abuse this system would be to throw out all your weapons and armors what you have anywhere before looting a poi and knowing people not many would will to test if their T6 ak will stay there while they beat up the undead for brass also this abuse would mean that you are always permanently hoard all your weapons, ammo and armor on yourself.

    But you could stuff your equipment into the cupboard of a poi you have looted. So the game would need to go through every container in the world to do that? Probably easier would be to keep a list of the best stuff the player ever found, got, bought or crafted.



  12. 33 minutes ago, Solomon said:

    Really? Then explain please just what content did the removal of learn by action, mass nerf of stealth and our loot rebalance added?


    All they did was to show how empty the game is, how you dont have much to do. What i suggested would go a long way to make people feel like theres soo much to do kind of like how minecraft has tons of "decoration" mods what are getting downloaded en masse so people can make more and bigger creations.


    They could have forgot all these "balance" patches and instead concentrated on adding actual content ingame and people maybe wouldnt grumble here about how an AK on day 5 means game over because they would actually need it.

    And the mods show what TFP should have done.


    You know how embrassing is to use mods as an argument point is towards developers? A guy who has a regular 8 hour job for 5 days a week comes home and in his 3 hour free time he manages to overperform an entire development team by releasing bugfixes, stability patches and more content than what they ever could.


    When a mod community churns out content faster than the devs it usually means that the devs are either finished with that game mostly or just not competent enough to fight against some couch programmer.




    You mean like some mods already had or have bandits in the game?


    Those bandits were created by TFP and turned off because their AI wasn't good enough for TFPs quality standards. Modders turned them on again.


    You mean like many mods added a lot more plants and foods?


    All the plants internal code was done by TFP, they even added a simple XML interface to the code below so everyone could add their own plants and food recipes. This is as if some company builds a house and someone later paints it in a new color and say "Look, I built a new house in a tenth of the time of that company.


    7D2D has 10 to 50 times as many modders as TFP has developers. If there were a race to churn out contents, modders would easily win.



  13. 5 hours ago, caatalyst said:


    It should be perfectly fine for a player to find a gun on day one, even a top tier gun if they take the risk and loot an end game poi successfully regardless of game stage or player level. A way to tackle these weapons being too OP could be handled by quality and ammo types.


    Currently there is no way to have an end game POI in the game and therefore there is no risk. A shamways factory loot room can be as easily plundered as a tier2 loot room. A20 should have that.


  14. 4 hours ago, Solomon said:

    Wouldnt this just result in players going into the wasteland by default so they can skip all the loot stages fast and then move out of the place as soon as they have what they want to settle down in a forest next to a town+trader+lake type of area?



    To me this sounds like one of those games where everyone and their mothers on the forums tell players to play only on the hardest settings because everything else is just not worth the time.

    Possibly. Or they succumb to the lure of better loot because now they feel invincible with a gun.


    I described the basic version above. One improvement they could think of would be to have different bonuses for zombie gamestage and loot gamestage. So the loot might be slightly better but the zombies far better. Also there are already lots of mines, bears and dog hordes in the wasteland, it won't be as easy as it sounds at first



  15. 6 hours ago, Mr.tektite said:

    my point still stands for early game guns. first few days disable guns outright if need be. or have extremely low level ones and re balance damage or ammo drops. regardless. doesn't matter. 

    The latter part is exactly what is in the game, an extremely low level gun (blunderbuss) is available. In A20 there will be similar pipe weapons for the other attributes too


    6 hours ago, Mr.tektite said:

    helmet lights take time to get. it requires getting the mod and that isent always available before the 7th day when its most important to see. and i don't feel like bleeching my eyes during the day to see at night and need to change my stuff every little bit just to satisfy bad design choices. 

    I can only say I have no problems on horde night seeing the zombies and I don't see other forum users complaining about it. The only initial complaints in A19 were the other way round, about nights being too bright. That was randomized in a later patch in A19 so you now have darker and brighter nights.


    6 hours ago, Mr.tektite said:

    its hard not to get hit in multiple succession (twice) when my enemies are wolves dogs and spider zombies within 2 minutes of eachother.  Idk if my spawns were just wacked were i was on that occasion. doesnt change the fact that 2 hits and i have several hours to think about me getting hit and have to worry about it. the medical rework doesn't feel right to me from my gameplay exp so far. 

    I was using coffee for digging the trenches. still doesnt change the fact that its a pain to do and when playing single player is agonizingly long to do and forces me to deplete my early on food. I don't care if it changes later and i get all the best stuff. early on it makes the game not fun. I like having a home thats defendable to come back to before I start large looting runs. but if its going to take the entire week of the ingame time (with 2 hours real life time per ingame day) its boring. I don't care if you specifically disagree or agree with my point or not. if i feel like this. I know atleast some others feel like this. I know others will turn away because getting to the fun part of the game (cool weaponry and fighting off waves of zombies with somthing else other then a pointy stick or a tree branch) will also get turned off by this.

    I always use a POI as a first base and adapt it to my wishes, because that usually takes only breaking a few blocks. I also like the always different layout that generates. Main advantage is that I don't need to get resources like mad in the first days. If I want to later build something from ground up I wait until food and stamina is no problem anymore and I can get resources easily.


    TFP can't make everyone happy, there are also a lot of players here who want every part of the game including survival to matter and TFP themselves want survival to have an impact. I'm pretty sure this will largely stay as it is. You can either adapt to it, use a mod or avoid the early game completely by giving you 10 levels with the command "giveselfxp" and putting everything in sexrex and miner69 plus giving you a stack of food with creative menue. If you are only happy with a gun and lots of ammo in your hand you essentially want to play only a part of the game and you have to disable other parts (like survival and looting) yourself.


    6 hours ago, Mr.tektite said:

    and the 300xp boost is so i don't have to slog through the slowed down xp side of things. The game feels like its made for groups of people to be playing at once. maybe i'd like to be able to eventually build a jeep and have points in my mining and various weaponry. 300 percent really is not that much compared to how much they've slowed this game down. I still prefer alpha 14's skill system over the current but of course no one cares about that cause most people don't even remember it. just because you don't agree with my outlook doesn't mean im wrong. 

    Just because you don't like a part of the game doesn't make that part bad 😉. To get a vehicles without expending perk points into it you just need to collect money and buy parts or schematics from the trader. But this takes time, checking traders regularily for missing pieces, and looting gas stations and book stores for schematics. That can't be done if you rush through the game and end it at day 7.


    I have lots of fun playing single player. I use the first week not for mining or building big, I loot and try to get essential things like the stuff to build a farm. Then, if I have more food available and found a few food recipes I can actually cook with the produce of my farm. Then I really start doing mining and with more and more resources I start to build bigger and bigger. You are really rushing to end game as fast as possible and then you are surprised there is nothing to do anymore and get bored. In my view you are digging your own grave and jump into it as fast as possible 😀


    I don't really know if you actually would like a normal game if you really tried and adapated to it or if you just need to change the game to your tastes because you are not exactly the target audience of the game. There is nothing wrong with modding or changing the game to your tastes, but it is very hard to change a game and still have it balanced. I am not surprised that you aren't really happy about the game even if you set it to 300% XP.


    6 hours ago, Mr.tektite said:

    the only good things that the later alphas offer is the new map, better quality textures and models for zombies, stuff like mini dungeon houses with big loot at the end of the maze's. the pop culture references. the peer to peer connection so i can play with my friends. somthing that shoulda existed since alpha 10 and only came in around alpha 17. these are all great and worth seeing and make the game interesting. the forced slowdown on gameplay. does not. 


  16. 34 minutes ago, Mr.tektite said:

    there are ways to fix the weapon spawning like the ak. maybe no auto weaponry prior to day 2 or 3. idk. as said. I've never managed to find an ak sept near like the 5th or 6th day myself. I agree bows are far more enjoyable but in this current alpha? i said screw it and only used clubs. its far superior to anything else i had. and you know what? it gets boring after a while.

    The weapon system changed since A15. In A15 an AK was much better than a pistol, now an AK should be somewhat similar to a pistol because they are in the same tier. I mentioned the AK just as an example, I could as well have said a pistol or a double-barrel shotgun. All of them would be too good in the first week.


    34 minutes ago, Mr.tektite said:

    as for lighting. that should be a option client side. not game side. I cant see zombies in the distance anymore when trying to defend my base. there beyond the light of the torches. :c


    I don't have any problems seeing the zombies when I have a helmet light. Maybe it is because of your settings after all. Check if brightness is set to 50% in the video settings, that is default. Maybe even turn it up a little.


    34 minutes ago, Mr.tektite said:

    i get that injury is to be expected. but getting one or two hits while fully clothed and even with iron armor and getting infected broken arm broken legged? who am I tiny tim? are my bones made of sticks and glue? wtf. theres nothing in the toughness tree to help either unless its unlisted. or not described well yet. all it says is you don't get stunned and take less damage. nothing about these new injuries you can get. and as for food. its not a matter of not having food. its the amount of food my character is forced to eat. I have enough meat and eggs to make a ton of bacon and eggs. the issue is i need to eat enough food to feed a family in a week inside 2 days because i wanted to go looting or dig a trench. Its an issue and you can say what you like it needs to be adjusted. I shouldn't need to run for food every 15 minutes. 

    Don't let yourself get hit multiple times in short succession and you won't get many injuries. The last 6 hours I played I didn't get a single injury even though I used melee and got hit occassionally.


    Bacon and eggs is early game food you might cook in the first 10 days, after that you slowly should have a farm going and be able to cook better food that gives you 50 or even more than 100 stamina per meal. Always drink red tea when you dig trenches, it gives a buff for a few minutes that makes you waste less food. The perk Iron gut also reduces the amount of food you need.


    34 minutes ago, Mr.tektite said:

    its not a matter of not needing to spec into doctor. its the amoutn it takes to spec into doctor if you wanted to. everything in the "smarts" tree is broken feeling. the blacksmithing is ok ish but otherwise. 

    some of us spawn far from the dessert and i should be able to make a base were i want without getting screwed over cause theres no aloe near me. 

    Aloe was just an example, food heals you as well. You can find lots of items in loot that heal you and often get offered healing stuff as quest reward. At least one point into the perk healing factor also heals you over time.


    34 minutes ago, Mr.tektite said:

    and as for your last point. my in game days are set to 2 hours and my exp to 300 percent so i can spec into a few things in reasonable time. if i want more challenge i set the general difficulty higher. but it feels like a case of glass cannons now. it didn't use to feel like this

    I just prefer to have alot of time to build and have the 7th day be bigger (I spawn a bit more enemies. i still wish they had bosses or somthing instead of just ferals and regular zombies. closest you get is the cop zombies that projectile vomit at you. or explode if you shoot them and they start running. idk if they are even still around anymore cause i get bored before i can even get to day 7. i made it 37 days in alpha 14. nearly as much in 15 and 16. everything since then has just been a drag. 


    They have boss zombies. The first one was introduced in A18 and is called the Demolisher. A big armored zombie with an explosives belt. Hit the detonator and the zombie will explode for massive block damage. More are announced for A20/A21. But you will never see them if you always only play till day 7.


    34 minutes ago, Mr.tektite said:

    end of the day its my play style to play slowly with high exp now cause they have slowed leveling up so much and locked alot of things behind skill trees. cause the rng of finding schematics is inconsistant. hoping you'll find schematics for one thing in the sea of other items isen't reasonable. it puts you back in the same place as when making a forge required a schematic back in the day and it made doing anything nearly impossible. 


    Well, I have no problem finding lots of schematics and there are only a few schematics that are essential, all the others are optional or there are multiple schematics giving you just alternatives. But I play one game for about 50 hours. That is a lot of time and lots of looting runs. Obviously I find a lot more in 50 hours than you in 14.


    I'm surprised that you say you play slowly because for me 300%XP seems to be rushing everything, not slowing the game down.


  17. 21 minutes ago, manni44 said:

    I dont know the layout of the zones yet pretty much i know nothing about them yet^^ 

    howmany zones will there be ? like 3 Noobzone, Midgamezone, Endgamezone.... this would lead to trouble once u play midgamezone and stay there for a while and u will build a base there. But now u want to move to the endgame and have to move all ur stuff to the new base + ur old base is worthless. this dosnt make sense to me. Im shure u guys got a plan already cant wait what u come up with 

    I'm not one of the developers, I'm just a normal forum user (with a "side job" of moderator). But from what I read here on the forum it probably will be this way:


    You have the biomes like now. Forest and burned forest will be the easy biomes. desert a bit more difficult, snow and wasteland the most difficult. What that means is that once you go into the desert, zombies and loot there just get a gamestage bonus of (for example) 20. So if you are at gamestage 16, in the desert you are gamestage 36 instead, changing which zombies you encounter and what loot you find. And in the snow biome that gamestage bonus might be 40.


    The other feature they want to implement are radiation zones. They didn't tell us much details, but probably radiation zones might be small areas with just one or two POIs in them. And you need a radiation suit or lots of healing items to survive going in there.  And you need to hurry. Get in fast, grab what you can, get out before your HPs run out.


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  18. 48 minutes ago, Mr.tektite said:

    In previous beta's. I was lucky to ever find an ak after several hours of looting. I normally found single shot rifles and shotguns. all of poor quality. and rarely pieces of sniper rifles. my point is. if playing single player. you could alter or fine tune the rng values of some weapons if were talking single player. your worrying about the one person playing. if its annoyance over several people playing. thats still a pvp thing. i know its not as easy as just changing some values but this game has been out for 7 years now. its been more then playable since alpha 15. its just. frustrating to see mechanics i enjoy go out the window and be forced to use others now that i don't like. while elements i do like are being added. If i could chop out apha 17 or 18's graphics, map layout, and leveling system maybe. and stick it back into alpha 14-16. good lord. 


    I'm talking about single player. There simply is no challenge if I have an AK in hand and only normal zombies against me. I always liked to shoot bow in this game and now the game has a phase where a bow is the best ranged weapon you have.



    I would be playing this game for months at a time with friends. or atleast would enjoy doing so. and the mod that the person above mentioned (the one i first replied to) also overhauls more then just bringing old stuff up. it changes the entire layout of the game along with adding new stuff.... idk man theres no easy way with any of this. and i know i sound like just a winey idiot but the only 2 times i've logged on this forum is to complain about recent (and at the time before recent) changes. last time was the jump from alpha 14-15 when they changed the loot system from 1-600 lvls to 1-6 lvls per weapon and tool. and some other changes they did for the exp points. i wish peer to peer existed when the game hit alpha 12. its one of the biggest things they added im happy about in later alphas. also... a question. at night. my torches will light a few feet around them. but if i move say 20 feet away. the lighting of the torch disappears. is that a settings thing on my end or is that something game play wise the implemented for some reason? Cause its kinda irritating. 


    Technical reasons: Light distance was reduced to allow better FPS I seem to remember.



    and there are a few other design choices. like eating. it feels like the game is telling me that i need to eat 50 pounds of food a day just cause i ran a mile or two and used a shovel to dig up a trench. or the way damage system is working now. I get attacked by a dog and get my arm broken. ok fair. get that squared away. get attacked by a crawling zombie. my leg gets broken. i got abbrasions. im infected. so now im half health. i need the best medicine in the game to get rid of it in less then 2 hours for the major breaks or abrasions. (im assuming thats leveled to the day length cause i play 2 hour days) I usually want good tools starting out so i usually drop alot of points into the two trees that effect my harvesting and my tool quality. only to learn through a friend that they will need to make the tools cause it takes more and more materials to make higher level iron tools (20 30 40 50 forged iron ect along with 2 3 4 5 amounts of tape and other stuff) since my tool quality skill is higher. and i cant do anything about it and didn't know before hand. which forces me to limit were i put my points. and if i want to make med kits now? i better save 12+ or how ever many levels JUST FOR THE DOCTOR SKILL TREE that may as well be a pipe dream of several hours of work EVEN ON 300% exp gain. there trying to slow the early game progression but it makes everything i do agonizingly slow and painful and the only way around it is to play with friends and perk into one skill tree to make a nice rounded play style between eachother. but if your solo? pffft. enjoy not having somthing in your play through.


    Food scarcity and injuries are common ingredients in survival games. 7 Days to Die is a survival game, but before A19 such elements could just be ignored. Now the early game puts some importance on survival and you need to find ways to overcome those initial problems.


    I never needed to spec into the doctor skill in my SP games. Just loot and you'll eventually find all the recipes for bandages and med kits. Before that just build a farm and grow aloe vera. You know you can use aloe vera for healing, right? And food also heals.


    But if you speed through the game on 300% xp then you naturally don't have the time to find all the recipes. Personally I don't see what's the hurry, I always play at 100% XP.




    Sorry if im being annoying. I'll go back to not existing after i get no responses. its not my game its the devs and communities. I'm just along for the ride. i just get frustrated.

  19. 9 minutes ago, Mr.tektite said:

    I kinda assumed. because I couldn't understand why they were done overall and the only way i could rationalize some of them was for pvp reasons. If im mistaken i apologize but some of the changes that have been made to the gameplay just baffle me. maybe they won't make it to the full build of 19 and alot more changes will go through idk. im hoping the day the game is finally released that ill still be able to enjoy it. 

    I don't know which changes you are refering to exactly. If you are talking about the new loot system, this was done mainly to prevent players to all have guns immediately on day 1. Just take an AK in your hand and even a group of normal zombie has not the slightest chance against you. So now most players have crappy weapons for the first few days and kill crappy zombies with it.



  20. 12 minutes ago, manni44 said:



    Indeed this is whats going to happen but i cant see a real problem there. If loot is gamestaged the might get a t1 from a t5 questbuilding but what is wrong in taking shortcuts ? if u played like 1000 hours + its ur own choice if u want to take a shortcut or not. Thats how i see it others see it diffrent i know. 

    No problem for me. The one who is taking a shortcut has a better weapon now, but it doesn't necessarily mean he advances faster in xp/levels. For him the game just got a lot easier if he ever goes back to normal biomes. So he has to stay in the harder zones to not get bored. Effectively this just cuts the stone age short, after that there is no change in pace or loot quality at all. If that is all he wants, good for him.


    12 minutes ago, manni44 said:

    i have to settle there ? i guess u mean i can just walk over to the hard zone and have my base in the noob zone right ? 

    Yeah, sure, but why bother? Once you have a tier1 gun at day 3 (for example) the normal biome is just trivial and the hard zone obviously where the better loot is.


    12 minutes ago, manni44 said:

    I know whos playing with the numbers here i never expect anything fancy 😆 at least we will get something which is better than nothing.

    Right now a19 has a lot of flaws when it comes to loot and sadly it will be like this until the zones update.

    But ok i remember wrose updates, i remember when we had weapon and tool degration when repairing. Which turned me crazy killed my ocd 😵 made me ragequit until next alpha. Over all a19 is good just would have been better to include the zones with the lootchanges and itemranges(i mean whos idea was it to make a T0 lvl6 better than a T1 lvl3 item ??? OCD triggered again 🤯).


  21. 2 hours ago, manni44 said:

      I can only talk for nightmare/Insane settings.


    There is no real gameplay without to cheese the ai with these settings. just because u are so gimped at the beginning u need to fight them from the distance but the actual weapons are not doing the job, i mean come on.. blunderbuss only? I know there is more to come and im happy about that. Meele only works with cheese Frames and or blocks u fast create.


    But now to ur question.

    First of all. What is the real goal ? What do we want to accomplish here ? Is it about how long a player should stay in stonage.

    Or is it about how Kittet a player will be by day 7 day 14 ? I dont even know. 


    We cant realy talk about this until we get the zones and see how they want to balance it. 

    I think its OK as it is but we need something harder as ferals. They are just to weak at some point.

    In this state of the game we realy have to wait for the zones and balance them. All talking about balancing guns/Zombies right now will be obsolete once Zones are in the game. + They wont rebalnce anything before that happens.

    Noooooo Pls dont gimb my shotty again, i love her so much 😢


    Super hard ? not realy its kinda boring, thats the point i want to make. I want it to be more interesting. Not harder or more easy. It should be Fairly Hard On insane settings. But bulletsponges and no guns at all until day XX are not the solution for us here i think. 

    So what is the solution ? No F idea Realy. 

    The only thing i see is, We can make the endgame harder way harder then it is right now. So we wont feel like game over once u get a shotty.

    If we cant make it any harder we have to talk about nerfing things like guns and so on but as i said its all obsolete already until Zones are in.



    If we are talking about the zone balancing right now.

    The best of the best items should be super hard to get yes.

    But if u have like only 5% of the buildings super hard and only there will spawn the best stuff. U will run out of buildings to loot in a short time. If u can only obtain the best of the best loot wiht quests only in those buildings u are cutting the players freedom once more. ppl Like choices and as much freedom they can get when it comes to open world games. 


    It was you who was talking about "super hard" in your previous post, I was merely asking what you meant by it.


    My personal opinion of the harder biomes or POIs is different from TFP: I think those harder zones will just lure experienced players to go there very early to get guns. Once they have a gun, say at day 3 or 4, the normal zones will be too easy for them again as they are now with a tier1 gun against normal zombies and they will not be really happy about it and complain about the game being boring. At least that is a danger of having those harder areas.


    Those 5% of the buildings with special loot rooms are the biggest buildings in the game (tier4 and tier5 quest buildings). And if you want to loot only buildings with better loot you just have to settle into one of the harder biomes, the buildings there can be any you'll find in normal zones, but ... with better loot.


    Don't expect too much from pipe weapons, they probably will all have a magazine size of one or two and @%$*#!ty damage and very low precision and won't enable you to just shoot down zombies from afar in insane. 


  22. 1 hour ago, MajorMakinBacon said:

    Not the original poster but I was trying to b177 from an earlier A19 build on a server at home with Steam CMD and couldn't figure out the command to do it.  I thought running the same command to install the server would also update it but I kept getting a 0x202 error.  After setting the install directory I ran:

    • app_update 294420 -beta latest_experimental

    I hadn't done much with the earlier A19 server so I deleted the old server folder and ran the same command and it reinstalled to A19 b177 just fine.  I'm hoping to figure out how to update in the future without having to delete the existing server folder and reinstalling.

    Here is the relevant part of the readme I have on my server:


      > login anonymous
      > force_install_dir /home/days/clean
      > app_update 294420 validate        
      > app_update 294420 -beta latest_experimental validate
    for experimental
      > quit


    You should change the force_install_dir paramter naturally, but this is guaranteed to work, I always update this way. I would guess you might have forgotten to do the login the first time.



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