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  1. I made a pun based on the name of a well known movement. My pun neither supports nor condemns the movement nor their aims. It was simple wordplay. I'm not sure how such a simple phrase could possibly be offensive or political as the complete extent of the pun acknowledges that there exists a movement in the world that has a name similar to the phrase I typed. @Psychodabble,  you are the one who has injected the politics and political correctness into this thead by going off on a rant overtly showing your own personal bias regarding the movement and accusing me of motives and beliefs that you could not possibly gain from the simple pun that I made. The absolute most you could glean about my beliefs is that I know that such an organization exists and I know its name.


    You have absolutely no idea where I stand because my joke was just a play on a phrase that many people know and was completely non-political. But we all know where YOU stand because you are the one using my simple joke as catalyst to bring politics into the thread and stir things up. I just goes to show that in this day and age you can't simply make an innocuous pun without someone using it as a platform to preach their own stance.


    This is why we can't have nice things. My desire was to give a quick laugh on the turn of phrase and that would be it, but you decided to derail the thread for your own activism-- so I have hidden the posts which is the same exact moderation that I would do and have done for anyone who posted something that wound up giving offense or derailing the thread.

    1. meganoth


      You first asked Roland about the race of the staff and mods, not about if he knows someone of color to ask. Maybe a small mistake, but I'm not surprised that Roland gets the possibly wrong impression from this.


      I don't agree with your slippery slope argument, this forum has not become a rascist cespool and surely will not descend into one because of a rather harmless pun.


      I agree that jokes about sensitive topics have much less wriggle room as jokes about toothpaste. I don't agree those topics should be sacrosanct. I don't agree because in my country even jokes about nazis were censored from TV because it was a sensitive topic. Did that taboo help in preventing new nazi movements? I definitely think it helped them. Now nazis are more of a sensitive negative subject. Still, even BLM probably wants to be present in peoples minds and not a subject non grata.


      That is why I think that not the most sensitive person on the forum should decide, but the mods (even though we know the problem might be "Who watches the watchers", right? And the other problem that we can't have mods of every race and serious illness, religious belief, nationality and gender).


      But a person on the forum has always the option to report it, even if the post IS from a mod. If you had just reported it, the pun would have likely been removed as well, without all that fuzz. And I don't think you have done the movement a favor with the open discussion, because for people mindless or on the fence about an issue making a fuzz about minor issues IS exactly what drives them into the other camp.



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