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  1. That was my 1st attempt. I just went back and tried it again to be sure, but to no avail. Thanks for taking time to help !
  2. Hi, On a mod I'm working on I've made new junk lockpicks that can open stuff like lockers, munition box, cash register, etc... ( I've made them to be randomly locked or unlocked ) But I would also like to keep the original lockpicks so both can open stuff. But I can't find a way to make them both work. Everything I have tried always result in one of the lockpicks becoming ignored. Thank you
  3. Hi, I'm currently doing a mod that randomly changes some doors to be either lock or unlock. The problem I'm having is that prefabs sometimes have doors already opened. So when the mod changes those opened doors to be locked, they remain open and are locked. Anyone knows a way I could make those doors be closed? Thank you
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