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  1. Same thing happens on my Ubuntu box. It generally crashes at the same "Generating Towns". Some seeds work for 10k maps. Strange thing is I can generate 12k maps on Windows dedicated, then copy it over to the Linux server. That's what I had to do this time. Wish Nitrogen would get updated to stable.
  2. Hrm okay, well not exactly the point I was trying to get at. I'm not looking for a reason as to why it happens, as you said you can fill in the blank with your imagination, but rather I was trying to make a suggestion to give the breakdown a meaningful and more importantly fun purpose. So, what I meant is I don't like the sound of random breakdowns for "no fun reason". The point of a game is to have fun, and simply breaking down, hopping off, repair, then back on just doesn't sound fun.
  3. Awesome, thanks mo'guts for taking the time to figure it out. I've been afraid to use the copy block ever since. And a thank you to schwanz9000 for the video with a workaround, now I don't have to fear copy rotation !!!
  4. I don't like the sound of random breakdowns for no reason either, that's just a boring and even annoying event. But what if there was a reason? Say it happened to be a RARE occurrence, and that it was actually a trigger for an event? Motor dies, zombies crawl out of dirt (can we get that animation in TFP?) and gives out a reward at the end for those that stick around to the end of the event (no reward for the grease monkeys that want to book it). Now that I wouldn't be opposed to. Oh and bicycles do not breakdown.
  5. I forget tbh, but I'm pretty sure it was a ramp I was trying to copy. It even may have been copy rotation, rather than copy block, now that I think of it. I just ended up deleting my character file from the server and starting over.
  6. Same thing happened to me, was using wood frame and was trying to copy shape. Is there any way to fix this without deleting character from server and starting over? I tried killing myself and I'm still stuck alive but my bag is on the ground. If someone attempts to open my bag they get a null error too and can't open containers till the relog. IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array. at Block.GetAltBlockValue (System.Int32 typeID) [0x00011] in <48a082dfa81b446482fba2e9368723b2>:0 at ItemClassBlock.GetBlockValueFromItemValue (ItemValue _itemValue) [0x000
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