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  1. Much appreciated Jax! and ty to all you modders that puts energy to this. It sure takes time. Yea it has to settle a bit first before there is a point modding it all:).
  2. I put my hope to the modders once the basedesign of the game is set....but even them is not as common anymore. There used to be more active modded versisons in the launcher.
  3. I agree with you here Roland, we have no clue what their endgame plan looks like. Lets just hope it turns out to our likings. They done a damn good job overall!
  4. Well written, i agree with you in everything. So many things we all strived for to get or find before but there is no need anymore. Last game we played we tried craft a bit to see what the new stuff werer and how it worked etc. But all you need now is the junkturret and all the guns + ammo you find within day 1!
  5. Another post i agree 100% with. Its is indeed a new version in play with little to no threath and to much bullets and guns. And even them are not needed since the implementation of the junk turret. Its just a dull and grey gamingexperience atm and the ppls who loves it i just cant understand.
  6. Haha, no the game is not dying, its a popular and good game but i think diff versions speaks to different minds and kinds of players. We all want it to thrive! But as i read all kinds of posts i also realize how different our tastes are for a challenging and fun game..hmm. Best idea would be to implement diff gamemodes. In the end FunPimps has made a product for the reason of making money and its their work. With different settings and gamemodes it will speak to us all perhaps.
  7. Very well written and i do agree with you, you sum up pretty much me and my friends conversation during our games:)
  8. We played another game for around 30 days before we done it all again. Ramped up zombies to 6 in all biomes. Ceratinly got better but still not what it used to be. Simply no realism or challenge to it like there used to be. My complaints only comes down to me comparing this game to its former glory.
  9. Screamers seem to be biomebound, my last save in latest experimental my friend had screamers all the time in the snowbiome. We never saw any elsewhere. Good way to go to for farming exp. But man they messed this game up sigh.
  10. This is the "normal" version, its on day 11, no traders used, no bulletmaking...just from looting. And regarding making my voice heard too in the devdiary, i sure hope they read their own forum
  11. I really hope they do but according to the devdiary way back they would add smellsystem back a long time ago too, that never happened. We have to react on what IS rather than ISN´T and atm this game is in a very bad state regarding gameplay and feeling. When it comes to visuals and worlddesign (except for dungeonlooter ♥♥♥♥) its fine, and if visulas are going be the prize of good gameplay and zombies etc... i personally say RIP.
  12. 5: Lack of zombies to shoot with the new fancy guns!
  13. I stayed at the top of a restaurant for 64 days til map was done and we quit after that horde:). Building was still standing and we didnt even reinforced it much. We maxed amount of zombies on hordenights too. The biggest difference compared to before is that there is no threat whatsoever inbetween the hordes. They appear like clockwork every 7th day, biggest struggle is to shoot them with the framedrop tbh. Its all about the amount of bullets you have. Earlier alphas with smelly food, more heat etc made em come nonstop, was challenging and fun. Everything had a purpose compared to now.
  14. Lmao, your small comments haha:) And good luck surviving, its choosable but game is not designed for it.
  15. Agree. I remember when telling my friends to get this golden gem called 7DTD. They had a look and went "that graphic though", i replied, "juat wait til you play it, its all about the gamplay and feel to it, not the graphics" Now there is a beautiful world, nice POI:s except for all dungeoning, but gameplay is lost.
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