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  1. Yes it seems simple but I just tried doing that again and it still doesn't work but ty for trying.
  2. I like to mod out the augers recoil but in Alpha 19 Exp changing the values that worked in Alpha 18 no longer removes the recoil. <passive_effect name="SpreadDegreesVertical" operation="base_set" value=".5" tags="perkMiner69r"/> <passive_effect name="SpreadDegreesHorizontal" operation="base_set" value=".5" tags="perkMiner69r"/> <passive_effect name="KickDegreesVerticalMin" operation="base_set" value="-.35" tags="perkMiner69r"/> <passive_effect name="KickDegreesVerticalMax" operation="base_set" value=".35" tags="perkMiner69r"/> <passive_effect name="KickDegreesHorizontalMin" operation="base_set" value="-.35" tags="perkMiner69r"/> <passive_effect name="KickDegreesHorizontalMax" operation="base_set" value=".35" tags="perkMiner69r"/> I used to be able to change the values .5 and .35 to 0 and that would remove the recoil but that no longer works. Does anyone know if it's still possible to remove the recoil?
  3. Steam Name: Bladewalker27 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198042722975 Hours Played: 2760 on PC, over 600 on PS4 Started on Alpha: Alpha 14/PS4, Alpha 15/PC Discord Name: Lynn#9674 Native Language: English Operating System: Windows 10
  4. Ok I've done some xml editing so I'll give it a shot, really appreciate the help. I just checked the bigger backpack mod and realized it also mods the windows xml. I'll take a shot at it and let you know how it goes. Thanks, Blade oh and don't worry about having missed something so small. From what I gather very very few use a controller so not surprised it was missed. Glad I could help you find it to help others though edit: just fixed the WotW mod and can finally use my controller to access the toolbelt! haha thanks again!
  5. Thanks for the fast reply, didn't expect an answer for awhile lol Just tested and it works perfectly, thank you! You Sir, are a Hero This has been bugging me for weeks/months now but I just lived with it, and in less than an hour you fixed it! If I can get this to work with any other Ui's then I'll be one happy guy. Either way HUGE thanks to you Sirillion! You are one of the best. Blade
  6. I have a small problem and I'm hoping someone can help me. I use a ps4 controller and I've had no serious issues with it so far. However after installing some UI mods I'm having an issue. Been afraid to ask for help as I know how anti-controller some people are When I play Valmod overhaul I have no problem. I have also used the default SMX UI on vanilla with no issues. However, when I use the Valmod UI mod by itself on vanilla or use the War of the Walkers mod which also uses Valmod's UI I can't access the toolbelt in any of the menus using the controller. The cursor moves all over the screen like normal but stops just above the toolbelt. I CAN use the mouse to access the toolbelt though. I've tried the Bigger backpack UI and normal one and still have the issue. I know few use controllers on pc, and I agree m/kb is better, but I just don't find it comfortable personally. Love your UI mods btw Sirillion, and Valmod's my favorite one. Even if no one can help, keep on making these great UI's. Just been having to use the mouse when I want to swap stuff out of my toolbelt in the meantime while playing War of the Walkers lol
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