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  1. 14 minutes ago, faatal said:

    Worked on vehicle camera and stutter bugs and decided to add this:

    Added vehicle camera zoom in/out. Uses mouse wheel or controller d-pad up/down (30% to 120%).


    First person driving, if I get to it, would be an extension of zooming in. 30% is close, but not the same.

    Could we get a before/after screenshot of the camera angle now? Since last stream would have been the time to showcase this feature

  2. 17 hours ago, Blake_ said:

    The eyes could be an issue if they are not feral, but then again... burned ones don't have feral version do they ?

    The eyes should be changed to something more blood-shot, as you would get from too much smoke around you.

  3. 1 hour ago, Xtrakicking said:

    The plains were also the best place to make a base, since they had a lot of even terrain and it was clear of trees. I truly never understood why they removed it.

    Memory, space used up, redundancy, etc. I'm sure that they were wanting to cut back on biomes that don't have any real distinguishing features. It was pretty similar to the desert, minus all of the trees. I do miss it and the forest though.

    24 minutes ago, Mousebots said:

    Someone already mentioned and of course been ignored... and i really feel like the developers are a bit of...not so cool... for doing that, thats just my opinion tho.

    ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FIX THE DAMN GAME BREAKING BUGS.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<-

    1. The game is like out nearly a decade and i still keep spawning on wrong beds (specially in bloodmoon) <- Complete game breaking for ANY pvp server as it discovers other peoples bases or even allows you to raid your way out of theyr base, or even if you die, you get to know the location...
    2. Vehicles keep teleporting away and duplicate (also with full inventory) <- Complete game breaking for ANY server, because people just duplicate a full inventory of dynamite, rockets or anything else they need... of course this is even worse for pvp servers.

    3. Being able to push yourself under the ground with plant pots (or other blocks) and look where peoples base is <- Complete game breaking for ANY pvp server.

    These are just 3 of the REALLY GAME BREAKING bugs i quickly remembered that propably have already made a hundred of thousands of players quit your game, well perhabs milions as this game apparently sold 10milion or more times....

    Fancy looking @%$# wont fix the issues, it will only temporary attract a few new peoples that ultimately will quit because theres still these bugs that make people lose hundreds of houres of theyr work into what they build, gather... etc.

    Also, with removing of the UMA stuff, i suppose serverside vehicles, zombies, etc will all be history.... and thats what keeps me playing currently.

    I am the owner of a PVP Server and had on the last map till its wipe arround 6000 profiles of players that played, arround 1000 times ive propably been asked by new people questions regarding these game breaking bugs, if i could fix it etc... my early answers usualy been "Well, the devs propably gonna fix it at some point", but to be honest, after person 500 and alot of time passing... i propably only gave answers like "Well 7days is @%$# coded" as i cant honestly answer to a person with fake or unknown infos anymore.

    This is just my opinion and currently nothing is convincing me that the gold version will have the game breaking bugs gone.

    Sorry if anyone feels offended, but seriously... how are such game breaking bugs not TOP priority for the next Alphas?

    I'm sorry, did they say they weren't fixing any bugs? Bugs are ALWAYS their priority, right next to optimizations. I'm pretty sure that they said part of A20 is going to be a polish and quality of life update similar to A18. If you have bugs, don't report them here. Report them in the bug reporting thread, with a detailed post. Also, don't act as a spokesperson for people who may or may not have quit the game because of bugs. If they did, well, they should have realized that this game is in Alpha and it will have bugs.

  4. New modular semi truck bed. A couple things to notice in this picture:

    1. The sedan in the background has a much more clear and vibrant color. Must be the new tinting technology.

    2. There appears to be a computer desk beside the sedan, not sure if it's just a new art asset for Mo Power or it may be just the same shelf art that we already have. It does seem to have a laptop on it.

    3. All the way on the left side, you can just barely see a sliver of what looks to be a shipping container, in different blue and green. I would assume they would go on the trailer bed.

    That's all I could make out of the photo.

  5. 2 hours ago, Lunaura said:

    Are we ever going to get a player character revamp? Like the way the characters themselves actually look. I want to be pretty/sexy while I axe zombie skulls please lol 

    Conan Exiles has some great looking player characters, for example.

    Read the first page before asking. 

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Promethean Winchester said:

    So I was doing horde night and there's a new pipe bomb glitch happening. I lit the pipe bomb, threw it, then the next one in my hand was ALREADY ignited, and blew up simultaneously with the one I had thrown. I survived it the first time this happened, went "wow... What the hell was that?" Healed, then tried to use a pipe bomb again. It happened again, only this time I died. I play permadeath, lost 7 hours of my life to this bull@%$#. I can handle perfectly fine dying to my own mistake, but pipe bombs were working just fine before this little tweak update. What the HELL happened? Somebody else try to use pipe bombs, see if this bug happens for you too. Thanks TFP, once again your game has let me down. Basic function is too much to expect a whole 7 years later, thumbs up guys. Anyway, my sour attitude aside... This happened in Pregen1, with the world name Cthulhu County. I was on a dirt road near the strip club approximately 500-800 meters from trader Jen. Not pleased. I understand that I'm playing experimental, and that bugs will happen. But you did not configure explosive weapons at ALL in this update, am I mistaken in that? How the hell can you add ambulances and work trucks and BREAK pipe bombs in the process?

    Same thing has happened to me, what I'd suggest as a work around is lighting one pipe bomb that isn't in a stack. I believe this bug was added in the 19.1 updates so far.

  7. SphereII and i discussed that but it cant be done for vanilla, it would need new code and DMT to work.


    My question to you is, why bother? These new bandits are far more feature packed. They ragdoll, react to damage location, have gore, move smoothly, etc. Only advantage the old UMAs had was they could be easily skinned.


    The only difference between these bandits (and survivors, traders etc) from the ones planned by TFP for after gold is they will add new AI tasks. However, using DMT we are adding new AI tasks ourselves.


    For me I like the look of the UMA bandits in the sense that they seem to fit better in the game imo, with the character model being UMA after all.

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