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  1. i have read several people talking about issues during cell generation is this where this is occurring? if not, the mere mention of <filename unknown> suggests to me that not all files have been copied over correctly.. have you tried Khaine's suggestion?
  2. CRPgnut is correct, go to the first page of this forum to get the discord link you will get answers there MUCH faster. I am running the new 5.3 as soloplay and havent had any issues yet so far aside from the fact that it IS much harder now... not for the weak by any means
  3. to quote the age old saying "It'll be done when its done" that said i have heard tell that it is very close to being finished.. for up to the minute information though you should join Dwallorde's Discord Channel as it is updated CONSTANTLY
  4. If no one has brought it up here yet.. future versions should allow Class Machines to be movable in the same way benches and such are
  5. yes, they are all craftable after you complete the class-tree
  6. had the same problem.. i think i got my class C fragment around day 39, but still I had to go to like 10 different traders plus 6 class traders across that timespan before i got one.. the availability rate for that particular fragment must have issues
  7. 46 years old here bud, and one of my closest friends is 47 and turned me on to this game, another friend of mine is in his 50's who streams the game in the UK. I think there are a lot of us Old Timers playing this game tbh. I was an Avid BBSer back in the 80's not aware of the one you mentioned but I used to be a ranking member on BBSes all over the world ofc my favorite were always the Commodore64 boards that ran CNET or ImageBBS software due to the colors and the animations you could do on them
  8. I have recently had an issue with a Trader that worked just fine during the first 14 days but afterwards you get kicked out no matter what time of day you attempt to enter. Trader Jimmy is a ♥♥♥♥ and all but banishment from the store is a new one on me XD
  9. yes sorta.. i think its better termed as teamspeak with skype abilities
  10. i screenshot this earlier as it is the seed i am currently playing on.. if you check the description it gives you all relative details including seed name and the location the screenshot was taken.. it's a great location, two Trader Bob's practically next to each other as well as a pirate ship and a class trader very close by : https://imgur.com/a/5MV3IeC - - - Updated - - - Bandits are in the wastelands only they arent a lot of fun either as they never miss when they shoot. Named zombies ( Boss Zombies ) will appear later in -which is good as they can be a lot harder to kill-
  11. So Dwalle how long do you expect it will be from the release of a17 to the release of a compatible WotW?
  12. reinstall.. i have had this issue a few times in the past.. just reinstall til windows gets it right.. it isnt the mod its windows - - - Updated - - - ..and i mean reinstall windows... it isnt the game, its windows
  13. Bandits are *ONLY* in the wastelands 5.1.7 reduced frequency of both the NPCs and the bandits but rest assured they are in there.. and quite frankly count your blessings on not encountering bandits as they are dead-shots, if they can see you they can shoot you and one bullet will kill regardless of the gun-type they are firing (I have even witnessed them kill a server admin while he was flying and in god-mode)
  14. actually i experienced this on both of my computers the VERY FIRST TIME after each clean install, however i also found the solution: annoying as this may be, just load up the game and go do something for a while... let it load in the menu and just wait it out.. eventually it will load all the way in and you can use the menu like normal.. play the game everything will be fine... next time you load up the game the lag will be gone, menus will work like normal... this only happens the first time, just be sure to let it load all the way in otherwise it is going to do this until you do.
  15. ok spent a couple hours on the server... i checked some buildings and spawns seem normal there, but didnt see a single roaming zombie
  16. my server admin has reporte the same issue on our server, i havent been on myself yet so i cannot confirm, but he said he played for 5hrs and didnt see a single zombie....
  17. for those of you asking questions, while this is a perfectly good place to do so, i would suggest joining the official Discord server (link in header post) as you will get a faster response
  18. i havent encountered the first part, but the second half isnt something to be concerned with i do not think.. you need to take into account that this mode is comprised of other people's contributions. SDX is developing parts for other mods than this one alone, those resources appear to be visual effects, nothing thats going to throw this game into a failure The word "Spectrums" alone suggests a lighting efffect. Having personally been through the SDX git, i can tell you that they are developing Unity themselves and these resource references are MOST LIKELY tying into one of SDX's other projects. It is entirely possible that they may come into play for version 5.2, but as there is an SDX developer actively contributing to this mod (Sphereii) I would wager that if these "errrors" were something to be concerned with, he would have made Dwallorde well aware.
  19. out of curiousity, since this mod DOES use the Compopack mod, does anyone know if the Walking Dead Prison exists still as it did in a15?
  20. it's all good Dwalle, all progress has flaws along the way.. keep up the good work
  21. cannot get 62 to load.. server gets stuck initializing we have tried wiping, and installing the mod fresh it just keeps getting stuck
  22. has anyone noticed that bandits can kill player even though they are in godmode? also while they take forever to kill a zombie they can one shot any player they can get line of sight on even ones riding minibikes
  23. use the Git folks.. honestly in my opinion people that need instructions on how to use stuff dont deserve stuff - - - Updated - - - here is a thought... dont log out with a full backpack oOo (doctor is hurts when i bend my arm this way.. dont bend your arm that way idiot) oOo
  24. love the work you are doing Dwalle, I was the ringleader for the Dark-iCE WoW private server project back in the day so i know how rough it is to coordinate updates (especially if you do not have a team which i was fortunate enough to have) you are doing great with this modpack keep up the good work and don't let anyone's bug reports seem like complaints or rush-orders, take your time and keep it steady; as i said you are doing awesome man
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