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  1. @thomasd70 this is correct, but if you're using a mod that changes or removes Intellect / crafting outcomes (like Darkness Falls), this won't apply.


    I'll be releasing a hotfix to change this for Darkness Falls or moving Sorcery Crafting Quality outcomes to be governed by the Sorcery Attribute.


    Thanks for the correction. Im using Darknes Falls and did not find the intelect, but i did search for it :) il wait for a patch.

  2. V5.1 when released will be released as 2 seperate downloads. 1 for standard EAC Friendly with hopefully the big storage for minibike and such, and 2nd download for the non EAC version with Big Bag Mod



    Yes please, and Smx2 and have them in 7dtd Mod Launcher :))

    that wood bee the best /Thomas

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