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  1. I have 32G and sometimes a 16K maps crashes on start. Even though RAM is just filled to about 70 / 75 percent, loading fails with an out of memory error. Once I get past the loading screen it works fine. I am playing on Ultra. I wouldn't worry too much about this. Again the "not optimized" issue.
  2. Just here to say thank you again. Very nice tool! I like the new preview and it definitely offers more variety than the "standard RWG". One question though: is it possible to save some sort of default settings e.g. cracks off, terrain smoothing etc. Each time I start Nitrogen those parameters will reset.
  3. Indeed pretty awesome generator. Thanks! Still “fighting” a bit with the settings but the worlds definitely feel more random. Two questions and one comment: * I noticed that bedrock is somewhere around +2 or +4? Is that configurable? * Is it possible to save custom settings as new defaults? (e.g. turn off cracks automatically) Comment: * I feel that roads could connect better. Currently they sometimes feel like spaghetti and detours on a bike cost stamina... Thanks again!
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