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  1. Im with sick puppy on this one. I personally hate music in most any game I play, especialy this type of game, where stealth is a key factor (even if slightly broken) Ive turned the music and the ambient sliders all the way down "0" but I still hear the organ, birds, water, etc... i killed ambient because of the ear-splitting thunder crack ( please fix the levels TFP) I look at it like this, if it really were a zombie apocalypse would i be listening to Duran Duran's greatest hits on my sony walkman..... noooo, id be keen as a cat in a dog pound to avoid those flesh eating bass-turds So on that note lets hope TFP fix the slider to actually go to "0" instead of "1" cause i really hate modding the asset files but if thats my only option then so be it. In the meantime I just try to ignore it.
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