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  1. thank you so much for your hard work on this release Ive been waiting to play A18 and refused to do so until CompoPack was ready you are a god
  2. Cool. thats good to know. I just got home from work and am about to delve into the xml's and have a peek at whats new/changed. I was like a kid on X-mas eve all day... couldn't wait to get home and open my presents... er I mean Steam
  3. AbeTheBlackFox some of the pois are too big to be placed next to each other so if you go into the nitrogen/resources folder and look for the config.txt, then look for POI_MIN_DISTANCE_TO_OTHER. increase this in small increments untill you no longer see pois intersecting each other. I think the default is 5... I have mine at 18 and i rarely if ever get incomplete/sliced/intersected pois Look around and mess with the config.txt. It made a great difference for my world generations by just tweaking a few of the "hidden" NitroGen settings. Don't give up on it so easy. It took me a good deal of time to get decent worlds generated and I still get trash once in a blue/blood moon...lol
  4. I'm giddy with enthusiasm about the A18 drop and can't wait to get back into creating/editing prefabs. A17 left a bad taste in my mouth for a while but I've come to enjoy it in both vanilla and modded styles. I've been putting off prefab creation for the whole of A17 cause I knew all my hard work would just be trashed during 7DtD major updates. It was very disheartening to build stuff in 15 and then not have it convert properly for 16. And the same for 16 to 17... and now 17 to 18, so I just waited and waited and played the game (A17 vanilla) for the a long time before investigating the xpath modlets, which, to me, just put back all the things TFP took out, plus a host of other great tools and inventions. My love for the game has only diminished slightly, 'cause I know that development sometimes messes things up and the Unity update last year was a big part of that. Cheers to another year of great mods and tools that this awesome community is constantly developing and sharing. Thanks Pille... and all the other people who program/code these helper apps for us.
  5. Make sure you put compopack into your prefabs folder Use the parser tool to scan the prefabs folder and then edit it the way you want or... download the prefab lists the McTaco generated. Place the generated prefablist.txt into X:\thepathto\NitroGen\resources Just look here on the forums for NitroGen + McTaco and yes Nitrogen is a cool tool... I love it. It helps to mess around with all the settings. You're gonna get krappy generations here and there but that just luck of the draw as for the cramped roads make sure to use the medium or wide roads as Ive done here...
  6. your gonna have to up the contrast levels the greys are to similar and all you will get is "flat" forested terrain make sure there is a definate difference between black and white and all the greys should differentiate
  7. You had me at bear trap... didnt even need to watch the rest. These are all awesome
  8. Wow, very impressive. I wish I'd paid more attention in school and stuck with it 'cause then maybe I'd be writing nifty little gadgets like this too... but... I guess I'll stick to making prefabs and manipulating the world generator.
  9. As far as I know this can only be done in the biomes.xml. Within each biome modual is the breakdown of "layers to bedrock" and the terrain type and ore/precious metals you 'may' find. Its a lot of number crunching but is possible, just not from within NitroGen.
  10. That's what I thought, hence the cascading probabilities defined when NitroGen assigns zoning laws as per each prefabs xml. Too many zones defined in the xml, and it will water down the probability of it being picked for its appropriate zone... right? This one was really a no brainer but I wanted to be sure. Thanks for going over some of the config.txt commands. Most of them are straight forward but a few still 'no touchies' for me at the moment... baby steps.
  11. Nice, good to know. Always wondered about these, thought they had to do with prefab placement and collision bounds for other prefabs but after seeing a few prefabs "slice" each other and shear whole sections off of buildings I knew better. Was wondering if this 'POI_MIN_DISTANCE_TO_OTHER' has anything to do with the collision of prefabs or was it just the fact that my cities are generating in a compact tight manner due to my 4K world sizes. Then I saw this and I will be playing with and fine tuning my settings some more. Thanks for the hasty response. Cheers. Also, what do the building colors on the previewmap.png mean, if anything. Are they related to the prefab xml zoning? I think they are!
  12. Me either, I'm a Paint dot net guy, but its been lacking some features of late so Krita (which I hate) and Photoshop it is. I've been messing with NitroGen a lot, the config file especially, and the height-maps and turbulence file, plus I've altered the shape of the snow, forest, desert and crater splats but I too am at a loss for a few things. Namely the mask file (what purpose does it serve, 'cause I've been generating fairly decent worlds without altering the mask). And roads in city hubs are a freaking mess all the time, a patchwork of asphalt, broken asphalt with gravel and pathways littered throughout. There's no rhyme or reason to it. It's like the city planners said "Just throw down some roads, the buildings come later". Technically he was right, but jeez-Louise. Roads to and from Poi's and hubs are fine, it's just inside the larger clusters of buildings that the roads go haywire. I have tried to manually edit the roads (splat3.png) file, it was long and tedious and in the end I must have done something wrong, what I don't know, but I got a tonne of console warnings (yellow) about color info being wrong on the file dtm.raw. I surmised (with Photoshop) that the merging of channels (RGBA) didn't go so well but am stumped as to what actually went wrong. Plus I'm a total noob to Photoshop, who calls "Flip Horizontal" mirror? Flipping is flipping, mirroring is totally different, oh well, whatever Adobe, thanks for the learning curve. I am loving the program though, it's a god-send for those of us with krapper-potato PC's. I'll be paying lots of attention to any posts in this section and will collaborate my findings and conclusions if I think they are pertinent or haven't been covered already. My next goal is to grab satellite imagery of my area (Niagara Falls baby) and work with that height-map. Should be cool to see the falls, even if they don't have water spilling over the precipice.
  13. Haven't gotten around to the mass probability edits for prefabs yet, 'cause I can't stop playing with this tool. Plus, I just downloaded the newest Compo/mcTaco prefabslist file so I'll fly with that for a few rolls. Messing around with different height maps and such is awesome. Just generated this and have yet to load the world and check results but it looks promising. - name . SeedOnThis - size . 6144 - customized height-map, masks and turbulence files - modified NitroGen config file to lower spawn rate of craters plus a few other slight edits Well... I'm gonna go try this one. Wish me luck 'cause really, this one look brutal. Wow... that's all... just Wow. ... and that's just a short peek of what I flew around and saw. There are some issues with roads and some strings of grass bordering wasteland zones but that's an easy fix. The whole world needs a smooth command but I've forgotten how to do that in the 7dtd world editor (note to self: read thru the forums again, its there, I know it is... Guppy). It is a little 'tall' in spots but I like it and it will look great after a few smoothing passes. Now that I've kindda figured this out I'm stoked to create custom spawning rules for prefabs and have a crater surrounded by wasted out buildings and rubble piles, while 2 football fields away a farm is resting quietly in the shade of a mountain... even the zombie apocalypse has it's moments. If anyone want to mess around with it here it is --> GoogleDrive link I have Compopack 38 and used the updated NitroGen prefablist.txt. I also have a heavily modified biomes and rwgmixer that influence grass, rocks, tree, etc... so my screens may look a little barren of those things but I like my world devoid of all life but the dead.
  14. Thanks for verifying this so quickly. This is exactly what I thought. So it is a diminishing return effect... same as the loot list probabilities. I will have to be a lot more concise when I'm rewriting the spawn rules for prefabs. Knowing that the zoning order influences its probability will allow me a lot more control but also a lot more room for mistakes. Meh... I like a challenge and its a good way for me to re-familiarize myself with the games code, and the new xpath stuff, after a year away from the game.
  15. I know that... and even if it did my PC would be at it for a year.
  16. Question - NitroGen and Zoning Rules Quick question, but first, for the sake of clarity. NitroGen populates the world with poi's from a predefined list - check Compopack and other prefabs can easily be appended to that list - check That list 'remembers' various settings about the imported poi's - check My question pertains to NitroGens' zoning standard. Does the order of the zones influence the probability that the prefab will be picked, one zone diminishing the next... ... or is this just about allowing the prefab to said zones? A strange question? Sure, but it makes a big difference when you are messing with the rwgmixer and biomes spawning probabilities.
  17. I just wanted to say thanks for this great tool. I've been rolling out several new maps every day, to "play" with all the settings and see how they react to the many biome and rwgmixer edits I've done. I've even taken to making and using my own height maps to integrate with the mixer. The maps that NitroGen is making now are stunning compared to the flat, boring landscapes that the RWG made for us. Right then, lets see if I can break my PC by rendering a 20K map... Mwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaa.
  18. The snowman video... Its just so wrong in so many ways. Like, I was actually uncomfortable watching it hover-glide around and spider scream at you... .oO((chills down spine)) I was never "Down" with Santa and Rudolf is just a glorified mule-deer so I always could rely on good old Frosty. But... now?. Nope. I don't think snow, let alone snowmen, will ever hold the same childhood wonder and happyness for me. Thanx (lol)
  19. This is great news... as I have been hovering over that "generate" button but never had the guts to click it, and so I have no sleepers yet, in any of my prefabs. I'll be keeping an eye on this post for sure as I would like to know how things work out for your testing. I've avoided sleepers in my Ancient Tomb prefab mainly because I thought it was a complicated procedure, but after a few YT videos from Guppy and others Im not "scared" anymore.
  20. short of editing the prefab, No, i dont think so radiation is controled by the biomes and rwgmixer xml's but prefabs with "embedded" radiated ground are not influenced by those two files
  21. Pille's Prefab Editor icon substitute for Zombie.exe Everyone that knows and uses the editor loves it. Its an invaluable tool for prefab creation, which in turn lets you create a custom world, in a sense. Now, we all love to customize stuff or we wouldnt be bothered with making prefabs. Right? So, Ive always 'customized' darn near everything I touch. From bikes to cars to snowboards to computer cases and finally the OS/Programs itself. Why should my icons be any different? With that said, Ive made a personal edit for the Zombie.exe icon. (aka Pille's Editor) that I'd like to share with you all. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the current icon and as a matter of fact, I think he's rather cute... for a zombie. But, I wanted to remove the white background and after about 2 minutes work I came up with this design. I've thrown it down over the common RGB-BW colors for those of you that wanna see it without saving/downloading it. Grab it here --> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sce59xm2w0bdixd/AADbaW4LclipCxEFn0VCyTdda?dl=0 Download includes the above images and the ICO file. The ico file contains all sizes and bit-depths, from the smallest 16x16/8bit, all the way up to the embedded 256x256/32bit png
  22. Dreams are just Mods is disguise
  23. lol... i saturate my brains with far to much work related things and most free time is playing 7dtd or posting here sometimes im a little "slow on the take"
  24. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burrowing_owl
  25. Truthfully... there are are owls that burrow.
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