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  1. I didn't think my issue was related, but I did that just in case and I'm now in and past where I was stuck. Thank you!
  2. I've been using the Mod fine since it was first released, so for my issue it isn't installing it (I've been using the mod launcher for a while now). It was just this latest patch that for some reason isn't getting past the "loading blocks" part when the game starts. Maybe I'll just try a full clean install just in case I managed to do something stupid.
  3. Anyone else having issues with the latest version? I was playing fine last night and I went to restart today. I deleted the old folder and reinstalled from scratch. Now when I load it up it hangs on "Loading Blocks". I thought it may be just taking a real long time, so I let it sit for about 40 minutes and it was still on the screen.
  4. I was the one who saw that, it turns out it wasn't a real horde. It was the local zombies being attracted to my position on that night. This is an issue that's hard coded in the game and can't be modded out. You'll still want to be somewhere safe but it won't be anything like a real horde.
  5. Gotcha, I kinda thought that was the case as the numbers were pretty low. Thanks a bunch!
  6. First off, I'm loving your mod, thank you! I've been playing the 21 day blood moon (weather disabled) version here and I just hit day 7....and I had a blood moon horde. It didn't seem quite as strong as a typical day 7 though. Is this expected behavior? I'm using the Mod Launcher, and I deleted my files earlier today and picked up the fresh mod files. Once again, thanks for your hard work!
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