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    He's got them on github, not sure about the link rules, just google dmustanger server tools, or if you can't find it, PM me and I'll link it to ya.
  2. Made me curious, so I had to look, my copy is $.016 per hour (1786 hours). I think I even paid full price for it around the alpha 14/15 era
  3. Judging by Camoes Gamer's stream, this mod is brutal and sadistic.....can't wait, downloading now
  4. Ok, so titanium armor...check. Coil rifles, plenty of rounds...check. Rad protection...check. I'ma go smoke the rad zone!!!! <...15 seconds later...> Run screaming like a little girl....check. Masterfully done KhaineGB! you win this round
  5. I second that! Ravenhearst is why my friends and I are playing 7d again. We look forward to 3.0 in the new year. Enjoy the break, you deserve it!
  6. All the hard work @JaxTeller718 and everyone involved, I really must say thanks for all the hard work. I have set up a server with a few friends and we are really enjoying this mod. I was pretty much burned out on 7d until giving Ravenhearst a go. Keep up the good work! I look forward to following the mod's evolution.
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