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  1. did more that 20 times.. I have nothing installed on it.. just the software install 50 on C drive.. which is stupid
  2. I do not know if anyone have noticed the game need around 5GB space on windows partition just to open the game although you install the game on a separate partition. My Disk only good 5GB left after recent windows update. Also I cant play 7 days for more than 5 mins I keep crashing because the hard disk has no space to write. I have many other games but no such issue. It makes no sense why we get the option to install the game on a separate partition but it still need space to keep writing what ever the temp files in windows partition, before the windows update I ran the game and it took 1G
  3. Im not sure how people keep modding weapons with different parts and all even bokes with thorns.. They look pretty badass. So Im looking for a place to find those decorations. What I am talking about is server side mods which do not require unity files. Below is a good examples. This is all vanilla mods with good decorations which makes them badass!
  4. opz but i see it there? did some ome move it ?
  5. I see a lot of people making mods. but the water still can go through a glass. its not logical. I was expecting for a fix on a19 but nop Is there a fix for it?
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