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  1. 18.4 (b4) Vanilla game and server. In a military base, new zombie respawn after original clear. Dismembered and blew off a standard female walker’s leg with an arrow. She began crawling with her right leg missing. After the first hit with a sledgehammer, she instantly went back up on one leg and was able to walk and arm attack on one leg as normal. Was in a Shotgun Messiah factory facing a standard crawler. The crawler was attempting to crawl over a 3 block high cubicle wall in the office area. His crawl over animation started, he went over the wall and started to come down after me, but got stuck in a rubberbanding loop where his crawl over animation played over and over and he just kept warping back to the other side of the wall. This happened about 12 times before he was killed. Both instances was the only player in the chunk.
  2. Vanilla game and server. Connected in multiplayer to a hosted server. Was in a Shotgun Messiah building inside of a city. Had a Bloated Walker zombie, fast tagged chase me. Hit him multiple times with a pistol but he killed me. When I went back to get my bag, he was standing over it just waiting. As I approached, while I was looking at him and about 50 yards away, he suddenly changed from a male to a Hungy Female (big momma?) fat zombie. Once I recovered my bag and went back in to the Shotgun Messiah to his original spawn where he came from, he was not there. However, after walking over his spawn point he instantly repopped on top of me out of nowhere and began attacking again. This all happened about 300 meters from my bedroll spawn, so the time between dying to him and getting back to my bag was about 20 seconds. Log should be here: https://justpaste.it/6ifkh
  3. Had the same thing happen. Died in desert out in the open, very low to no slope, just near a road to a large male zombie. When I went back to recover my bag it was not there. It still showed on my compass and map, but was not visible anywhere. Was about 1.5km from my bedroll, no one else was in the chunk when I died or re-entered to recover. Nothing collapsed on top of the bag. The compass and map locations also did not agree with each other with the difference being about 25-50 feet. Checked both locations and dug down to try and find the bag but could not see or recover the bag in either location.
  4. Couple of other items that are probably related to this issue: - When lagging, the minibike can sometimes cause a player to drive vertically instead of straight forward, this continues until the player logs out. - When getting off the minibike, sometimes you will experience unintended superacceleration of the bike causing it to fly forward a significant distance or to shoot into terrain and be lost. - Minibikes cause significant server lag when they are lost into terrain.
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