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  1. Anyone have the link to the "When will A20 be released thread" ?
  2. Read that, done that and got that t-shirt. Think a new warm game could be "Yellow River of China with Captain I. P. Freely" - swimming while holding nose simulator.
  3. Despise how 7D2D went away from the zombie random masses roaming the world to the sleepers system. Ok, zombies are not real and this is just a game..but sleepers so overdone just feels so unreal and corny. The game needs more randomized roaming masses like A15-
  4. Your ruminations, theories and ramblings concerning matters of morals, sexuality, etc is forever nullified by your advertising of wearing adult Underoos in the past. Once a roos always a roos!
  5. Please refine the storage crate system. Work was done on this in a19 to allow us to paint our own words on the crates: Words such "mods, guns, clothes", but we can't paint words on top of already existing paint jobs. The background when using the text tool means the background crate paint is destroyed and only plain wood shows. Either increase the painted on pictures to allow for more common types of storage such as "mods, raw mats, guns, melee, tools, seeds" or allow the writing of text on to existing those painted surfaces. Preferred would be both: Increase the limited number of painted on palettes(currently there is a health symbol, tool, ammo, etc) and allow words to be added on top of that crate paint. Survival games traditionally require a large amount of inventory management. In fact, the nature of survival in real world and in survival games are about obtaining useful items/tools for humans. Embrace the inventory management and at the same encourage home building.
  6. Wow, big list of changes right out of the gate for a20. Very ambitious TFP.
  7. Would rather see dev's time spent on bandits and/or AI improvements..
  8. There is no problem with double clearing POI's. So what if people do this.
  9. What matters most about missing in the world is Trader Jen needs some nipple poke through that tank top....Stripper, races, nah....finish Trader Jen the Fox
  10. I have experienced this bug With 19 twice in 2 POI. Shotgun Messiah Factory and the Coal Mine place. Forget exact name of coal place, has lung in the name also. These 2 occurrences happened over about 80 hours game time so definitely odd and difficult to reproduce. Exiting and reload from main menu(SP) solved the glitch both times. Note, the blocks were fine physically interactions wise. Only the rendering was wrong. As mentioned by other poster, seems related to distance POI rendering because wrongly rendered blocks all simple texture solidity color. In addition both times I recently arrived then got off vehicle. Factory occurrence was right outside the main lobby door and occurred soon as I drove to the place parked hog and walked near door.
  11. The mining helmet definitely needs some attention or removed from the game. Pretty sure most 7D2D old timers probably want to keep mining helmet in game, but make useful again. As is now, mining helmet really mostly exists as a nostalgia item. If not a horizon indicator, at least like +2% mining yield and +2% cave in damage reduction for mining helm.
  12. I know you said stick with 1080p, but I recently upgraded to 2K and wow. Might want to upgrade to 2k, your eyes will thank you. My recommend for good performance in 7D2D and any first person shooter is: Nvidia RTX2070 Super + 27 inch GSYNC compatible monitor. I am running Nvidia RTX2070 Super + a 27" Asus Republic of Gamers Monitor at 2560X1440. Ultra settings, at least 60FPS at all times. Don't skimp on video card and if Nvidia aim for Gsync compatible monitor
  13. One of problems experienced since started playing in a15 is when mining, sometimes can be difficult to determine if you are mining level from your current depth or going deeper when digging a tunnel . This issue occurs because there is no way provide a sense of gravity in a video game as one would in real life. The other way humans determine whether something (2 blocks next to each other in game) is level or not is by using a reference point such as the horizon or an existing known level floor. When mining a tunnel, there is no horizon. Nor is there usually a reference point of an already level floor when doing a tunnel. So sometimes what happens is, a miner will actual be digging a tunnel thinking the tunnel is level when in reality they are digging each new block 1 deeper. Gyrocopter flight would also greatly benefit from horizon indication, again while this may seem artificial..there is no feeling of gravity in game as in real life to indicate to a human if falling/descending(because gravity exerts less pressure on body) or climbing (because gravity exerts more pressure on body while climbing). Sure many folks flying the gyrocopter have noticed this same issue, sometimes difficult to determine if climbing or descending when in a gradual angle of attack. Propose a QOL addition: Make the mining helmet provide the ability to provide a small GUI horizon indicator. This will alleviate the limitations of a video game not being able to provide a feel for gravity for mining and for flying. In addition, the mining helmet is pointless currently since the introduction of armor mods where lights can be placed on every helmet and almost all helmets are better then mining helmet. This QOL enhancement proposal to the mining helmet will make the mining helmet provide a unique function that no other helms can do, like the mining helmet used to do when the sole helmet providing light service. Regardless of mining helmet or not helm, the game QOL would be greatly enchancee by providing a small horizon indicator for flying and mining purposes.
  14. Good to see the screenshot showing towers in Tier 5 quests. Must just be my map has no towers. I am limited to Shotgun Messiah Factory, Shamway factory, Hospital and the 6(?) story apartment building for Tier 5 quests. Doing these quests made me realize that doing the same quest types over and over was getting boring, even if the POI's were different. Would be good to see some variations such as : --Clear POI XXX in under 60 minutes --Clear POI while only using a bone shiv --Etc Grabbing the loot satchel doesn't really seem different enough from clearing the whole POI of zombies because always clear the whole POI anyways. And then besides clearing POI's, how about some crafting quests and mining quests. Maybe not tier5 though, unless crafting requires an end game recipe. --Deliver 10,000 iron to trader --Deliver a crafted minibike to trader etc, quest type variety is just as important to players as quest difficulty. Currently, from what I can see playing there is only dig quests, clear POI (with the variant of just grabbing the satchel supplies from the POI). The dig quests are enjoyable to me, but sadly dig quests stop at tier 2.
  15. Desert Vulture + High Agility + Stealth = da love 1 shot radiated nasties over and over
  16. Great idea and should be easy to implement. Probably just a simple change to existing xml
  17. The a19 treasure dig system is fine, don't revert to old.
  18. Day 36, still no Steel Tools schematic. --rude
  19. Seed name: SystematicArbutus is amazing map. Best map in my almost 3000 hours playing 7D2D. Thank you!
  20. Stealth doesn't feel broken to me, 30ish hours played a19. What is broken is the elevator hatch exploit!! Bring it back or develop a new designed working elevator in a20+ !!
  21. a19 release notes should have a clear warning and requirement for players to not use A18 or earlier worlds. I had 10+ hours into A19 play before realizing the problem which requires a new game to fix .
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