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  1. Observations and rambling on a20 endgame. Found going from trader to trader a constant thing. Traveling back and forth doing distance POI's. The general plan of travel was clear out the truck, load the truck into a backpack then hop in the gyro for long distance travel. Then once there, deploy the truck and put the gyro in backpack. This was a lot of inventory management and vehicle shuffling. While eventually getting frustrated with this need to shuffle inventory to use multiple vehicles, got to thinking would be really cool to just be able to pay a trader to teleport me to another trader. Basically town to town instant travel, but at a caps cost. However, got to thinking that teleport is a bit too magical. So how about human cannonball instead. Basically, once you have cleared tier5 quests for a trader, the trader opens up the ability to purchase cannon ball shots from 1 trader to another trader already discovered. Course this would need some kind of parachute system or wing glider system for the player to land. This human cannonball thought lead to "what if there is a way to win and escape the wasteland?" , clearing all tier 6 quests(a21) provides the option to purchase from a trader a super cannonball shot that shoots you off the map back to civilization. /end Rambling man
  2. Seriously, read the guide here : Obtain acid guide Should be vanilla
  3. Hi, I seen no issues with farming in a20 after getting the 3X Living Off the Land perk. Yes, different then other alphas but not broken. I kinda enjoyed the randomness of crop harvesting in a20 now. Before a20, seemed like such a bore as constant 100% accurate prediction harvests was zzz. If anything, would like to see farming removed in this game because once sustainable farming is achieved.. no more hunger pains. IMHO, the "fix to farming" is to make farming harder and food storage difficult: 1. Harvests that rot if not harvested in time 2. Infestation to destroy crops 3. Bandits to steal stored food/water 4. Spoilage "Fixing farming" is NOT going back to old alpha methods, IMHO. $(7D2D) != $(Stardew Valley)
  4. IS there legendary loot in a20 or is tier6 the creme de la creme?
  5. Does the biome affect difficulty of zombies spawning during horde night? For example, if deciding to do horde night in snow biome is snow biome more difficult for horde night then a forest biome?
  6. The demo also chews through normal blocks without exploding I thought, at least that is what seemed to kill most of my hatch base. And then a green cop exploded. On the Jawoodle base, what did the base in was a 2 cops exploding at top of stairs, totally demolishing the ramp up for the zombies to killing corridor. No, your base is not cheese. Going around and repairing your traps is considered fighting. You are not 100% safe. huddling underground and crafting while horde night rages above, that is clear cheese.
  7. . There is the option to turn off zombies and/or turn off horde nights thus making the underground base completely safe. Therefore, the OP statement of "telling us how to play" isn't a fact. The player is very clearly given a choice in game settings.
  8. Easy answer: Any defense that allows the player to be 100% safe from harm without fighting. Currently in a20: Kill corridor is not cheese, the player is not 100% safe. I can think of zero current horde night strats where the player is completely safe without needing to fight. In my last horde night (getting end game high game stage) , I used 3 different horde bases on same night: 1. A close range hatch hall 2. The killing corridor (Jawoodle build) 3. Elevated strong tower, with shoot down bars. The close range hatch hall build fell, the Jawoold killing corridor also fell but I managed to finish the horde night safe on the last build. 2-3 green cops at a time, multiple demo at same time, green vultures. Probably had about 10-15 demo's through the night..Yes, they will break that Jawoodle killing corridor. IMHO, late game high game stage hordes now requires multiple bases for fall back purposes. Therefore, job well done TFP. To hear the OP and some others "Don't tell us how to play" is very discouraging to me cause I think TFP have done an incredible job of making the game more challenging for my play.
  9. Parkour level 4 is OP, jumping 2M high is just sweet. /hug AGI
  10. Agree. Even in Starvation mod mentioned here with food spoilage plus crop spoilage there was still plenty of food once out of early game. Maybe we just need to accept this and be challenged in other ways: 1. Bandits 2. Raids on our base by bandits 3. And then, Bandits
  11. Enjoyed the heck out of Starvation mod in a15. Yes the food spoilage was not quite balanced, but better then nothing. If TFP wants to keep things simple and at the same time make food scarce, seems the only solution is to remove farming. IMHO would prefer leaving farming in but add in what the Starvation mod did: Spoilage of food and crops getting disease.
  12. Well that is not quite true about stealth either. Yes stealth is harder, but I play agi/stealth build and have discovered how to make stealth work with a20. They did nerf stealth quite hard, maybe a bit too hard..I didn't give up. Instead, what discovered is that : There is not hard triggers to break stealth. Some tips for folks thinking stealth is too hard to manage now: 1. Clear POI at night, on the larger POI's I sometimes have to screw off during the day to allow a second night. In game settings, increase the night timr period! Night time is to be cherished for stealth builds. 2. Sometimes you need to destroy lights before getting closer to where zeds are 3. Do not, repeat, DO NOT think there is any honor to be had in following the path intended for the player to follow through the POI. Instead, use the voxel system to break down walls/doors where the POI maker didn't expect. Use nerd poling. This is probably the biggest thing I did to start making stealth work for me, Going to give an example here: On the tier 5 book tower, build ladder/straight to the roof to start the clear. Alternately, clear the first floor by axing through the massive traps at entrance. Then after 1st floor clear, go to the roof from outside with nerd pole/ladders. Also, there is a back door to pickaxe/chop through for the lobby floor. 4. Trash/glass on floor causes noise. You must axe these away before walking over. 5. The book perks that allow you to walk over that trash without noise and the other perk to jump without noise are huge perks. 6. Pay close attention to noise meter. Everything you do causes noise. 7. Go slower, much slower. 9. After drawing string on a bow for example, don't fire right away. That drawing of string causes noise, wait 1-2 seconds(watch noise meter) before firing. Only after noise meter drops from the noise raise of string draw should fire. After firing, do not draw/reload or move right away. Wait for the firing noise to return to base level. 10. The key thing I also learned is don't panic when detected by standing up and running away. Usually if a zed agro's you when stealth, there will only be 1 or 2 zed agro. If you stand up and run, the whole floor will agro. Instead, move back slowly away from the spot you fired from. Usually, if your noise level is low enough they will run to the spot where they detected your firing spot but will not see you anymore. Wait for them to get out of search mode and then whack them. A lot times they might run right next to you and stop and still not detect you. That is melee sneak attack time! 11. Tis possible to walk with only raising the noise meter by 1-2, but need to be very slow. Once you get this patience of walking thing down, tis possible to very slowly walk up to zombies and melee attach them for instant kills. Press w as short clicks with pauses in between instead of just holding down w to move. So yes, while stealth is nerfed and I used to think there is hard triggers to break stealth in a20... After deeper dives in this issues discovered there is not hard break stealth triggers. You just need to work harder to make stealth work.
  13. Agree with OP, the heat map generation from auger is too high. Posted on this topic a few days ago. Thought about the already mentioned options above, but IMHO the best option would be a new mod for the auger/chainsaw: "The muffler" : 50% reduction in noise/heat generation. What I have done to mitigate the auger heat map generation: Mineshaft straight down with cobble stone blocks + iron hatch. Place a robot turret at top guarding the hatch top side. Also, have dug a second mine entrance about 20 blocks away that allows for leaving through a different hatch then where the zombies are trying to break into. Key thing here with this strat: Better to mine deeper away from surface because screamer will only scream if she actually detects you. Sometimes (30-50% ish) if deep enough, your turret might kill her at hatch before she screams. Too far down and your turret will not agro. Get at least level 2-3 of robotic turret thingy skill. If you mine near the surface really close to hatch she will always scream before turret kills her. Could also build regular base turrets, but that would require a lot of time investment.
  14. Here is another fun fact about play style being "forced" : You don't even need to build a base. Game stage 250ish currently/level 80ish and I still don't have a base. I simply throw down loot containers and forges/workbench/etc across the street from traders. Yup, get attacked at night and during the day. I welcome the zeds attacking my "base" because tis +exp. For horde nights, up until level 60ish I would simply take over a strong structure POI (with alterations such as knocking out stairs) for that horde night. Forcing players to a particular "style" is utterly untrue.
  15. There is nothing to stop someone from building a base underground. No one is forcing players to play a particular style. Utter hogwash from OP and the whine video from Saven. Totally agree with this and I used to do underground bases the same way. The OP and other whiners about underground bases are omitting a key fact in the whine statements: They want a base that is 100% safe from harm. In a15, my first bug report was "Zombies won't dig down to me on horde night. " In fact, back in a15 you could simply dig a 4-5 block hole straight down 1hour before horde night and stay safe all during horde. Applaud digging zombies and any exploit fixes by devs that prevent 100% safe environment for my game.
  16. I am also a long time player with 3000 hours. Disagree with the OP and agree with TFP for attempting to counter exploits. Survival is not about seeing how you can game the game. Applaud 7D2D devs for doing exactly what the OP and a few others are complaining about.
  17. Hats off to this POI maker. This POI is insanely huge. Complicated, can actually get lost. Seems more like a Tier 6. Those big towers got nothing on this Pills Factory POI. I cleared Higashi tower with zero deaths. Pills factory killed me 3 times! I could see 1 person working on this POI 40 hours a week for 3-6 months. Such design, such master class building. Hats off POI makers of Pills Factory. And to the people who say Tier 5 POI not worth it: Well, that is only true when min-maxing for quests. This Pills Factory POI is worth it just for the challenge.
  18. a21 dev diary is hidden from public..
  19. Strangly, I find that no base structure works best for me. Just put down storage chests + forge + etc on the street next to a trader. The nights are not that bad + this provides more flexibility in moving bases.
  20. Seems the heat map generation might be a bit excessive on the auger. Someone on dev team hates the auger guessing. Well, IRL augers are only for soft dirt and wood. So why not just nerf auger to be more like the laws of RL physics. Then you can introduce jackhammer love. Introducing Hank the Superior Auger JackHammer:
  21. Just hit lvl 54 and finally got a crucible. I play 33% loot and love it. Why rush to end game..
  22. Working as intended. Think the OP just gave the devs a huge compliment. The real question was he serious ? The OP whine brought joy this day
  23. This thread made me think of a documentary watched recently. Acid Documentary Great documentary on the importances of acid's in our modern day life. Little did I know how important acid is to us. After watching this came to understand that almost every man made object in our life uses acid as part of the manufacturing process in 1 way or another. This statement in the documentary stuck with me "A nations industrial might can easily be measured simply by their total acid production". So regarding the game play mechanic of acid being rare... probably not very realistic. The rarity seems a fun game play mechanic and am fine with that gameplay choice.
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