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  1. Welcome to Night of the Walking Army of Evil Undead PVX server!

    Custom modded, aimed for a more traditional Z-pocalypse experience!


    PVX definition for this server: You may pvp but you may not raid claimed bases. If bases are abandoned and the claim has decayed, you may raid such a base. No duping, exploiting, hacking, or cheating, ppl caught will be blacklisted no 2nd chances.


    You may claimblock a POI if you want to, do so at your own risk, POIs can sometimes reset with a bad chuck, and zeds might spawn inside, and admins will not repair or replace resources in such an event.


    Thank for joining, good luck have fun!






  2. Sorry if it's been asked, as I haven't been all the way through the thread yet, but is it possible to set multiple homes? Ex: /sethome /sethome 1 /sethome 2; /home /home 1 /home 2 etc



    This tool only handles one /home command. It does not handle extra player made waypoints.

  3. i just downloaded server tools and was looking in the custom commands is there a way in there to set up a N/S/E/W teleport for players ?



    <!-- <Command Command="tradepost" Response="tele {EntityId} -310 -1 1010" DelayBetweenUses="60" /> -->


    you can set up a desired teleport location with a command like so. however i do not believe the cooldown works, unless dmustanger has fixed in recent updates.

  4. Is there a way to set multiple homes / teleport points? I'm using this for the home feature, but I can only set 1 home at a time.


    you can create other teleports in the custom commands. howver there will be no cool down


    <!-- <Command Command="tradepost" Response="tele {EntityId} -310 -1 1010" DelayBetweenUses="60" /> -->


    You will have to enter the coords like so. and name it whatever you like. As i said delayBetweenUses does not work for this.


    As far as personal teleport points for players, im not sure you can create such with this tool alone as is.

  5. Hello All,


    I am running a dedicated A16e B129 server on a separate computer that I have, I only have steamcmd on the machine and installed 7d2d server via "start "" steamcmd.exe +login username password +force_install_dir "C:\Steam" +app_update 251570 validate +quit".


    I mention that because I read the other user from a while back is having the same issue and was not on dedicated.


    so I copied over the mods folder to my root directory "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die", started my dedicated server. went and looked in "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie" and did not see the server tools folder, I opened up the saves folder and did not see it, or in any of the subfolders.


    I looked in the root\data\worlds folder and did not see it either, where can I find a log to look at? or what might be the cause? It looks like the mod is not loading in at all, not sure if I need to enable it somehow?


    Thanks in advance for advice!


    is the Saves folder located in the root folder? In serverconfig.xml the very last line is a choose saves folder. if this line is active then it will place your saves folder where that line tells it to. if that line in the parameter says "saves" then the saves folder will be located in the C:\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die


    if that line is disabled then your save folder goes to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie


    inside the Saves folder you should fond a folder called ServerTools. and your editable config xmls will be there.


    Lastly, you must ENABLE the tools in the servertoolsconfig.xml to generate the appropriate editable xmls


    <Tool Name="CustomCommands" Enable="False" ChatColor="[00FF00]" />


    Must be made "True" to generate your xml in the Saves folder.

  6. <!-- <Command Command="mod" Response="pm "[00FF00] Mods Available on Server Are: Day7; Economy with Teleport and Home; Increased Stack Sizes; Recipes For Machete and Shears; Stews Return Hydration; No Timers Perk in Skills."" DelayBetweenUses="0" />

    <Command Command="cmnds" Response="pm "[00FF00] /day7 will allow you to check when is the next blood moon. /help will bring up commands for Economy and Teleport system."" DelayBetweenUses="0" /> -->


    <Command Command="mod" Response="say "[00FF00]Mods Available on Server Are: Day7, Economy with Teleport and Home, Increased Stack Sizes, Recipes For Machete and Shears, Stews Return Hydration, No Timers Perk in Skills.[-]"" DelayBetweenUses="0" />


    <Command Command="cmnds" Response="say "[00FF00] /day7 will allow you to check when is the next blood moon. /help will bring up commands for Economy and Teleport system.[-]"" DelayBetweenUses="0" />



    I didnt test it. buuuuuuut. should work. GLHF

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