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  1. Ok thank you for all the help I am sure you will hear quite a bit from me in the next few days lol
  2. ah ok so that is something I would do after releasing my mod to the public and not in the testing phase
  3. Woo Hoo and we have sucess lol thank you quick question the link shouldn't change now so it should remain valid correct? now if I could only get rid of the DirectoryNotFoundException:Could not find Part of the path ...\data\uma textures\TraderCaitlin_0_d.png Error I would be happy today lol
  4. noticed this in the log not sure if it is relevent or not INFO 3 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - Attempting to download: https://github.com/MadMan2415/MCS_Rebirth.git INFO 3 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - Preparing to download: https://github.com/MadMan2415/MCS_Rebirth.git INFO 3 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - https://github.com/MadMan2415/MCS_Rebirth.git not direct link. INFO 3 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - Allowing Redirect... INFO 1 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - Waiting for Background Process to complete: Refreshing Mods for MCS_Rebirth with SMX INFO 3 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - Found real download link: https://github
  5. https://pastebin.com/QCTBurVd <---log file from Launcher sorry kind long file don't know how to clear it
  6. it is set to C:\7D2D double checked and set it again just to be sure also just used it to install WOTW and SMX again and it worked just fine so it is only my mod with issues
  7. Ok Still the Same Problem, Started with a clean copy of everything, installed SMX UI tested locally everything works. Compared and copied files to new folder and uploaded changed files to my github. Ran Launcher in advanced with new copy and back to the same error. noticed the output window in launcher showed- The following downloads will occur to install the mods for this server: - Downloading Downloading is Done Total Download Time: 00:00:01.45 Downloading Downloading is Done Total Download Time: 00:00:01.43 Copying \TempMods\MCS_Rebirth to \7DaysToDie.exe Copying is Done.
  8. It appears that the problem was inexperiance with Beyond 4 compare on my end.I was choosing Move to Folder instead of copy to folder.So the first changes worked but after i compared, uploaded and tested when I went back to my working folder and made any new edits when I compared, uploaded and tested I was missing files from the first set. Starting fresh to Check (not a big deal at this point just getting my base starting point started to use for a backup) will post back the results.
  9. Using Malwarebytes, Rouge Killer, Malwarebytes Anti-Root kit, MSE, and Zone Alarm Firewall. Launcher and C:\7D2D are set to allowed and ignored in all of them. was thinking that it is something in my mod because I can download and run any of the default mods such as WOTW without any issue.
  10. and now it gets weirder if I go to the folder where the launcher installed the working copy of the mod the 7days2die.exe file's icon is the weird icon (the one that shows up like when a shortcut points to a file that no longer exists). so just for science I copied the file from my clean copy over to the folder for the modded version and left the folder open to watch what happens and hit play mod and boom icon changes back and error again. did the copy thing again and this time just ran the install from the folder itself (so used the launcher to install and sync but launched from the exe in the
  11. Having a small issue could use some help. so what I did was start with a clean copy of 7 days to die 16.4 modded in a simple ui tested worked fine installed sdx compliled it on modded copy no sdx mods installed (just first build) tested worked fine installed katana mod tested worked fine used Beyond Compare 4 to find all changed files ---> copied to folder uploaded the files to my github used 7 days to Die mod launcher to download install and launch and get U any ideas? if there is any log files that would help let me know and I will post them kinda new to the launcher
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