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  1. I dont know how to do that. Although I would love to, I can think of so many textures I could make. Anyway, the game was just updated to A18.3 and there is an issue with some objects being offset. I have fixed that ans re uploaded the mod. If you experiencie that just download it again and install it the same way. - - - Updated - - - Thank you
  2. Kool man!!! Thanks, that's great, I will try them later. Yeah, no blender, I kinda forgot, but can add one for the next update. Gracias!!!!!!
  3. Hola!!1 Hey, that's great, thank you for you efforts and I'm glad you like the mod. I'm not good at recipies either, but if you don't mind, I will add this to the mod, and for a next update I will release them being usable, and of course credit you. If you just want to share the config code for these. Me alegra que te haya gustado el mod!!!! Fue un montَn de trabajo y hay mas por venir!!!
  4. Hello and thank you for your comments. Im afraid you cant use the chairs to sit, I dont know how do those work but my guess is that they are made as vehicles so you can sit. I need to try one of those mods. As for the oven an coffee maker I think you can change that in the mod's config.xml file. If you know how to do it or someone else now let me know that I may add that to the mod and credit the person.
  5. Hello, yes, no problem at all. Its there for everyone to use so go ahead, it would be a honor. Just let me know if you do it.
  6. Yeah I know, at the beggining I though they would be just there by the time you start approaching instead of just spawning once you are there and turn around. Though it would look good to have a bounch of zombies in the front, at the end it didnt work too well, but I was lazy to remove them haha. They still show up to make things a bit more interesting
  7. Hey, hi. No, I've tried all of the double doors and have no problem. Did you try to reinstall the mod. Is your game updated?
  8. Hey, hi. No, I've tried all of the double doors and have no problem. Did you try to reinstall the mod. Is your game updated?
  9. Hey, thank you for you comments and sorry for that, but I tryed every window, double door and sliding door and that problem is not showing to me, as you can see in the screenshot. Did you happen to modify the config file or something? So, I really don't know what to tell you. If anyone else is having this problem let me know.
  10. Hello. Here's a project I've been working for like two months. It's a mall, because every zombie game has to have a mall, right? There are several levels, many shops all different, loot, zombies, discounts and more. You can get it from Nexus page: NH's No Hope Mall Let me know what you think.
  11. Hey, sorry, indeed there was a problem, I have fixed it already. For new downloads I have included the fix and for those who had already downloaded the mod just have to replace the HNPaintings.unity3d in Resources folder inside the mod folder. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can get the single file from here: HNPaintings fix
  12. Hi, thanks, I will check but I think it was working fine. If anyone else is having this issue let me know please. - - - Updated - - - Oh, dont worry, there will be more...
  13. Hello. I have finished the first stage of my mod and wanted to share it here. I made all textures, normal maps and 3d models myself. I took me some months but I finally decided to release it. It includes many items to add some extra fancy touch to your base. You can download it from Nexus page: Unnecessary but Beautiful Mod I have also included a POI wich uses elements from my mod. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!
  14. Hello. I made this house just for fun and to use some of the new stuff included in A18. As some of my previous creations it look new, it's not decaying or broken. But feel free to play around with the looks if you want. I hope you like it. Here's the link for download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1buSXRJS0KXwN5n1fWf0xOkdupYEjDPKi And here some images.
  15. If you want to have some fun while checking more views of the house and the mod, check this video Reach Gaming did using the mod and the POI.
  16. I find Dead Island inspirational. Specially the beggining where you start at the hotel.
  17. Try again please, I have reuploaded the video without music. Sorry.
  18. Hello. This is a mod I've been creating. It just adds a bounch of "nice" things to the game I have created myself, from 3d modelling to textures. I have to thank all those who gave me a hint on how to do this and how to do that in unity, etc. I have some opening doors with animated handles, "working" Tvs and lamps, and a bounch of stuff that adds nothing to the game but looks good. I'm not releasing it yet after I have done some testing and my XML editing is horrible, but, I'll handle it. Meanwhile let me know what you think. And here's a little tour video showing some
  19. Now that's a prison! Amazing!!!! God job!
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