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  1. Console did sell great...but then it got dropped and console players felt extremely shafted for paying money for a product that was never delivered. I get what you're saying, and it's true that it "did" sell great before the Great Shafting, but it might seem callous to some to point that out,
  2. It seems to me that simply remapping the button yourself would be a good idea. I did that ages ago with the drop command since it was close to the movement keys. It took all of about twenty seconds.
  3. So we're not going to be able to wear clothes and armor at the same time? What's the design motivation behind that?
  4. So I just noticed the super vultures that spawn during horde night. So if you hop on a vehicle two seconds before horde ends you get twenty vultures that move five times faster, lock your vehicle up, and spew acid all over the place. I suppose Trolland got tired of people hopping on their bike at the end of the horde.
  5. I like the little glimpses I get of Faatal when.... Wait, which thread is this again? - - - Updated - - - You do realize that faatal hasn't actually posted on the forum since mid 2012, right? None of the Pimps have, it's just Roland logging onto their accounts and saying random stuff. I have pics.
  6. This sounds cool, but we also need a zombie faction. Either some type of group that tries to control zombies through leashes, implanted chips, chemical hypnosis (why not), or by breeding with them and making some type of hybrid. Or something, I dunno. But we need a survivor faction, a bandit faction, and a zombie faction. Maybe the zombie faction can be the aliens that created the virus, or it could be Higashi since they were experimenting on them.
  7. According to more and more mainstream physicists time is completely irrelevant and exists no more than a definitive for a "good" or "bad" smell. I mean, we all remember when there were a few quacks talking time travel and how time is merely an illusion, but we have particle physicists now jumping on the bandwagon.
  8. Okay, so I thought someone would do that with a bag, and yes, I myself told the guys and gal on my server that I want to do that, but only if falling block damage still applies.
  9. Did....did Beazey make a burner forum account just to troll Roland on one post? Sure, best idea ever. Must be nice to have nothing else to do.
  10. Each of these allegedly happen in sequence before every alpha. That's what they tell us, at least, me...I'm skeptical.
  11. If zeds can sense you through fifty seven solid blocks to hear/smell you at bedrock, then you'll need at least a fifty seven block thick wall on your aboveground bases. I simply don't see them being able to sense you unless they introduce an air system where we have to vent our smoke and what not out of the underground base. I could be wrong, but just on basic maths it doesn't make sense for them to sense you at bedrock and not through a one block thick wall at your aboveground poi. Mebbe Roland has his advanced maths to help.
  12. Since the game isn't optimized yet I play with most of the graphics settings pretty low and know several who do the same. As far as I'm concerned, it's still alpha and graphics are pretty much backseat. That is MY opinion. I know that plenty of players have a high opinion of graphics. I just want a game with no lag. But in my opinion, no noticeable difference for what settings I'll be using, unless they get the game optimized. And since I have no idea what that entails, I keep that opinion to myself and just keep playing the game.
  13. Umm, I play sp and mp both and I am not sure that your experience is indicative of everyone else. I, for example, love my underground tunnels. I can tunnel across the entire Navezgane map in just a few hours after day seven or so, when I get my steel tools. If you don't like underground tunnels to get you from place to place, simply walk. No need to run, you can outwalk any zombie anytime you like, so take a nice stroll. Zeds will respawn in poi's if you don't put down a bedroll. Build a base on stilts and no zeds will spawn in them. There are also benches, concrete mixers, etc. in each a
  14. If you delete a few will it move the counter down?
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