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  1. Well the 1st stream night was amazingly successful! about 1 hour in is when the mayhem starts LUL . Thank you for all the many people who showed up and made the stream so eventful.
  2. Hi I'm Badhabitz, I'm insane. I have made a twitch chat integration command system that lets you summon Zombies, Buff/Debuff players or give items directly from chat. Its pretty complicated , I'm insane, with Over 40 Zombie Commands and 40 Human commands each command has its own Tier Level. Which means you need to reach a certain Tier to use Commands. Tiers are based on how much Humanity you have if you use zombie commands you loose humanity if you use human commands you gain humanity , think of humanity Tiers like experience levels, Humans are positive Experience levels and Zombies are Negat
  3. Badhabits

    A16 Valmod Pack

    You need to download V4.75 from Valmar's github since he hasnt updated the link yet in the original post. Might be on purpose to make sure hes worked out any bugs. Valmar, I just jumped into modding 7d2d and I have been combing over your modded xml files and the amount of time and thought that has gone into this is truly astounding. I would dare say after playing this mod it would be very hard to play vanilla again. I'm honestly surprised how much attention to balance has gone into this mod you can really tell the numbers are tweaked with balance in mind and not just thrown in to look goo
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