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  1. might been asked about b4. But is the clock not supposed to show in this mod? I can only see the day. Not the time of day.


    Yes, that is intended. You can see what time it is at the trader. You can also make or find a watch that you can put on your hotbar and use to give you the time. Otherwise, you learn to watch the sun. :)

  2. Is it what I think it is?


    /Giddy with excitement since 1971


    I'm gonna guess moped. Or a go-kart! That would be hella fun!


    - - - Updated - - -



    It also stacks to 500, so hopefully less storage usage.



    Bless you, Khaine!


    (I am gonna miss the amusement park though. :upset:) ;-)

  3. These insane requeriments are ruining the fun for me. The grind to get new class books is obnoxious. Day 26 and still didn't craft one.


    To the modder: change this, the unlock of new classes is one of the major features of the mod and is behind an annoying grind.


    I'd recommend hitting bookstores. By day 20, I'd made two additional class books.

  4. I'm hoping 2 weeks max. I would like 2.1 to be out by the end of the month. :)


    You're welcome to try the experimental though. Going by tester feedback so far, I don't expect many game-breaking changes at this point.


    I might just do that. Are the new biomes in the experimental branch?


    Also, would I have to restart to take my world to stable? (It's been a while since I've played in an experimental branch.)

  5. My 17.1 world that I updated to 17.2 has a few glitches... Not too many (floating trees, POI's spawning on top of each other, quest markers to nowhere), but enough that I'm thinking it's time for a new world. But, I'd like to wait for a big mod update to do it. I'm especially looking forward to the new biome you teased. How far off do you think that update is? If it's not too far, I'll just mess around in my existing world and wait for it.

  6. Just a note of interest. The RWG with the mod is changing the trader locations vs. vanilla. Maybe it was like that previously and intended, but I didn't think so. Using b27 vanilla, the seed "gimme good map" has a trader along the main road to the east (there are probably others). But generating it while running the modpack, there are no traders on the map at all. When I finish the hammer quest, the null reference errors start popping up, because it can't find a trader.

  7. No idea. I didn't change the underground ore distribution other than adding in Titanium. I think most folks used to find it closer to the surface in A16. No idea if that logic holds up in A17.


    No above-ground spawns though.


    Cool. Thanks for the response. Back in 15, it used to be most common at the bottom of the sand layer just before it turned to stone. But now the sand goes all the way to bedrock, so I'm not sure what level to dig at. I didn't play 16 a whole lot. Your mod is my first play through since early A16.

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