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  1. That'd be awesome if the roads in rwg weren't always so jank 🤣
  2. The ridiculous images that scroll through my head when I think of a bicycle with a turbo mod...
  3. 2 Items today (I knew I forgot some yesterday) 1: Quallity This may be more of a revamp suggestion but possibly not too difficult. I would like to see quality of items balanced a bit more... static. I feel like a T6 stone shovel should NOT be better than a T1 iron shovel. It can be disappointing to finally find an iron shovel* (insert any tool or weapon here really) only for it to be worse than the lower tier item you would want to replace. I would like to advocate a more linear quality curve in this regard. 2: Air drops Not an original idea of mine. Heard it from C
  4. You know, I actually like this. It could give you a sense of reclaiming the area from the zombies ala state of decay. It does kind of break immersion seeing poi's refill with zombies, especially if you're on an island because... where do the fresh zombies come from?
  5. I know people can do this, but it's messy if you need to use multiple signs to keep a list of personal objectives. A chalk board also has a certain... doomsday planner vibe to it.
  6. Fresh couple of thoughts after watching some youtube vids and playing. I'd like to preface all my questions and suggestions with this: 7dtd is TFP's baby, I wish only to offer ideas that may strike inspiration within the team. Pathing: We've all had experiences with zombies trying to run at you, but they seem to only be able to functionally move in north, south, east, and west directions smoothly. When moving outside of the cardinal directions they seems to zigzag unrealistically. Is path smoothing a priority for alpha, beta, later, or not at all? Loot drops: Let's
  7. Got a pair of questions today, 1: Is Stealth going to get an update at some point? I know having poi triggers for ambushes are important for a good scare, but I also see people with really good stealth loadouts get totally boned by established abmush lines. I've also noticed these same people with a suppressed pistol wake up an entire POI taking one sneak shot. Is that a bug with suppressed pistols? I would think that good stealth skills/gear that you could roll through a POI with a suppressed pistol and wipe out everything Sam Fisher style. 2: Are traps going to b
  8. I big ole +1 for boats. Water traversal just always sucks, and zombies swim faster than you do (No skills affect swim speed). Naturally this would be best implemented after the water rework and the RWG update. Could make traversal by river a really solid way to get around. As for weapons, I don't foresee them adding any more late game guns, what with the general intention of a story and game progression. I would like for Axes to be included as a viable weapon (bladed weapon perks?) since you do get a straight up battle axe. I would also like to see an optional mounted turret (basic
  9. Is there a planned change to Traders? Right now we can't collect any of their crops since it's not E to collect anymore and they have trader immunity. Is TFP planning on removing the crops or otherwise making them available to players or are we doomed to be teased with coffee every time we go to visit Trader Joel?
  10. Question. Is there any plan to allow us to tie XP to difficulty? I know we can manually up the xp when we up the difficulty, but it would be nice to have a more dynamic option. (Risk vs Reward scaling)
  11. Air enemies are a good idea, however most of the time it seems like they either spawn on top of you or make no sound at all until they already pecking a hole in the back of your skull. Perhaps a more mechanical issue; if you are in a gyrocopter, they are much faster than you, and when (not if) they intercept you, the copter acts as though it just ran into a wall and falls out of the sky.
  12. The issue, as I mentioned before, is (most likely) the "feature" they added "Normal entities load their prefabs and meshes on demand instead of during world load". If you got a high powered machine, you'll see less chop after the start because you may (probably) have your settings turned up, which loads a bunch of stuff around you, and thereby only showing the problem when moving at higher speeds and/or moving into POI dense areas. If you are running a lower end rig, your draw distance is (usually) set lower which means you get constant "on demand" loading of prefabs and assets causing your ga
  13. Item 12 of the change log (Under "Changed") is most likely the culprit Normal entities load their prefabs and meshes on demand instead of during world load That's a LOT of stuff potentially loading as you move through the world. I'd much rather just have the world load like it did before. I'm not that impatient. edit: Running Ryzen 7 1700, 32gb ddr4 ram, gtx 1060. Settings low to medium. As others have mentioned, the previous EXP did not have this issue. Hence why I think that this feature is the culprit.
  14. Would it be possible to move the onselfequip explaination post to the front page? I, for one, typically watch the front page of mods for updates (as they tend to get buried if posted in the general thread) I've been waiting on an update sonce 18 stable hit, finally decided to scour the thread for info.
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