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  1. Area of Effect - Explosions and Molotovs have this already
  2. i admit, bleeding damage on weapons and armor would be a game changer DOT and AOE stuff is awesome to learn how to avoid
  3. not gonna lie, if they did it would make sense lol
  4. you can for full lead back, i cant remember the amount but you totally can smelt batteries
  5. agreed, i usually build 2 or 3 workbenches and i only ever use 1 haha, downfalls to adhd. i honestly wouldn't mind a machine in the game we can craft that we put scrappable items into and it will scrap them for 100% of the stuff, could be late tier too im doing that on my channel right now, limited build where im only allowed to use knives, pistols and bows, its going well and i wish i had perked a little more into mining first but im doing well all things considered, plus 50% loot abundance for a little bit more of a challenge
  6. lol i rarely do it, im so used to scrapping in my inventory, i never think about doing it actually
  7. since forever for what i know, u just have to scrap while in the workbenches inventory
  8. that would be amazeballs, and with feral sense she could summon only ferals haha
  9. well i mean there is a radio poi thats destroyed, a birds nest is at the top, just saying.... and i call the decayed mother lois the infected survivor dwayne and the new zombie trevor from gta, they do look like those people haha
  10. And on todays navezgane news report, we have now seen an unsettling scene, vultures who have been zombified attacking our nations pride the bald eagle, reports coming in from the attack, Lois? Lois: Braiiiiiins Thanks Lois, its a zombie bird bath out there between these two predators, i hope everyone is safe and soun...... Glass Breaks, eagle noises, gurggling.....
  11. along with vultures, if we wanted a stronger varient, i would go nuts to see a zombified bald eagle and golden eagle imagine being divebombed by those
  12. I do agree, seeing more infected animals would be awesome, it could be down the road to, so far, madmole simply teasing some of the special infected, i have high hopes
  13. that is so perfect, his name will be sir reginald buzzly
  14. technically they could do it with the hawaiian shirt zombie, dont change a thing about him, but when he dies he has a few crawlers come out of him, it would look sloppy to have them spawn around him after a few seconds, but just as an example to try, and that bunker buster we dont think about much anymore lol
  15. Dude, if we get the fly in game, we could have a bloater zombie that when it is killed a few of the flys burst out of it and come after you, oh the possibilities
  16. ive always wanted to see a feral crawler do this, you see it when it spans or sleeping, looks normal, then it screams and blood spurts out where its legs are supposed to be and now it looks like a cobbled together wight
  17. The demon i had in mind would be modelled around the idea of the wight, though darker, wearing iron armor (black in my mind) and eyes glowing red, another "heavy" varient to show up later and cause some scares and havoc
  18. oh i love it, even gives ideas more mods such as respirators and gas masks to counter the effect even for a short time
  19. to adapt and extract from those cute abominations, we could have humans that are half slug, move kinda like the crawler right now and the feral version could move even faster, mutations, i like to roleplay that the zombies are created by the duke in a cloning facility of some kind, thats why so many are alike, and i like to think of some aberations like the fly, demolisher, tank, demon, spider and such (some i got in my head) and he unleashes them on you as a "test"
  20. i would be calling it the pixie, and hornet issue, if thats the case bring it on, ill still beat these things down haha, open a room in a poi and have like 4 of these things come out at you buzzing, molotov for the win hahaha...... and i burned myself..... worth it
  21. loving what i am hearing, so does that mean the radiation suit will make a comeback? I loved that outfit
  22. I know the stun baton is the main weapon of the intelligence tree, i wonder if we could get a police baton and a riot baton as tier weapons in that area as well leaving the stun baton as final tier, if its meant to be special then fair enough lol
  23. they could also mean finding the blueprints are easy as well, when i was playing with 100% loot it was rather common to get the blueprint from the broken workstations i almost kinda wish that if you were to only find the blueprints that u needed to find a few to unlock said item instead of 1 and done
  24. I would love some partially submerged pois, would make taking skills to help with swimming even more worth while, i could even see people living in those slightly submerged pois thinking its awesome, imagine the builds using waterbound pois
  25. oh and i found a small exploit, its nothing big, i just had a zombie attacking my base cause he could not climb my ladder, my ladder has a gap that i can climb perfectly but they cannot, unsure if it can be fixed cause he sure didnt path to it
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