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  1. Hey @fataal, just wondering if you could check something, unless its been looked at but, when im doing melee it seems i have to aim at the zombies chin to score a headshot, ive tested it with all the melee weapons so far and that seems to be the case, gun targetting hitbox is fine, i could be wrong but when i aim for the actual forehead, crosshair lined up both normal and power attack miss, i hope its not just me. On a side note i see we can make something with toast, why can't we make normal bread with wheat and make regular toast? lol
  2. As far as blueprint mode that can share our own pois someone has mentioned, as a weird idea, why not have blueprints able to be found that will construct a basic poi already in the game? We could place it and live in it as if we created it ourselves, just as a thought, sure its game breaking but I think it would be kinda cool lol. On a serious note, I can't wait to see the new sniper rifle, making them look more junk-y sounds awesome to me, more survival style, in regards to that would we get different guns then? As in a pre-zombie version and the junk-y look alike where the rare originals did more damage over all?
  3. After doing some reading I gotta say im happy with what I am hearing. 1. New Books sound badass, glad to see them still coming 2. I do like that guns will be harder to find till later, they made the game way to easy early on. 3. I like seeing that my favorite pistol is being added, I love my desert eagle in other games. From reading other things all i can point out is.... 1. they could leave the smelting of dukes in and I don't believe it will effect much, I play single player so if it was removed I don't mind, but multiplayer makes sense to keep it in. 2. Love that a new sniper rifle is being added in for some nice change of pace, I can't wait to see what it is. I cannot wait to see the changes in the perk trees, this is going to make it feel fresh all over again which is always welcome, one thing i wouldn't mind though, if i may, would be a clip mod for the hunting rifle to make it hold at least 3-5 bullets, not that I wouldn't use the other rifles, far from it, i just like how the hunting rifle looks and wish it could get a clip increase of some kind haha. And I cannot wait to see how those vehicles are from the new book, plus the tools, gonna be epic in my opinion.
  4. Some things I would not mind seeing later on, this is just me though to my knowledge lol 1. Flintlock Pistol and Rifle (We already have a blunderbus) 2. Skill books to unlock specific guns just like how we get a baseball bat 3. Legendary Vehicles with varied stats 4. Definitely More Food Varieties 5. More Craftable Lighting Fixtures 6. Glowsticks we can throw to illuminate an area (Maybe Attract Zombies with the light?) 7. Flaregun - Mostly for Multiplayer but it could be fun to shoot at a zombie 8. Power Tools - Such as an automatic wrench for ripping tech stuff apart 9. I hope for working camera monitors. 10. Zombie Animals - Imagine having a zombie rabbit come after you. 11. Feral Mode for Crawler - Jumps up and runs at you while active 12. Maybe more special infected that show at higher game stages (Reviver, Male Doctor) Just some things i thought about
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