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  1. RWG changes always force a restart which is not something TFP will do for point releases. Anything that would require people to abandon their current save will be kept back until the next major release.
  2. It would be cool if we could complain about missing horses...
  3. FYI, I moved the whole microsplat feedback conversation to the A18 feedback thread because it is off-topic for this thread and seems more in line with that thread.
  4. Thread has now been optimized. Further pimp dreams posts will be added to the running pimp dreams thread now in place. I'll be keeping things close to topic at least until the new car smell has worn off. Shenanigans of the last months of the A18 thread will be......terminated.
  5. The Kickstarter ended about 5 and a half years ago...lol Go to the Kickstarter site and search 7 Days to Die to see how they did.
  6. One episode and it got eaten...
  7. Try using sphereii’s mod launcher. It has a function to run two different alpha versions and may fix whatever conflict you are experiencing.
  8. So if I want Alpha 7.11 I see this line from above. 251576/manifests/public: 4644625435838178353 › 6548888709412020723 So do I paste the following into the command console? download_depot 251570 251576 6548888709412020723
  9. I should have said Horde Mode sorry. Horde Mode was an alternate game from the main game that was almost pure tower defense. Multiple airdrops would bring supplies, food, and weapons during the day and you would frantically build in preparation for the waves of zombies at night. the waves would get tougher each night. I believe it was removed Alpha 8 so you would have to download Alpha 7 in order to play it.
  10. Fantastic! Just for the access to Classic Horde Mode alone this is an amazing resource!
  11. Got this finally figured out. Sorry it got moved. I have no idea why that would happen. Good luck with your channel.
  12. Roland

    Gazz's Bio

    The same length....
  13. Roland

    Gazz's Bio

    Hey, we plaster faux brick/rock siding on the front of our stucco walls! It's practically like painting a texture on. Hmm, guess the game already has it covered.
  14. Roland

    Gazz's Bio

    You mean that you guys don't use chicken wire, foam board, and a thin layer of spray-on cement? Personally, I think the game should add a stucco building path that the chickens and the bunnies can pound their way through. It would be cool if the flower pots in the game had your stamp on the side...
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