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  1. I would like that. I mean who wouldn't like more variety? As long as it get optimized rather than being in a rudimentary state, it would be a nice addition. But that's still far from houses being "complete different" on the inside. It also wouldn't really be a minimal effort. As soon as we start moving walls and thus all decorative items that are on the wall we have to make sure that those rooms still look real. So we'd need multiple versions of each room rather than just randomly placed doors/walls. There is still some work involved. I'm also unsure if that change would be sufficient, because we already can easily make our own pathways through the houses, if the predetermined path is too boring. So is the time needed for that change actually worth the outcome? Imho distributing the loot all over the house, a way less time consuming task, is the more important part and as Roland said it is something TFP talked about (if I remember correctly).
  2. Complete randomisation would be looking bad, really bad. In order to get it somewhat appealing they would've to go with modules. As soon as we memorize all the modules we are back to where we are now including worse looking POI. I fail to see how that would improve anything. It would just limit inside and outside design of POI. I'm not saying that it's impossible to get a decent randomisation of houses done, but that would require an awful lot of time. Do you want the game to release this decade or the next?
  3. As far as we know that's something that is worked on, so I don't really get the problem here. Wouldn't make more sense to wait and see how that turns out rather than acting as if it is a design direction to exclude outside zombies? In the end it's an alpha, so it's normal that some things are temporary. Thanks to how TFP handles the early access we have the chance to play a previous alpha if in the current alpha something is gone we consider vital to the game. They didn't need to, since you had instant access to every corner of a house. The current POI have a somewhat restricted access and some hazards like breaking floors and mines. If that isn't already an improvement, I don't know what is. Of course there still is room for more improvement, but you acting like it's a deterioration. I only know about A15, A16 and A17, but at least those weren't actually harder. They were more lively (at least A15 was) and I prefer it that way, but clearing POI was a joke in A15. Do a circle around the house to collect all zombies, line them up and club through them isn't challenging. Afterwards making a step into the house, alarm the zombies and kill them all when they leave the house isn't challenging as well. Even if something went wrong you could easily just jump onto your bike (since you are already outside and thus near your bike) drive away and get yourself patched up. Also that tactic wasn't even needed due to zombies being easy to kill anyway. Now in A18 you have to actively reduce the numbers of zombies you pull at once, since you often have to fight in small rooms and there is no bike for safety beneath you. Some routes include plattforming, so while it is possible to lure zombies in less condensed spaces you often have to create a path first, so you don't accidently walk into a mine or fall down and break your leg. And as soon as outside zombies are added back into the game they will do that as well. They also will be even more efficient than they were before due to the improved ai. This! Including the Ryoga Hibiki friend.
  4. I have the feeling you misunderstood my post. You were stating multiple times in this thread that the game is less challenging than it was in previous alphas. One of the reasons you are naming is how the paths in the new POI are easy to find. You are also saying that those POI don't provide replayability. I was adressing those points. The paths in the old POI were even easier to find, since you could reach each room at any time. There was no path, there was just easy and instant access to every room in the house. Yes the new POI aren't a big challenge, but the old ones weren't challenging as well. But more important is the second part, since that's what I quoted: You said that they lack replayability. While I do agree that they get old over time, my point is that the old POI got old even faster, since as I already said you had easy and instant access to all rooms back then. So while you are right that the current POI can be improved, they still provide more replayability than the old POI. But I'll have to ask, since you didn't actually respond on my point (the old POI got old faster than the new POI do), why exactly is that "very incorrect" and am I "dead wrong"?
  5. I tend to not pull all zombies at once. But even when I happen to pull more than I want to, I seldom die. Not counting my 50 hours in the game I usually die once (or twice with bad luck) per game and play on average 70-100 days (with 60 minutes each) per game. Even in my A15 game on highest difficulty with zombies running day and night and my base next to the central city I died once (due to an accidently missclick) in somewhat over 80 days with (if I remember correctly) 90 minutes a day (yes I had longer days, because I expected it to be more challenging). Zombies aren't the challenge in the game. Not doing stupid things are the challenge. Almost all of my deaths after I knew all mechanics were due to doing stupid things. Why though? Clear the zombies from a range where the bears won't trigger and afterwards they are easily manageable. Use obstacles to your advantage like you would do in real life. But before A17 the bow was overpowered af. Clubs and sledgehammers even more. In A18 I'll have to find a gun to be as strong as I were in A15/16 after crafting a bow, a stone axe (to get a handful of iron from a few rocks in order to craft a better club) and a club. So how is an early gun in A17/18 a bigger problem than the overpowered bows and clubs were in A15/16? In the end in both cases you had/have a powerful weapon on day 1. I feel like you aren't looking at the actual power those weapons provide in the game in the respective alphas, but at the power those weapons would provide in real life. But important for the balance and thus challenge of the game is the actual ingame power in relation to the respective alpha. The early A18 gun just takes the spot the early A15 bow had, while the early A18 bow is weaker. So while I agree that there is too much ammo in the game right now (especially since I don't even use it, but friends do and they can't use it as fast as I produce, loot and buy it), it actually makes sense to provide the A18 gun with the same amount of ammo the A15 bow had. But since TFP is looking at the numbers and probably will nerf ammo gains (if I understood it correctly) that's just a temporary problem. That can happen in a game that's still in alpha. I don't understand the question. At the same places you get it now, just later and with a lower chance and a lesser quality. And back then we had a more vertical design, while the game now aims for multiple tiers among several weapon types. The gun is supposed to be a comparatively weak weapon (t1), balance just isn't done yet. , with 1 hour days that's 14 hours. A pretty good early game. It was necessary to craft the ammo, that's a major reason, plus you had to find certain recipes. I was always missing a somewhat clearly defined mid game, maybe I could define that as the phase where I still do not have stuff that I would like to have. These days, that would mostly be the motorcycle. But then again, it's just a convenience piece of no essential relevance. But as Roland already said, they are looking into it. I'm not sure, if I understood that correctly, but if you are talking about outside zombies: Sleeper zombies were introduced in A16 along with fewer outside zombies. I had more outside zombies in A15 and yes I actually miss them a lot. But I already adressed that in the part you quoted:"At least if we ignore the lack of outside zeds, but as we know that's work in progress." So I agree that this is a problem the game has right now, but since it's subject to change, we just have to wait. It's not like they aren't coming back ever. Does it hurt A18? Definitely! But judging the overall direction of a game on things that are temporary gone in an alpha, doesn't really make sense. So a bow and a club were endgame in A15. How would you know that in an unknown house? The only reason you know it in the game is because you were in the house before in another game. You could never be certain. It's like those people who keep dangerous pets. On some cases never something happens on other cases it does, no matter how certain they were about how their pets behave. In a life or death situation like we have in the game I would never count on all zombies behaving the same way. Then let's hope they will spread the loot all over the POI and get rid of loot rooms. Yes, I don't like loot rooms. I mean I usually clear houses completely, but of course I know where the loot is and thus there is some incentive to just go there. But it's not the loot rooms that take away the challenge, but my knowledge where those loot rooms are and how to get to them without encountering zombies. Even if they would get rid of those loot rooms and distribute the loot over the whole houses there still would be some rooms more interesting than others. In a game where we can destroy everything with ease and nerdpole to any height we want to, they can never keep us from using knowledge we wouldn't have in real life. That's the price we pay for the freedom we have. And that problem already existed in previous alphas. Aside from how difficult (if even possible with the power average computer provide) it is to make an ai outsmart players, it would be bad lore design if zombies would outsmart players. So of course we are supposed to outsmart zombies. But there is a difference between playing the game and playing the system. I mean you do you, I don't care how you play your game. But complaining about a lack of challenge when you are playing the (not even done) system, is something I don't understand. I don't even get why you are calling it roleplaying to play the game instead of the system. I guess we have a completely different take on what games are and I don't think that any alpha will ever meet your expectations, since alphas usually are in a state where playing the system is at easy as it gets, since preventing it isn't the highest priority. Of course you can. I did it too. I was discussing the crafting situation (no Q6 crafting) and how overpowered Lucky Looter is. Roland was stating that loot numbers are being looked at, but that it will take some time. I'm still not convinced that tweaking some numbers will actually solve the problems I have, but there is no point to further discuss it until those tweaks are in and tested. That said, many of the problems mentioned in this thread are work in progress as well and many others are related to the game being still in alpha. Some actually are just due to is playing the game for thousands of hours already.
  6. I almost never craft while I'm in danger, because that's just stupid. So how does this add any challenge to the game or makes it "scarier"? Therefor crafting grids are just a waste of time, they don't add a challenge or complexity. You could argue that crafting grids make crafting slower and therefor is a form of crafting time balance. But it's even better to balance crafting times by changing the times directly. I'm pretty sure aside from creative mode players nobody enjoys empty towns, but as Madmole explained multiple times and others (including mods and developers) repeated it: It is due to technical limits and it is worked on. So that emptyness isn't supposed to stay in the game, it's just a problem we have to deal with temporary. Since the game still is in alpha that's something that can happen. So either we deal with it, or we play previous alphas in the meantime. It has nothing to do with the game allegedly getting boring. Yes they aren't as exciting as they were the first time. But it's not like the old POI had a better longevity. On the contrary, they got old even faster, so while there is room for improvement (and since the game isn't done yet improvements aren't out of the picture) they are still better than the old POI. TFP just need to nerf the loot rooms and weapon loot overall.
  7. That was gone after I knew the mechanics of the game, so after like 50 hours of playing the game. The only times I feel in danger are my first ~three days in a new alpha, since I don't know if the game got harder or not. There is also some thrill right before and at the start of the first bloodmoon night in a new alpha, because I don't know if my base will hold, but that's gone during the bloodmoon night. It's not the gear that makes the game easy, but my experience with the game. I doubt that vanilla game with default setting will ever be a challenge again, I'm just too experienced. Balancing it to my experience level would make the game unplayable for new players. But if a single gun and a handfull of ammo sends you into endgame, how are those pinatas a problem? You would get a gun in the first two days even if you would ignore those pinatas entirely. Don't get me wrong, I don't like them either. At least not with the amount of loot they are providing us. But with the low bar you set for reaching the endgame, they don't even matter. What exact changes are you speaking of? While I don't like everything A17 did and I don't like everything A18 did and I'm even convinced that some changes are bad for the game, not just my preferences, I do think that both alphas had more positive changes than negative ones and made the game overall a better one. At least if we ignore the lack of outside zeds, but as we know that's work in progress. That's what I'd call endgame. I also think that it makes sense to define early, mid and end game in a way that all three exist and differentiate them by milestones that change the way you play the game, but at what point that happens, is up to everyone themselves. So while in the past a bow and club were all I needed to not be challenged by zeds anymore, my gameplay and goals didn't change the moment I had them. It was still about getting started, finding a place to settle down, not starving and getting geared up. I don't think a real life comparison works here. In real life I wouldn't start multiple runs, so I wouldn't know where the loot is. I also wouldn't know the pathing of zeds from previous runs. I wouldn't have a creative mode to test setups. At best I could capture a handful of zeds and run some tests, but there is a lot of risk involved and there wouldn't be certainty that other zeds have the same pathing. So in real life I would never build a base that fails instantly as soon as a single zed behaves differently. That's how you end up a zombie yourself. It only works in the game due to patchnotes. Just imagine TFP could change the ai midgame, even mid bloodmoon night without any notice and every game were dead is dead. Would you still go for cheating ai pathing? The game is still in alpha, so even if it would be possible to make the perfect game, we couldn't expect to already be perfect, so some "roleplaying" in doing POI the intented way instead of nerdpoling to the loot room, isn't that bad, if it makes the game more fun. Why don't you play a previous alpha then until they fixed some of your problems? If they had replay value nothing should stop you.
  8. Actually I stopped at the bow and added a sledgehammer/club, since those weapons were already op af. Which I think is a good thing. Of course it has the downside that you will find those t1 weapons earlier in the game, but as long as they aren't per se better than the t1 bow, I don't see it as gamebreaking. Still, I'd prefer to see those weapons later, but I won't complain. I usually play without loot respawn and prefer clear quests, because once I enter a house, I usually want to clear it (zed and loot wise), so I don't need to enter it again, as long as I don't go on a wrenching tour. I get that people have different playstyles, but if someone takes away his fun on purpose, by nerdpoling all the loot rooms, it's his own fault that there is no replayability. I don't think that will ever be balanceable. But why do they even need the ammo, if they are skipping all the zeds anyway and set up a bloodmoon base where zeds just loop mindlessly?
  9. Of course in my opinion. If wrote on behalf of someone elses opinion, I would label it accordingly. Yes I could. Bows were quite strong in previous alphas. That's basically the reason why primitive bows found its way into the game, so they don't have to nerf the normal bow. (at least that's what I understood) I can't remember ever having difficulties with it. If having your favorite weapon is your definition of endgame, there won't be much the developers will be able to do for you. It's not the game that's taking away your replayability, but your goals. Just like it was in A15/16 with a bow and a club. Two items you could craft in the first five minutes of the game without any rng involved. So if we'd apply your definition of endgame and your hint at different playstiles, then many players reached endgame in A15/16 way faster than you do now. Therefor A18 isn't faster than A15/16 per se, it's just faster for you, due to your definition of endgame. It's not like I started the sentence with "imho" (in MY humble opinion). Don't get me wrong, I don't want to call anyone a cheater or similar. Everyone can play the way he/she wants to, I couldn't care less, so please excuse me using the word "cheating", due me not being a native english speaker and therefor not knowing a better word for it: Cheating the ai to a degree that you could deactive zeds as well and then stating that the game has nothing to offer to you, seems a bit off to me. As I said before, from my point of view it looks like you are the one who is taking away your replayability, not the game. At that point I'm kinda astonished why it even makes a difference what weapon you are using with that strategy. If you like guns that much, isn't it a good thing to have a gun with a strategy that makes the weapon type irrelevant? Turn down loot to 10% and you'll have less ammo. Also increase difficulty and your gun will make as much damage as a low quality gun did in previous alphas. The game already has those options. That's not the only thing they are doing. Maybe other problems will be adressed as well. But they most likely won't make the perfect game for you, since as you said yourself different people have different preferences and playstiles.
  10. I'm with you on that. I don't share Kubikus' opinion that finding a gun early means you are already in endgame, so I don't think it's a big deal, if guns drop early, but I'd prefer if the progression is slower and the chance of finding better items is lower in the beginning of the game.
  11. That's a very strange concept of endgame, considering that before A18 you could easily kill everything with the first bow you craft in the first two minutes of the game. Yes, for later zeds you needed a higher quality, but at that time you could craft that higher quality, just like you find a better quality gun at the time the zeds get harder now. So if having a weapon and ammo that is capable of killing zeds safely is your understanding of endgame, than A15 to A17 (I started with A15, so I don't know about previous alphas, but as far as I read here in the forum many loved A16) had a way shorter early and mid game than A18. Bow, clubs (and crosswbows) were so strong in A15 to A17, that I didn't even use any guns aside from testing purposes. Imho endgame is when I'm fully geared as I wish, my base is screamer and wandering hordes proof (meaning: I don't need to step outside to defend), my bloodmoon base is at a state where it holds 2-3 bloodmoons without repair, my mine has access to all ores, I have a vehicle and I have at least one of each working stations. In A15 I reached that point in the first week, with bad luck in the second. In A16 I reached that point in the third week. In A17 I reached that point in third to fourth week. In A18 in depends on what build I decide on, but I haven't reached it before the fourth week yet. Solo games with 60 minute days. Of course I'm faster in my coop games or with longer days. I fail to see how finding a gun early is the problem here. Especially since I found guns in toilets on the first day in previous alphas too, but didn't use them due to the overpowered bows and clubs. Effectively I was stronger (compared to the zeds at the time) on the first day in A15 through A17 than I am on the first day in A18. That said, Roland already said that there is a nerf to looting weapons in the work, so even if an early gun were a big problem, it would only be temporary and will be fixed.
  12. I fail to see how going to the forest for farming vultures is considered a way around bad game design. We are in no rush to have hundreds of farming plots in the first week. There are other ways to get your needs done until your garden has a decent size. If you decide to rush it, you should take extra steps like you should take extra steps, if you want to rush other stuff. You want to trade a lot? Make more quests. You want a big garden? Go hunt vultures. You want to read all books? Go search for buildings with a lot of book shelves. You want to have a gyrocopter early on? Go on a full int build. Don't get me wrong, I think farming has issues. Especially that it isn't needed at all atm. You can easily feed yourself on meat or canned food alone. But having to do extra steps, if you want to rush something, isn't bad game design per se.
  13. Not to my experiences. In my single player game I always had more plots than seeds without farming rotten meat. I also have an overabundance of everything else (of course some things I have to farm on purpose). I also always play without loot respawn (and sometimes reduced loot on top of it). With quests added in A17 I have unwanted loot respawn making it even easier. On my multiplayer server (~15 player, some more active some less) on a 4kx4k map, we still have plenty of everything thanks to quests. We are one community, but seperate 2-3 man bases. Our garden was ready quite fast and we still have hundreds of rotten meat in our storage. Now the funny thing is: We already gifted tons of rotten meat to the other groups (and didn't touch their road kills), because they had too few. The difference between our group and their groups is efficiency and speed. They waste tons of time, they do activities that gives them stuff they don't even need at that point. I'd say we get like 5-10 times the loot they do a day. When they built their first bicycles we were already driving with two 4x4 from poi to poi and cleared them. Thanks to quests we don't even need to stop, the distances just get longer. There is plenty of loot, you just need to get it and waste as little time as possible. Killing all birds you come across helps with rotten meat a lot. On most days I kill 10+ vultures. Since we don't aim for ridiculous overproducing of food (I mean we eat canned food anyway, but I like to still play the game as if gardening would be needed), but just like 10% more than we need, we don't need hundreds of farming plots. So in my experience it's not that the game is balanced on single players, but that many players just waste tons of time and resources and tend to overestimate their needs by a lot. Of course I too had big gardens in the past, but they aren't needed and now that they need resources, I just stick to my needs.
  14. Not hating on anyone, but wow that sounds like bad game design. I started in A15 and I had something similar. It was my first game after I learned forges are a thing. So I played on 120 hour days, because I still felt slow af. I guess it was around day 21 when I found a promising iron vein. Soon it was interwoven with all the other ores. It lasted until I stopped playing that particular game what was at day 140 or something like that. It probably just were multiple veins with too little distance to each other to distinct.
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