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  1. You're so quick off the mark again that I missed this post, excellent work for providing these modlets to get us into A20 😀
  2. They posted it, it's under Activity in Steam when you select 7 Days to Die plus they posted on the 15th Oct https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/251570/view/3031478431789394768
  3. Not sure what's going on with KG 0.11.1 as it won't close, have to force it close. Was working ok the other week 🤔 Error message: File "gui.py", line 174, in on_closing File "settings.py", line 26, in dump_settings PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '.\\KingGenConfig.txt' Exception in Tkinter callback Traceback (most recent call last): File "tkinter\__init__.py", line 1892, in __call__ File "gui.py", line 174, in on_closing File "settings.py", line 26, in dump_settings PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '.\\KingGenConfig.txt'
  4. Not at all apart from you needing a free Nexus account, premium is simply an option for faster downloads - if anything it's better to use GitLab or GitHub as it will then integrate into the mod launcher and streamers prefer that option. I've been getting mods from Nexus since 2009 and wasn't aware you had your file there, I followed the forum link advertising your mod on 7daystodiemods.com and always check out the forum link than simply downloading it. Has to be said that the official forum here does load very slow in the UK region since the revamp, in that case I use the direct link. Honestly didn't know you had your mods on Nexus, would be helpful to have link listed in your OP. And here's Xyth's post if you had any doubts about Nexus:
  5. Unfortunately I don't have that option to 'open in new window'. Seems a common problem with google drive. I mostly get my mods from Nexus or Mod Launcher. Edit: Accidentally found you can download the mod so long as you're NOT logged in to Google, wut! 🙃
  6. I'm currently using 1.04 of Rifle's Fixes, great mod, however I'm trying to download 1.05 and there is no download option on the top right of google drive so how do I go about downloading?
  7. Started fresh on the recent AIO Overhaul A19 b173 V3.1 (this updated version also removed some POIs causing performance issues), however there is a POI remaining that is causing huge framerate drops down to 20fps from 90fps when I look directly at it. POI: xcostum_PetStore(by_Jackelmyer).1294 Using seed A19b173WarsUK with your own pregen map. TP to -1101.1/36.3/-673.4 (or use TPPOI) and note the drop in performance at this POI.
  8. Yip working on A19, if you prefer more traders than normal you'll have plenty and they do indeed spawn in towns as per vanilla A19. Now I just need to play around with settings to get good variety. Though I wouldn't use the experimental highway option otherwise it cuts right through hills/mountains but a neat idea nonetheless 👍
  9. Hi Sphereii, There is only one instance of this issue that sounds similar with the Mod Launcher upon searching the thread (here) ... I use 'Save All Games Local to Mod' option. Issue caused by selecting "Pre-Sync Mod" - the other alternative "Refresh Mods Automatically" also triggers the following popup error: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\7D2D\Alpha18\My_Mods\Undead_Legacy\Mods\UndeadLegacy\Resources\desktop.ini' is denied. If I don't select those options I can load into the game but now have to download files manually. It seems to be Mod Launcher related but please correct me if I'm wrong. Full log of exception - https://pastebin.com/adcWkM0p Thanks
  10. Yes, I do indeed see that, no idea how we can vote threads. How are the threads rated as it used to be a drop-down on the top right-hand side?
  11. Roland could you clarify if the Ratings are working as intended for threads, top-left hand side? I see there is one rating already on this OP but we can't vote. Edit: Does liking OP affect this, not really clear?
  12. Ah thanks, Edit options are working now, thanks Roland
  13. One issue, where is the "EDIT" option for post?
  14. Loving the new forum, a lot easier to read and use the site now, and so far, no problems checking out other sub-sections of the forum. Great job! 👍
  15. Very nice to help with partial stacks in vanilla that you went all out making our lives easier! Could you clarify this in OP: As it changes progression, have you tested if this is safe for dropping into existing games?
  16. I've used Vortex for various games since early beta while also using Sphere's Mod Launcher. Although there is support for Vortex with 7 Days to Die it is better supported with the Mod Launcher including separate folders for mods including Darkness Falls and savefiles, it can manage installed modlets too. Using the Mod Launcher and keep Vortex won't cause issues with other games. If you intend to switch over it's best if you do this fresh, so, for example, use the Mod Launcher for Darkness Falls and it'll manage everything. Then if you wish to continue using Vortex for modded vanilla you can do that. Note that if you modded vanilla it is important for the Mod Launcher that you either copy a fresh-vanilla 7DTD or you can enter your Steam credentials and it'll do that for you.
  17. The issue was resolved by simply restarting my PC. Just so you know; that error popped up right after I ran Mod Launcher and it the proceeded to update with the new WOTW mod added and restarted hence that popup. Once PC was restarted I could then select and download fresh 18.4 stable and WOTW. Certainly wasn't spamming anything cos I was sitting happily eating my sandwich. Side-note: If people are having issues with WOTW V7 Beta for A18.4 not installing correctly, Dwall won't be able to look at it until tomorrow, it's not an issue with the Mod Launcher
  18. EDIT: Working now. Hi Sphere. Popup error message on opening Mod Launcher, then waits 2-3 minutes and launcher finally opens: Also, I can no longer select a version to download directly from Steam, the box is empty. Under launcher version, it also says that "DATABASE IS NOT FOUND". Image Link. Log - https://pastebin.com/bvd262Db
  19. Sorry to be a pest but there's another issue that I never had before with the Mod Launcher, occurred after uninstalling and reinstalling to the latest version to the same default directories as before. Issue #1 Launcher says it still can't find the file trying to sync from Steam though the Mod Launcher did install to default directory and folder size of 3.63 GB is correct for vanilla A16.4 - image link of error if it helps you SphereII (had to click the popup box twice). After reinstalling the Launcher I enabled 'Run Game As Admin' which I don't usually do, purely for troubleshooting and SSL I'll keep enabled as it's an important security feature. Issue #2 What happens is that I launch 7D2D Mod Launcher, then under "Installed Mods" I click the "Go To" button which usually takes me to the mods listed and installed but what happens is that the app stalls without doing anything, the whole app is all greyed out, have to press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to force close the launcher. Included the fresh log where it gets stuck on "Attempting to download Database from Primary". Log - https://pastebin.com/JmXufmJh As I said previously, I had added the Mod Launcher as an exception to my security suite. Other than the error on "Download From Steam" and app stalling when selecting "Go To" - the rest of the launcher works without problems. I wish I knew more what was going on, if there's more files/logs you need let me know. Thanks!
  20. When you say to reinstall, would I have to uninstall the Mod Launcher or just install again? Currently have a DF saved to local and not sure if that stays. Currently have Malwarebytes and ESET and both have ransomware protection enabled but nothing is noted in the logs for either. It's hard to test without any system protection while also needing to download mods, it's why I've now decided to add Mod Launcher as an exception to all protections though because it requires a restart I'll have to re-test tomorrow when I get more time. Thanks for all that you do SphereII
  21. Fix still results in the same error downloading directly from Steam, same issue as reported in my previous post (link). Log - https://pastebin.com/7LsVH1st
  22. Sniffs.... it's so beautiful Has pretty much everything we could want... for now
  23. Hi Sphereii, Whenever I install previous versions of vanilla 7DTD (from A12.5 ~ A16) I always get the message: "The system cannot find the file specified". Install method was via 'Download From Steam'. Yet the folder and files were created and I have the green tick. Looking back through this thread you suggested to one person it could be the spacing so could it be your mod launcher path names as such: "7D2D Mod Launcher Installer" and "SphereII Software" and perhaps I should reinstall launcher without spacing - would it mess with save games and mods though? Log is below. Also, I can only install them by launching mod launcher with Admin privileges but that's not a big deal - otherwise everything else is great thanks! Log - https://pastebin.com/K9MxdkGq
  24. Better perks Lucky Looter sounds like it could be a great combo with the No Traders mod, and thanks for sharing these very nice modlets Claymore Going to do a new seed with those two mods and Modslot Equals Item Level too for a pre-A15 normad playthrough. Not sure which other of your mods would suit this and open to suggestions. I totally understand the frustrations of weight in the game, can't say much but a big mod will add realistic carry weight and that includes stacks. Adding it is far from easy to implement and more difficult to balance especially if you're aiming for realism. You'd end up unable to carry much at all, as it's just a game you have to give the player some slack. Not saying you can't do it, you can it just takes ages sorting out code for every item.
  25. Hi Damocles, could you tell me since the most recent update (v0.472) what has changed that allow for snow to be in main forest biome as shown here, I'd prefer it not to be near desert biome but I do appreciate some crossover in places? https://i.imgur.com/PxaLJ0b.png Settings, I was thinking that the crossover of biomes comes from Biome option that mixes existing types of forest/desert/snow - https://i.imgur.com/5uGs2aR.png Also, with the amount of cities you can and how large they are, I tend to see about 20 traders per map on setting Lots. Would it be possible to increase this even further to factor in city/town sizes and number so you could have 2 per city or town?
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