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  1. Yes, I do indeed see that, no idea how we can vote threads. How are the threads rated as it used to be a drop-down on the top right-hand side?
  2. Roland could you clarify if the Ratings are working as intended for threads, top-left hand side? I see there is one rating already on this OP but we can't vote. Edit: Does liking OP affect this, not really clear?
  3. Ah thanks, Edit options are working now, thanks Roland
  4. One issue, where is the "EDIT" option for post?
  5. Loving the new forum, a lot easier to read and use the site now, and so far, no problems checking out other sub-sections of the forum. Great job! 👍
  6. Very nice to help with partial stacks in vanilla that you went all out making our lives easier! Could you clarify this in OP: As it changes progression, have you tested if this is safe for dropping into existing games?
  7. War3zyk RE AIO Overhaul 2.87: Not sure what NPC it was but he very rapidly shoots fire and it wrecks terrain and blocks, plus the distance is huge and causes big FPS drops, perhaps you could nerf this?
  8. If I may, I have a relevant question to the forum display options in that the fonts are very small read and if we could have 3 options: small/medium/large? I know the font sizes are set by the poster, however, there are a lot of threads from 2018/2019 that didn't scale too well with the sexy new forum theme. P.S. Roland, since you said "all threads" please consider archiving these legacy mod threads as not every mod was uploaded to Nexus or available on GH. On that note, what about mega mod threads where the original post started before 2017 but was simply updated with each major revision and continues to be active to this day?
  9. I've used Vortex for various games since early beta while also using Sphere's Mod Launcher. Although there is support for Vortex with 7 Days to Die it is better supported with the Mod Launcher including separate folders for mods including Darkness Falls and savefiles, it can manage installed modlets too. Using the Mod Launcher and keep Vortex won't cause issues with other games. If you intend to switch over it's best if you do this fresh, so, for example, use the Mod Launcher for Darkness Falls and it'll manage everything. Then if you wish to continue using Vortex for modded vanilla you can do that. Note that if you modded vanilla it is important for the Mod Launcher that you either copy a fresh-vanilla 7DTD or you can enter your Steam credentials and it'll do that for you.
  10. The issue was resolved by simply restarting my PC. Just so you know; that error popped up right after I ran Mod Launcher and it the proceeded to update with the new WOTW mod added and restarted hence that popup. Once PC was restarted I could then select and download fresh 18.4 stable and WOTW. Certainly wasn't spamming anything cos I was sitting happily eating my sandwich. Side-note: If people are having issues with WOTW V7 Beta for A18.4 not installing correctly, Dwall won't be able to look at it until tomorrow, it's not an issue with the Mod Launcher
  11. EDIT: Working now. Hi Sphere. Popup error message on opening Mod Launcher, then waits 2-3 minutes and launcher finally opens: Also, I can no longer select a version to download directly from Steam, the box is empty. Under launcher version, it also says that "DATABASE IS NOT FOUND". Image Link. Log - https://pastebin.com/bvd262Db
  12. Hi Hated, Perhaps it slipped your mind or you had some other reason, perhaps to avoid potential confusion could you sticky current topic 'A18.4 b4 comes to EXP' and replace the current but now older sticky thread 'A18.4 b3 EXP' - it confused me for a sec when looking back for the link to share. Thanks.
  13. Hi Magoli, Hope you're doing well, awesome work keeping this pack updated as and when you can! General feedback: Going back through memorable POIs in compopack 43 and was wondering if it was intentional to have the ground blocks covered in either dirt or asphalt? I know this wasn't an issue up until A17+A18 where the ground is blending with POIs during generation. Example, in this POI 'Fluffy Bottoms Pet Store' you can see the blocks are covered in a dirt - image. Another reason I mention this is that dirt covers the outside concrete blocks on Paintball Arena POI that you never see, they could be alternatives for pavement but would require plates or 1/2 blocks to be seen in this parking lot. Also, there's a HUGE retirement-esk shopping mall 'HN' (not sure the name hence the image) POI that spawns in cities and it tanks my fps pretty hard, down from 90's to 26fps with custom 2080 Ti, can you have this spawn in the wilderness as an out the town mall instead and note I used Nitro with default cities - image?
  14. Thanks Hated. Not to nit pick but there's a typo that would grab Snowdogs attention "For general discussions, please the dev diary." - edit to "For general discussions, please use the dev diary."
  15. Why settle for a junk turret when you can BE the turret, think Major William Cage in Edge of Tomorrow with that exo suit with the over-the-shoulder sniper/laser or RPG combos. Sure it's OP but looks fun as hell. Technically it adds another new vehicle as it improves mobility and storage options.
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