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  1. I'm running level 5/6 mostly iron some scrap armor, with maxed out pain resistance and maxed out brawler. Are there actually perks that reduce your chance of being critically injured? It seems like armor no longer does that, unless the critical chance reduction does that. Either way, it's clearly not enough, as I still sustain anywhere from 10-15 injuries playing pretty conservatively while partially inside a base setup on a horde night. That's why I'm saying that the playstyle is currently untenable with how punishing injuries are. I'm mostly speaking for brawler, tho
  2. Came back to the game after a few months away, and things have changed pretty drastically. My friends I typically play with lost interest pretty fast between the loot being awful until you're high level and the new punishing injury system. I tried playing my own game to fully test the updates to the brawling elements (the magazines namely). Brawling does feel better now, but the problem comes during horde nights. Inevitably, you're going to get hit a few times, and even with full heavy armor and maxed out defensive perks, you still get injured SUPER easily. And suddenly
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