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  1. Steam name: KillerNoName https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198117658803/ Hours Played: 1075 h Started on Alpha: Alpha 15 Discord Name: Filippo Native Language: Italian
  2. I see lots of people complain about the zombie models not enough damaged and i can't understand why. Instead of this i would ask for a new damage system for zombies. For example: if i shoot at an arm without dismembering it at least it could receive damage and lose some flesh or at least have some shooting decals on them. I think would add a lot to the shooting feedback and to immersion.
  3. @faatal any plan to add some recoil animations on weapons to give them some shooting feedback?
  4. Just BEAUTIFUL! Nothing else to say. Only that i'm really hyped for the "fix something" quests that you mention before. Doing quest in this game is a real drug!
  5. I really like the idea, take way too long to explore all of them. What about a chain of quests on the same POI? The trader gives you the quest to go clear a place then he gives you another quest where you need to fix up the place maybe for making an outpost. Then maybe he gives you another quest where you need to defend the place. These place can give you some resources in exchange but a really little for balancing reasons.
  6. Any plan to increase the t5 quest POIs? Right now there are only 4 of them and it is easy and fast to obtain a t5 quest..
  7. Guys i think i found an exploit: You can craft lanterns and place them on the ceiling and never need to use generators to power bulb lights. Anyway lanterns are casting no shadows and are clipping trough blocks. They are just horrible to use.
  8. Soo, any temporary fix? For now i just quitted the game cause is unplayable.
  9. I'm not able to play the game anymore, if i set the graphics options to low is the same as if i set them to ultra. The game is unplayable, not able to play even at 10 fps! With a17 i was playing all in ultra! The problem seems to be full texture, i have to play it with the texture on "eight". My Specs: Gpu: Gtx 1060 3gb Cpu: Ryzen 5 3200 Ram: 16 Gb DDR5 SSD 1080p
  10. Really happy to read this! This game is getting better and better with any update, if you keep knocking this way you will get out the best game in the f**king world man! Anyway, are you going to rec some other looting like your last video? Is really cool to see you looting the POI.
  11. Guppy stop crying and wait for a18 to come to judge. Don't get Madmole angry.
  12. Yeah the scopes were cool in that video, what we've got is differenti now and i hope they would make them like the video.
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